Married Life

Married life ain’t easy. But we do our best, or at least tell ourselves we do our best.

Here you’ll find mostly sappy anniversary stories about our marriage.

12 Boyz II Men Songs for 12 Years of Marriage – May 2015
In 2014 I wrote compared my marriage to Star Wars. It was only fitting that in 2015 I compare it to my favorite musical artists of all-time.

Eleven Star Wars Phrases to Describe 11 Years of Marriage – May 2014
How do you write about 11 years of marriage without either a) sounding cheesy or b) repeating yourself? Well if you’re a Star Wars fan (guilty!) then you use 11 Star Wars phrases to describe 11 years of marriage.

Ten Years of Kevy and Lisy! – May 2013
When you’re married you make vows. Well 10 years from when we made those vows I thought I would revisit them.

Nine Years Ago I Married My It Girl! – May 2012
Just a sappy post about how I love my wife.

Third Anniversary – May 2006

Our Second Anniversary – May 25, 2005
Just days from being released from the hospital, my newly bald, and still beautiful, wife and I celebrate our second year.

When Kevy, Met Lisy 
Our origin story.

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