58 Things I Learned While Being Home Alone: Nos. 19-10

I have to apologize up front. These were my least “exciting” items on the list. I guess that happens when you’ve been single for 40 days! You tend to work out all the kinks and things start to run somewhat smoothly. So, here is my next-to-last entry about my family being gone, though I’ll probably compile a top 10 list of my “58 Things” that will follow the last one. So, here is my next-to-next-last entry!

#19 – Sometimes you need a lazy Sunday to sit on the front porch, drink a Strawberry Daiquiri, listen to music and highlight the Good Book.

I needed a day for some rest and relaxation and I finally got one! I decided to skip the yard work and enjoy one of the two reasons I bought the house that I bought – the front porch. I sat my chairs out, grabbed my iPod shuffle, blended me up a Strawberry Daiquiri, read through the book of Proverbs and enjoyed my Sunday afternoon – alone!

#18 – Two weeks doesn’t seem that long after making it through six.

I was talking to a friend of ours when she asked me how long until Lis came back. I said two more weeks. She was like, “Whoa! Two more weeks!” and I thought, “Hmm…that doesn’t seem that long now.” And thus #18 was formed!

#17 – That I’m starting to run out of things to learn about.

I just didn’t know what to write! Let’s see what else was going to make my list but didn’t make the cut …

Replacement #17 That during the summer it gets toasty in my office.

I can have a fan on. I can open the doors. I can open one door. I can wear shorts. It all doesn’t matter when it’s 80-plus outside and the sun is shining through the front windows, I’m still going to stick to my desk!

#16 – Found the one place where it’s cool to wear my Star Wars t-shirts – Youth Group!

I have a few Star Wars t-shirts. Sometimes I get teased when I wear them. Sometimes people dig them, like my Darth Vader “Who’s Your Daddy?” tee. But there’s one place where everyone loves them. That’d be surrounded by teenagers at Youth Group. It also helps that our Pastor is a Star Wars geek and sports some cool Star Wars tees on his off-days.

#15 – I’m feeling like a train fallen off the tracks. All my habits are screwed up. Sleep, eat, work, it’s all so disorganized!

I was having a tough time. Work wasn’t running smoothly. I had trouble sleeping (see No. 10). I was getting tired of frozen dinners for dinner AND lunch. I needed my family back!

#14 – That my photo albums were holding up the bookshelves above them! Add “Reorganize Bookshelf” on my “Things to Do Before Lis Gets Home!”

I heard the news that my Grandpa was sick and I wanted to find pictures of him in my old photo albums. I went into the bookshelf/armoire thing in our bedroom. I tugged and I tugged and I tugged harder before finally pulling one out. This also caused the shelf above it to tumble and two shelves of books to come spilling out the armoire. Oh, and this was also at 11pm. Ha!

I let them sit there for most of three days before I finally tried to figure out how to put it back together. Turns out the second shelf was too wide for the armoire so I had to dust off the saw, cut a sliver off the shelf and then use the most disgusting feeling in the world – sandpaper – to smooth out the kinks. When I told Lis I used tools she said, “Yah! And I believe in Santa Claus!”

Here are before and after shots of the bookshelves. Feel free to judge my books, after all that’s what we do when we look at pictures, “Cute kid but what’s the deal with that thing way in the background?”

Yes, that’s “When Harry, Met Sally…” the script laying on the floor along with a couple of baseball and Star Wars books.

In the second picture you’ll notice that I’ve lined up things nicely, putting all of my John Grisham‘s by my photo albums. Oh and if you see a book you let me borrow let me know and I’ll give it back.

#13 – Running events and spending time with my church family as the church camp-in is a great way to combat the loss of my Grandpa Thomas. RIP Grandpa, you’ll forever be loved and forever be missed. Thank you for being the only person on either side of my family that I could really talk sports with.

I’ll take an excerpt from my previous entry where I talk about my Grandpa’s death.

Saturday when news broke that he had passed I was in the midst of running the Church Olympics at our annual campout. I couldn’t have been in a better place. Running events allowed me to take my mind off of the grief. It allowed me to be with good, caring people that care about me and my family. I could play volleyball or board games with the teenagers. My mind was elsewhere, which was a wonderful contrast to Friday when I sat in my office thinking only about my dying Grandfather.”

I was also happy that my mom came out and joined us. She was planning on going home and being depressed instead she came out talked with some people and even won a Gold Medal in Geocaching!

#12 – Just a coincidence but in honor of No. 12, Andrew Luck’s preseason performance, I am staying on the Colts bandwagon.

A coincidence because my No. 12 happened to coincide with Andrew Luck’s NFL debut.

Peyton Manning was gone as was all but three of the Colts that I loved to watch (Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney being the three). I wondered if I’d still be a Colts fan, or was I just a Peyton Manning fan. I did watch the Broncos-Seahawks game but mostly just to see Peyton in his first action since early 2011.

And then highlights of Luck and the Colts popped on. I watched, then I jumped online and watched some more. Then I checked out the IndyStar’s page and read some more. Then I realized. I’m still a Colts fan!

I was excited because it’s been some time since I’ve had a team that I deeply rooted for. I still root for the Padres and Mariners, though it’s been hard to the last few years. I thought the Colts would go the way of the Phoenix Suns, a team I lived and died for but then disappeared from my radar. Even my buddy Josh was surprised (and I think somewhat pleased) that I was still a Colts fan.

Last night I watched the entire preseason game against the Steelers! Luck looked great (two interceptions but one wasn’t his fault). Wayne looked like he was having fun. And I looked ready to buy Levi a #12 Colts jersey!

#11 – Respect for my single buddies. It gets tiring working all day then having to come home and cook and clean. Props to ya!

I was getting tired of coming home, cooking (I did some of that), eating, then having to clean up after myself. Geez! That gets tiring! Then I thought about my single buddies who do this all the time and I thought … good for them!

#10 – I dread bedtime!

As I posted on Facebook, “Ok … ready for them to come back now! I’ve hit the bottom. It’s 3:30am and I can’t fall asleep. I’ve tried Lord of the Rings, “Friends”, slow jams, writing to Lis as if she can hear me … what’s next?”

That was a tough night, made worse since it was a weeknight. I don’t know what it was. Actually, it was one of the few days that I didn’t hear from Lis at all and I wondered if deep inside there was some discomfort from not hearing from her.

That’s it! We’re nine away from the end, which means I messed up somewhere. I should’ve been doing 20-11 NOT 19-10. Oh well! We’re nine away from the end, which means by the time I’m giving you my final 10 my family will be back home! Oh fun!


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