As I attempt to achieve my goal of making writing my side hustle, thus earning money for fantasy football dues, eating Chick-fil-A twice a month and anniversary excursions with my wife (yes, in that order), I thought it’d be best to compile some of my work that I’ve done for work, outside of my blog (i.e. writing for someone else), and some of my favorite inside-my-blog posts.

Prospective hirers: Please don’t let my one-sentence, opening paragraph fool you. I’m (hopefully) not that bad!

Insurance Writing:
Currently I work for a Fortune 100 insurance company and have had the honor to both create and write a monthly gap-training email called “Senior Moments”.

“Senior Moments” consists of a trio of three Senior Customer Service Reps (myself included), from our three department sites. During the month we research topics that our CSRs may have questions, confusion or clarification on. I then take the insurance jargon we’ve compiled, relate them to pop culture, and make them both entertaining and easy to understand.

I can’t post those emails here (duh!), but can send examples upon request.

I have compiled feedback and posted a few here:

Umbrella Follows Form (Mary Poppins)

“Thank you! I am only halfway through the email but I am already mind blown and have learned a ton! By far the most helpful email I have received!” ~ Associate Service Rep.

“There’s no way I’d want to read this if it wasn’t written so well and so creative…”

Associate Service Rep

“I’m over here singing in my head. LOL. This was the FIRST Senior Moments where I have gotten all the references. LOVED IT!” ~ Senior Service Rep.

“Best Senior Moments Ever!” ~ Service Rep, Liberty Lake.

“YYYYYYAAAAAASSSS!!! I have been patiently waiting for this email! THANK YOU! You three just seriously made my day!” ~ Service Rep.

“Wow you have no idea how much I truly appreciate this email! I am in the process now of a certificate request and the holder did request Additional Insured under the auto. I was able to follow along on your email 100-percent and cannot thank your Senior Moment team enough!” ~ Senior Service Rep.

Hired Auto Liability & Physical Damage (Beverly Hills Cop)
“Ok! This was funny and good reading … nicely done Kevin!” ~ Associate Program Manager.

“I LOVE the Senior Moment emails … They are super easy to follow as sometimes the insurance jargon can get a bit confusing and overwhelming. I love how it is broken down where it is very understandable and how it is short and sweet. I also think they are funny. I have referenced them several times and have gained clarification on certain topics. I hope these Senior Moment emails keep on coming!”

Service Rep

Business Income and Extra Expense (Sweet Brown)

“This is very well done! I could talk to Joe Customer about this coverage based on how the info is presented. Kudos to the authors. I LIKE IT!”.

Business Analyst II

“ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS! It was easy to read and understand. GREAT JOB!” ~ Business Analyst II.

Employee Dishonesty, Tools and Cyber Insurance (Avengers)
“I really must say this is SOOO HELPFUL … and a lot of people up here have said that … thanks for making all our jobs easier to understand!” ~ Service Rep.

Tenants’ Improvements and Betterments
“Awesome email Kevin. The coverage and the fun examples I feel really help the staff understand how it applies to a policy. Continue this, it’s fantastic!” ~ Supervisor.

“I’m loving these Senior Moments Kevin – this is great work and is really helping our newer (and even some experienced!) CSRs, keep up the good work!”

Assistant Customer Service Manager.

Businessowners Policies
“I like that this gave me more background on BOP as well as did it in terms that were easy to follow. … I think this type of information is especially valuable to new hires and possibly to tenured associated who might not know this kind of information or need a refresher. Also adding the links is an invaluable resource.” ~ Associate Service Rep.

No Drought Brewing Company – About Us
Wrote the About Us page for No Drought Brewing Company, a brewery in Spokane, Washington.

Everett Herald:
I worked six years (2003 – 2009) for the Everett Herald covering an array of high school sporting events, along with the Everett AquaSox, a minor league affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

I was honored when my story about a selfless cancer-stricken teenager – who with his one Make-A-Wish – decided to use that wish to give back to his local community and his high school baseball’s field, was featured on the cover of that morning’s newspaper. Click here for that story.

Game and smaller features available upon request.

I spent two years writing for a Pop Culture site. Here are some of my highlights:

A New Hope or will The Empire Strike Back? – November 1, 2012
Disney had just bought Lucasfilm. George Lucas was walking away. And I needed to write about it. So I did, for PopBlerd! in what I think is one of my most entertaining pieces I’ve written.

How Fantasy Becomes Life: Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Life – The Outrageous, Uplifting, and Heartbreaking World of Fantasy Sports from the Guy Who’s Lived It. – September 12, 2013
My book review, with a ton of personal stories, of Matthew Berry’s book and how fantasy sports has become more than just fantasy, even family, for me and those that play it.

Windows Live Spaces:
MSN Spaces was Microsoft’s blogging and social networking platform, that sadly vanished in 2011 due to low readership.

However, they will hold a fondness in my heart as my blog, “Lisy’s Battle With Leukemia” was featured in their advertising campaign, and on the MSN homepage a couple of times in 2006 and 2007.

Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots, but my post from June 28, 2006 is what I have for proof. (1,000 views in a week, 195,000 total views, wish I knew about this “making money via blogging” thing back then!)