Rebranding A Blog … and Myself!

As November nears, so does the ninth anniversary of Lis’ remission.

We often take the fact that she’s still here for granted, using the seventh of April (the anniversary date of her diagnosis), and our annual American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life fundraising event, as the only days to reflect on how her cancer battle changed our lives for the better.

This blog has become a reflection of both her victory and the fact that we overlook this life-changing event.

I started typing a journal back in April 2005, found out about these weblog things a month later, and began posting Lis’ journey as a way to tell family and friends about how she was doing without answering numerous emails asking, “How is she doing?”

All of a sudden people from around the world were sending prayers and well wishes our way, inspired by our story. It was pretty incredible.

In the years since we’ve talked less about that cancer diagnosis and more about Star Wars, my love/hate relationship with sports, and our little family. What do you expect it’s been nine years since she was considered in remission, and since then a lot has happened with us.

That’s why, after nine years of being “Lisy’s Battle with Leukemia” I’m changing my blog to “Life with Three Kids.” Call it the rebranding of a blog!

(Heck, thanks to my PopBlerd! buddy, I was even able to nail down the domain name and hosting privileges for this site. Thanks Mikey! You’re awesome! The rest of you go follow PopBlerd! right now! The dude knows his music!)

Why the change? Well is easier to remember than Plus, life with three kids has become my favorite thing in life. It seems to be the one thing I’m passionate about, enjoy doing (the majority of the time), and am okay at (again, some of the time).

That insurance thing … eh. The sports thing … everyone does that. The fantasy sports thing … everyone seems to do that too. The writing thing … again, with the Internet isn’t everyone a writer these days? Life with three kids? Now that takes some serious hard work and dedication!

I also hoped prayed thought there’s an off-chance that someone may stumble across my dad blog and think, “This guy seems alright! Let’s sign him to a multi-year, double-digit dollar-per-hour contract for our website.” I wish!

I have stumbled across numerous Mom or Dad blogs (there’s even a Disney show that the kids like called Dog with a Blog), that give insight, stories and opinions about parenthood. Why not me? I like poking fun at myself and my kids on the World Wide Web.

I want to be like Stan … but with less hair.

The rebranding of my blog came at a time when I was focusing on “rebranding” myself as well. When people ask me what I do I want to tell them that first and foremost, I’m a father of three and a husband of one. I mean, who wants to meet another lowly insurance agent? Next time you see your insurance agent, give them an embrace. After all they are people too, you know. Except underwriters.

Our move to the other side of the mountains (I’ve learned that people over here call the west side of the mountains The Soggy Side. The people on The Soggy Side, call our side Idaho), has helped with this “rebranding” a fresh start filled with new people and surroundings. I’ll tell you more about that in the upcoming days. Aren’t you excited?

What does all this mean for my blog? Not much.

Again, is easier to search for, type into your URL bar (the official name of that space is escaping me right now), and may allow non-family and friends to accidentally come across it while searching for things like, “Why did I have three kids?”, “I hate my life with three kids!”, “Why don’t my only child friends appreciate my life with three kids?” or “I have no life with three kids.”

I’ve also restarted my Twitter account and started a Facebook page (though through Lis’ account since I’m still fighting the Facebook urge – and doing darn well I thank you very much!) that is focused on Life With Three Kids!

IMAG2829If you’ve read my blog long enough you know that what our family does, and what I write about, is usually focused on my life with three kids. I like spending time with my family. We like to spend time together. I like to have them included in everything I do. Heck, Lukas even gave his NFL predictions in my annual NFL prediction post a few weeks back. (Lia, Levi and Lis chose theirs by using the table mat from McDonald’s picking their NFC and AFC champions based on the helmet design. Levi took the Chargers over the NY Giants, I’m thinking he took the Chargers because of the lightning bolt that resembles Lightning McQueen. He did admit taking the Giants because “THE BLUE ONE!” Lis took the fleur-de-lis design of the Saints over the Colts. And after typing fleur-de-LIS I realized the coincidence in her name and fleur-de-lis. Fleur is flower in French, which would mean Lis’ flower, and I’ll stop there before we get into dirty jokes. Meanwhile, Lia continued her curious infatuation with Native Americans. She picked the “Indians!” also known as the Redskins, though I think they prefer … I don’t even know anymore, over “my dad’s favorite team” the Colts.)

Where was I?

What I hope to accomplish with my blog is combining updates for my family and friends on The Soggy Side about what and how we are doing over here, with stories about parenthood, being a father of three kids, being a husband of a mom with three kids, raising three kids in this crazy world we live in, and being a Christian father attempting to raise Christian kids in this crazy world we live in. Yes, I’ve poo-poo’d about religion quite a bit, but for the first time in my life I’ve totally been “Whatever you want God, I’m on your magical ride!” and you know what? I’ve been consistently happy, like for a month straight, for the first time since – I’m going to go with when Lis and I were first hitched. That’d be 11 years for those scoring at home. Seriously, I sit in traffic on the way home with a smile on my face. It’s pretty awesome.

So yes, I will include stories of my faith, and how I’m a continuously struggling, yet growing Christian man overgrown boy, and father.

These four people (the three kids and the one wife) are the most important people in my life, and after spending too much time attempting to include everyone else into our world (what the *be strong* was I thinking?!) I’ve realized, my sole focus needs to be on leading them.

Okay, so this blog may be inviting you into our world now, but … whatever it’s different!

Let’s have fun!

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