We’re Moving…to Texas?!

For the second time in three years the Johnson Five are relocating. This time to ... TEXAS?!

Goodbye Princess Leia…

Saying goodbye to my first love.

Cover Letter for the Padres

After 30 years of watching the Padres lose, I decide I'm putting my name in the hat for the open club president position.

I’m (Probably) Going To Miss This

Ten moments I'm going to (probably) miss as the kids get older.

Time for The Talk

Middle school is arriving, puberty is on its way, the moment my son and I have dreaded is about to arrive. It's time to have The Talk.

Vai Rio: Why I’m Rooting for Rio this Summer!

Vai Rio! On the eve of the 2016 Summer Olympics I'm giving my bias opinion on why the media should cut Brazil some slack.

Traveling (Abroad) with Three Kids: Ten Things I Learned

Ten things I learned while traveling internationally with kids.

Traveling (Abroad) with Three Kids: Part II – Prefunk Preparations

Part II of the Traveling (Abroad) with Kids series talks about what preparations you need to make before departure.

Traveling (Abroad) with the Trio: Part I – Why?

Part I of my Traveling (Abroad) with the Trio series starts with the simple question of "Why?!"

A New (Relay) Experience!

It was a different Relay experience this year. I explain how, and why it turned out pretty good.