The Johnson Five

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Stories about me, Lis, the kids, and life with three kids and as The Johnson Five. Oh, and certain stories I liked about family Did you get all that?

Year in Review

The Year that was …


2014 – Time to Let It Go
What happens when you have a 5-year-old daughter in the midst of Frozen fever? You become so familiar with the Disney film, its hit soundtrack, and the hit song from the movie that you use the song title as the way to describe your 2014. Twenty-14 was an incredibly busy, and life-changing year for us in nearly every aspect of our life. In fact, it was so busy I had to write about it in three parts.

Part I – Let It Go
Part II – The First Six Months!

2013 – You Can Keep It!
Stress. That about sums it up. I was in the midst of my second full year of running my own insurance office. Things were stressful. Living off commission checks with no money in savings will do that to you. Mix that with a simple Basil Cell Carcinoma divot in my nose, fighting with AT&T about ID fraud, family issues and more. The entire year seemed exhausting, and I’m exhausted reading over my post. Have fun!

2012 – The Sad, Ugly and then the Good!
The sad? I dealt with three deaths in three different aspects of my life. My grandpa passed, the Boss Lady passed, and Colton Wilson, a selfless high school athlete that I got to know and cover for the Everett Herald, passed tragically at 21-years young.

The ugly? The aforementioned skin cancer diagnosis and a battle with my worst enemy GERD (actually myself, but whatever).

The good? Stepping up to be the co-Event Chair for the Relay For Life, 58 Shades of Loneliness (sounds sad, but it wasn’t too bad), an unforgettable time at the Boyz II Men concert, PopBlerd!, Youth Group and my first full year of owning my own business.

2011 – And then there were five!
Our Y-M-C-A lip sync routine blew up, Lis got her third nipple out, oh yah, I had a procedure done so that we wouldn’t have any kids after we had our third kid. That’s right, little Levi was born in ’11, making us The Johnson Five.

2010 – Surprise! 
We celebrated Lis’ fifth year in remission with a SURPRISE birthday. SURPRISE! We’re having a third child! We got together “Pals” for probably the last time ever for my brother’s bachelor party. Lukas headed to school for the first time, and dominated the Awana Grand Prix. Just another boring year in Johnsonville.

2008 – Stress, sickness and a baby girl!
The birth of our second child, and the first girl in my family in 30-plus years trumped what was an entire year of complaining about life.

2007 – Year of Friendships
Ha … as I write this eight years later we’re no longer friends with the ones mentioned in the post. Sad. However, 2007 was eventful as Mom celebrated No. 50, our faith grew as we got involved with small groups, had my best basketball season, Lis and I turned 30, an article I wrote about the aforementioned Colton Wilson made the front page of the newspaper, and we bought a house!

2006 – Three Weddings and a Funeral
The three weddings, a visit to Brazil, and my blog featured by MSN is trumped by the sudden death of Uncle Jeff.

2005 – This Mess Began!
Lis’ April diagnosis of leukemia pretty much hogged what was – and probably will be for a long, long time – the most life-changing year of my life.

Five for ’15: Goals

Five for Twenty-Fourteen: Five Goals for 2014!

Five for Thirteen: My Goals for 2013

Five for Twelve: My 2012 Goals

Five for Eleven: My Goals for 2011

Five Goals for 2010

Five Goals for 2009

Five Goals for 2008

How ‘Bout Them (2007) Goals

Five Goals for 2007

Do U Even Lift Dad? – June 2015
I’ve started to exercise, but don’t know how!

Lip Sync: My Cure for the Blues! – May 22, 2014
How do you cure all the stress I’ve been feeling? By hosting our community lip sync competition. Duh!

Future Kevin, Here’s What February 2014 Looked Like!
I write a letter to future self to explain to him … er, myself … how busy life has become. How’d we do Future Kevin?

58 Things I Learned While Being Home Alone: The Lists Version – August 31, 2008
The wife left me home alone – without kids – for 58 days, and I realized I need her.

57 Days Remaining! – June 26, 2012
A sign of things to come … I get lost in the airport parking lot, the wife forgets to transfer money into our checking account before she leaves for Brazil, and my family disappears for two months.

Behind the Music: My Life as a Lip-Syncer – May 2011
I’m actually good at one thing, lip syncing!

My First Stitches – May 22, 2011
AKA I have The Procedure.

Tales from a Part-Time Sports Clerk – October 30, 2008
It’s not all free high school sporting events. Nope, sometimes – especially in the pre-WiFi era – there was a bit more stress involved.

My First 30 Years! – October 3, 2007
I turned 30! Now what?!

What Is My Calling – August 5, 2006
Oprah inspires me to figure out what I want to do with my life.

You can find most of her stories under Lisy’s Battle with Leukemia.

Hey Lukas! I wrote about you! (He doesn’t like when I say that.)

Learning About Heartbreak – January 19, 2015
Lukas learns about heartbreak and why loving sports is often a very hard thing to do.

Happy Birthday Lukas! with Kenny Rogers’ “The Greatest” – October 2004
Lukas turns 10!

Happy Birthday Lukas: Eight “Proud Dad” Moments – October 2012
There’s more than eight, but since he turned eight it was only fitting.

Lukas McQueen – April 30, 2010
The 5-year-old dominated the Awana Grand Prix, winning every race his car raced in. And didn’t even realize what he was doing! What a fun night!

Lukas: Year Three – October 2007
Lukas turns three.

Terrible Two’s, more like Trying Three’s – September 24, 2007
As Lukas approaches age 3, he’s becoming more and more of a challenge.

Horse Races, the Fair and Lukas – August 31, 2007
Just a random post where I brag about my son. Oh first-time parents!

My Little Buddy – January 30, 2007
Just another random post where I brag about my son. Oh first-time parents!

My New Favorite Word “Dad” – December 19, 20015
I become Dad and no longer ‘Da Da’ or ‘Daddy’. And I love the sound of it!

Dear Lukas – October 2005
As Lukas turns one, I decide to write him a letter about how special he is.

He Walks and He Talks – September 18, 2005
A month before his first birthday Lukas decides he’s going to really get moving.

The Prince of 7A – August 4, 2005
One of my favorite pieces, as we see how important Lukas’ role is in his mom’s survival against cancer.

My Little Hero – April 16, 2005
The wife is battling cancer. She’s stuck in the hospital for the immediate future. Which means it’s me and our soon-to-be 6-month-old alone at night. Time for us to both step up our games. And he does.

Six Ways My 6-Year-Old Puts a Smile On My Face! – September 2014
Just a post about six things I love about my princess!

Happy Birthday Lia! With Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella” – September 2013
From PopBlerd’s “Songs in the Key of Life” I explain how Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella” came at the perfect time, and will forever be me and my daughter’s song.

Daddy’s Girl – April 15, 2011
Five things about my angel that I love.

False Start Then Touchdown! – September 2008
Welcome to the world Lia Marie!

Knocked Up! Goal No. 1 Accomplished! – March 7, 2008
After a few months of complications, Lis and I accomplish our goal of knocking Lis up.

Diary of a Delivery – Day 1
These next two posts are perhaps my two most favorite posts I’ve ever written.

Diary of a Delivery – Part 2: Showtime!
And then we were five!

Bathroom Etiquette: The Post-Potty Training Years
The kids potty trained but the fun doesn’t stop there!

The Johnson Five
Moving On … – August 13, 2014
The Johnson Five moves across the state.

Goodbye Sky Valley. – August 2, 2014
A letter to the community I have spent most of 20 years living in.

Our First Road Trip or Five Tips on Traveling with Three Kids! – April 2013

Interviewing a Legend (aka Dapper Dan) – February 2, 2013
I sit down to chat with my old doll Dapper Dan, who made a recent return to my life, courtesy of my daughter.

Post-Up Update (interview with Dapper Dan) – February 11, 2013
I interview Dapper Dan after we both went under the knife. Yes, Dapper Dan is my doll.

The Rest of the Johnson Clan
Happy Father’s Day! – June 2007
Five quirks that my Dad does.

Mother’s Day Letter to My Mom – May 2011
Now that I have three kids I understand all the crazy things we put my mom through. So I apologize to her via a Mother’s Day letter.

Hewey, Dewey and Louie (AKA me and my brothers) – May 2006
A tribute to my two brothers.

Uncle Jeff Passes Away – April 2006
The shocking, unexpected death of my 45-year-old uncle was the first time I’ve dealt with a death. This one hurt even more because UJ had always been a big part of our life. As you can imagine there was a lot to write about, and I did.

Goodbye Grandpa – August 2012
My dad’s dad passed away, and I regret not taking the time to see him more frequently.

All Dogs Go to Heaven – September 2005
Our family dog, Rudy, passes away.

Interviews with Koby – a dog
March 2, 2006 – Koby Reaches No. 1
March 2, 2007 – My Second Interview with Koby
February 12, 2012 – Victory in the Garden

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