Star Wars: Expanded Universe Exploded

Every day I sit patiently waiting for Star Wars: Episode VII news to break.

A few months back I set Google up to inform me daily of anything with “Star Wars” and “Star Wars Rumors” in the storylines.

I’ve gotten nothing. Other than the movie is set to release in December 2015. Shooting for the film is said to be beginning next month. Casting should be completed. The only confirmed announcements are J.J. Abrams helmed as director and R2-D2 will return.

Until today when Lucasfilm announced that the Expanded Universe, the too many to list books, comic books, and video games, mean nothing to what is considered the Star Wars universe. The only things canon, as they call it, are the six films (darn Phantom Menace made the cut) and The Clone Wars cartoon series.

I have mixed feelings on this. I’ve only read a few of the Expanded Universe books. I know just the basic storylines, and was intrigued by the stories of Han and Leia’s children, and how one turns evil like Grandpa Darth and is taken out by his twin sister. The stories sounded exciting, and I was hoping to see them developed on screen.

Except they won’t. All that hard work that the writers of these hundreds and hundreds of Star Wars books put in, goes for naught. My buddies hundred and hundreds of dollars spent on EU books, oh they mean nothing now. I feel bad for those, like him, that were heavily invested in the EU and treated them like they were part of the series. And they were for awhile, we thought.

I can see why Disney would do this. They can start fresh. Create their own canon, their own storyline. Sometimes you have to blow it all up and start over (SEE: Death Star II), as the Emperor might say, “Wipe them out…all of them!”

Disney had to let those that believed in the EU know that things are about to get whacked out. There will be different characters, different planets, different stories than the ones they read in the EU books. Plus, it gives the screenwriters and director freedom to not worry about the EU fanboys that take the Star Wars universe too serious. I mean, how fun is it if we know the end of the next trilogy?

Still it’s hard to think they’re just going to wipe out 30 years of storylines and start anew. There are already four books scheduled for release before next winter’s continuation of the original trilogy – and they look interesting. Okay, maybe not “A New Dawn,” which is just trying to get us excited for the Star Wars: Rebels cartoons that Disney is producing, but a story told by the point of view of my boyhood idol, Luke Skywalker, called “Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi.”

I’m still optimistic. I feel big news is on the binary sunset horizon and I hope that that news brings more optimism. A new hope. The Force will forever be strong with me … I hope.

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