Kid Friendly?: The Reviews

If you’re like me you often wonder how and what your kids are spending hours watching on YouTube. It doesn’t make sense!

If you’re like me you also don’t have the time to sit, watch and monitor what they are watching.

Well … NO MORE! Why wait for the service to come to you, when you can bring it the masses?!

We’re here for you parents with our “Kid Friendly?: A Parents Review of … ” YouTube channels, new and old movies, books, memes, video games, TV shows, music and more!

When we’re looking for an age-appropriate movie or TV show to watch we’re looking for a few things.

Sexual content!
Sexual content is our biggest issue. As a former teenage boy I’d prefer my kids to stay away from content that is going to ignite that part of their brain. Content that won’t spark a Google search that will lead them to something inappropriate, that might lead them to a lifetime of addiction. Sounds dramatic … I speak from experience.

Our 12-year-old daughter despises violence, blood, people that are hurt. A little violence, especially science fiction, doesn’t bother us, especially if it’s not graphic in nature. Our kids are not violent, so we don’t worry about the violence too much. If your kid has a violent streak, you may want to add an extra rating to ours.

Our youngest is 9-years-old, so we prefer as little language as possible. He knows what words he can or can’t say. If you tend to use language in your house, you may want to add a couple more ratings to ours.

Alcohol & Drugs!
Not a huge issue we watch out for in films, and often this topic allows and leads to a bigger, and more important, conversation.

What are we getting out of this film, show, channel? Can you take anything from it and learn? Does it help you understand the world, the person, your life, a little more? Is it enjoyable or does it make you feel icky? This is what we look for when we rate for Message!

Below you’ll find the media we’ve reviewed so you don’t have to! Enjoy! And feel free to like our Facebook page here, or subscribe below to get our latest reviews!

Kid Friendly?: A Parents YouTube Channel Review of Moriah Elizabeth

Want to find out if the YouTube channel Moriah Elizabeth is appropriate for your kids, or just about Moriah Elizabeth? You’ve come to the right place!

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