Season of Star Wars Starts … NOW!

We are a mere five months away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and in the Johnson household that means it’s time to kickstart our Season of Star Wars NOW!

What does the Season of Star Wars consist of?

Well, not much yet.

Here is a timeline of ‘events’ for The Johnson Five’s Season of Star Wars:


In April when they released Teaser 2?

I was in training when the trailer was released, and our trainers were so cool they let us watch it at the end of break on the big screens, and with the sound turned up! Thanks again!11069628_10206763254058074_8710925156668175082_n


Star Wars released a new Star Wars app yesterday. I downloaded it. Unfortunately it won’t let me enter my age and pass the first screen. Looks cool though.

We finished up the first season of Star Wars Rebels and watched the hour-long special, The Siege of Lothal, that introduced the second season. If you’re a Star Wars fan and haven’t seen the TV series (yes, it’s a cartoon) Rebels, you’re missing out. Especially Season 2 as Darth Vader makes a triumphant return, and he looks mad, and dare I say bad ass? Season kicks off in the Fall.Star Wars

A new Han Solo movie was announced Tuesday. It’ll be directed by the duo that did The Lego Movie and who executive produce Last Man on Earth. I tweeted about it and then the people at Star Wars favorited my Tweet. I was pumped.


Lukas and I will start reading some of the new canon novels. I’ve chosen Heir to the Jedi, a first-person take from my boyhood hero Luke Skywalker. Lukas chose Ezra’s Gamble, based on the new character from the TV series Star Wars Rebels.


San Diego’s Comic Con starts today (Thursday), which means we should get some new news. Since they announced they won’t be showing a new trailer, let’s hope that the news consists of stuff about new LEGO sets and action figures, all leading us to September 4, or what Disney has labeled Force Friday.

Friday will be the big day as panels for Star Wars Publishing, Hasbro, and Lucasfilm take place.

UPDATE: From the Lucasfilm panel, a video on how they used real props. Further proof that Disney and J.J. Abrams are going to do this thing proper!


The kids and I will start our countdown to Episode VII. We watched The Phantom Menace on New Year’s, and now with five months remaining it’s time to watch the final five episodes, one every month.


Back in ’99 I stood in line at Toys ‘R’ Us with my mom and brother waiting for Star Wars toys to be released. Though I won’t be spending the night or gobs of money on Force Friday, you (yes, you Lis) can expect me to spend some.

Pavilion Park AKA the park down the street is showing Return of the Jedi on September 4. Star Wars in the park? Uh … AMAZING!


Lia’s birthday is the last weekend of September, my birthday is October 3, Lukas is October 17, so I’ve already informed the kids to expect Star Wars-themed birthdays. Okay, maybe not Lia, but … you never know! In 10 years my son, named after Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker, has never had a Star Wars-themed birthday. Might break that tradition this year.

Star Wars Reads Day is also in October.

A few of my co-workers have decided we’re going to have a Star Wars marathon BBQ / party. Six hours of Blu Ray Star Wars, all on a 60″ screen with surround sound and possibly Jabba Jell-O, Han(Solo)burgers and more! I may have to jump onto Pinterest for more ideas.


I’ve already started “making payments” on the videogame Star Wars Battlefront. It’s released mid-November, and looks incredible. I’ve never played a multi-player game, and haven’t played a first-person shooter game since Goldeneye. Let’s hope I don’t have a seizure or two.


It all leads up to December 18, and the release of The Force Awakens.

I’ve already requested December 17 and 18 off in anticipation of the film (first days I requested off when I got my new job), and already plan on taking Lukas to the midnight showing. I’m pumped!

It all sounds silly right? It is. My wife thinks it’s silly, but it’s fun, and something I look forward to so go with it. Why hate on something so silly? It would only make life miserable. Amiright? So she’s cool with it, or at least fakes it really well. Wait a second …

Now let’s watch the first-released trailer and tear up again!

May the Force be with you all!

4 thoughts on “Season of Star Wars Starts … NOW!

  1. You got me pumped sounds exciting for sure, can’t wait for the movie to come out. Thanks for the update and your Star Wars Party sounds awesome!! Love you , Mom


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