“The Last Dance”: 23 Takeaways from the Chicago Bulls Dynasty Documentary with Kids

"The Last Dance" was a nostalgic walk through the NBA I grew up on. I have 23 takeaways about the documentary, including being able to share my NBA fandom with my kids.

Top-10 Postseason Finishes of My Baseball Lifetime!

As a build-up to MLB's Opening Day, I introduce my son to the top-10 Postseason Finishes of My Lifetime.

Five Best Songs About Baseball

I'm still missing baseball so I write about the five best songs about baseball, with a tribute to the late Kenny Rogers. Plus my COVID-19 anthem and more!

Five Best Baseball Movies to Watch with Kids

What do you write about when we're in uncertain times? Do you hop on the bandwagon and write something virus related? I started to and then I realized why does anyone care about the five things I'm learning and teaching my kids about during these confusing times? Baseball season was supposed to start Thursday. I … Continue reading Five Best Baseball Movies to Watch with Kids

Time to Respect the G.O.A.T.

I know it's trendy to hate on the Patriots and Tom Brady, but for this fan of an ex-AFC rival, it's time to respect the G.O.A.T.

Cover Letter for the Padres

After 30 years of watching the Padres lose, I decide I'm putting my name in the hat for the open club president position.

Vai Rio: Why I’m Rooting for Rio this Summer!

Vai Rio! On the eve of the 2016 Summer Olympics I'm giving my bias opinion on why the media should cut Brazil some slack.

49 Things I Thought About Super Bowl 49 (and throughout the month of January)

Finding 49 things about Super Bowl 49 was kind of tough, so since I've sworn off Twitter, and have decided to stay away from posting "nonsense" on Facebook, I thought I would create a blog post full of 30-something things I thought about Super Bowl 49, and 15-something things popped into my head this last month. Have … Continue reading 49 Things I Thought About Super Bowl 49 (and throughout the month of January)

Learning about Heartbreak

Lukas learns about heartbreak, from sports; I give #Seahawks fans insider information on what it's like to play and hate the Patriots and I compare my first day to #Shawshank.

My Oh My Magical Mariner Moments!

With the Mariners in postseason contention for the first time in 13 years, I thought I would take a look back at My Oh My Magical Mariner Moments!