Breaking Down Our Brackets!

It’s that time of the year again! One of my favorite times of the year! You have March Madness! The NCAA tournament! Thirty-two games in two days! Sixty-four teams down to 32 within 48 hours! It’s awesome! Oh and baseball is right around the corner!

For the 13th year in a row I’m running a NCAA bracket pool. We’ll call it KJ’s March Madness Bracket Thingy! How clever eh? For the first time my kids will be participating.

I say kids because Lia overheard Lukas and I talking Bracketology and wanted in on this. You’ll find both of their brackets below.

Last night we grabbed our brackets, grabbed our pens and pencils and scribbled out our 2013 champion. It was fun watching how the kids came up with who they thought or wanted to win.

Lia and her first bracket! I'm so proud! Wish I could say the same about her picks! ;)

Lia and her first bracket! I’m so proud! Wish I could say the same about her picks! 😉

Lukas was a pro, once I explained what the numbers on the left meant (the seeding) and the numbers on the right of the team meant (wins / losses) it was off to the races. He’s now 8-years old and has gotten more interested in sports. Thank You Lord for that answered prayer!

He’ll sit and watch football or basketball with me. He gets overly excited, screaming at the TV at certain plays. He asks a lot of questions about the rules and what things mean, and he can rattle off names of players, including his favorites Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch (thanks Josh), AJ Hawk (he’s “in the game”, meaning the Madden 2007 game I allow him to occasionally play) and Russell Wilson.

He likes the Packers, because they are green, his favorite color, and the Seahawks, because my buddy Josh bought him a Lynch jersey years back – and because we live in Sea-town!

His bracket didn’t look too bad. Go figure! This is a kid that has won two Super Bowl pools in four years and an Oscar pool.

In fact, let’s take a look at it now:

 Lukas' Bracket

Wacky Upsets? Not in the first round. He chose Oregon, Notre Dame, South Dakota State and Oklahoma to advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Oregon and Notre Dame because they are green. Not sure why he chose South Dakota State (which may not be a bad pick) and Oklahoma because of “Kevin Durant”.

He actually has Notre Dame playing into the Elite Eight and Oklahoma as a Final Four team.

His Final Four …

Duke – He couldn’t explain to me why he picked Duke, but he was overly excited about picking them. I’m wondering if we’ve seen them before.

Gonzaga – He knows that I like Gonzaga. His teacher is a Gonzaga megafan. I’m guessing all this played a part in his choice.

Oklahoma – Again … because of Kevin Durant. I explained to him that it wasn’t the pros but whatevs!

Miami – See: Oklahoma. We had just watched the Heat win their 23rd in a row. He likes the Heat because he likes LeBron, thus the Hurricanes advance to the Final Four and …

Lose to Gonzaga in the title game 58-50. He didn’t give me a reason why he picked that score but I’m assuming he’s used to seeing our rec league games where the scores are usually around this number.

It’s better than Lia’s 9-8 final score prediction, which brings me to her bracket.

IMAG0500 - Copy

Lia is 4-years-old and since she can only really write her name and about 10 other letters somewhat legible I thought I would fill out her bracket, but ask her who she thought would win by reading off the names of each matchup. Also, since a No. 16 has never beaten a No. 1, I chose all the No. 1’s to advance past the first round.

I’m going to brag on my daughter a bit. She’s always had a gift for gab, a gift of language. It could be something she received from her mother. She screamed a lot when she was days old. She learned to speak early, and quickly. She would use words that normal 2-1/2 year olds normally wouldn’t use, and she enunciates everything to perfection – and not only in English but in Portuguese (and probably other languages if we knew them). She just picks up on this stuff fast.

And to think we have another year and a half until she’s in Kindergarten!

Now I could just be boasting about my child, since I don’t know a lot of 4-year olds, but if I said “Valparaiso” to Lukas, or anyone else in his second grade class, they may butcher it the first time. Lia nailed it the first time, though the second time she added a Portuguese accent to it.

Oh … she does have a tiny language flaw. She doesn’t say a hard R. She actually has a New Yawker accent. So Georgetown is more like Geowgetown. OK, so maybe she doesn’t have a gift but it was fun to listen to her repeat “Louisville”, “St. Louis”, “Wichita State”, “Gonzaga”, “Ole Miss!”, “Illinois” (with the silent S), “California”, “Akron”, “North Carolina” and the aforementioned “Valparaiso” with perfection the first time.

The names listed above all advanced in her bracket. In fact she loved saying “Valparaiso” so much that they advanced to the Elite Eight.

Other wacky upsets?

Iona to the Sweet Sixteen. I think it’s because Iona sounds like it could be the name of a Disney princess.

Pacific over Miami. With me asking a few times … are you sure?

She has Montana advancing to the Elite Eight and losing to Butler.

Her Final Four wasn’t too bad … she has Gonzaga over St. Louis and Butler over Geowgetown, with Gonzaga defeating Butler in the rematch 9-8.

Both kids advanced Butler pretty far. Why? Because it has butt in it … that’s right Butt-ler! That’s fun to repeat right? It’s hilarious right? If you’re 4 it is!

Who is in my Final Four?

I took Duke over New Mexico and Indiana over Georgetown with Indiana over Duke in the National Championship. Let’s check back in a month and see which Johnson did better! My guess is that it won’t be me.


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