58 Things I Learned While Being Home Alone: Nos. 39-30

We’re up to Day 30, meaning I have just about a month to go until I see my family. Yes, still a month! Rumor has it these next 30 days will go by faster than the first 28. I’ll have to agree, as I’ve began to settle into my “bachelor” role, time seems to be moving faster.

You can tell I’m beginning to settle into my role by the updates I have been posting. They’ve been kind of dull. Nothing too exciting seems to be happening, just me cleaning up messes. So let’s get this over with …

#39 – Milk is still good five days after the expiration date!

My gallon of milk said “Must Use by July 9”. It was July 14. I smelt it. It seemed fine. I poured it. It seemed fine. I tasted it. It tasted fine. I drank it. I seemed to be fine. I did toss it out six days later though, but without clumps.

#38 – With my family gone I still tend to keep too busy, thus the dandelion garden growing in my front yard.

When this “journey” first began I thought I would have nights upon nights where I sat around lonely and feeling sorry for myself. But then life continued to happen and my nights filled up with: meetings to organize church functions, Youth Group, the Sultan Shindig, birthdays, a drive to Canada (and back) with my Dad, dinner dates and business meetings. Between July 3 to July 18 I had two nights where I was completely free…I’ll finish the rest of this after #31.

#37 – Even I feel disorganized and stressed when the house is a mess.

Well this has to do with #38. I just wasn’t finding the time to clean the house. However, on July 19 I had a free night and I spent it cleaning up all leading to …

#36 – It feels nice not hiking piles of clothes; maybe I should clean more often.

It did feel nice to have the floor clear of dirty laundry. Yes, I should clean more often, it may lead to more snuggle time with my wife!

#35 – It’s amazing, even though my wife is on the bottom half of the world, an “Online Date Night” will make us even closer!

This has probably been the most important thing I’ve learned thus far.

We were doing something that we weren’t able to do at home, or hadn’t thought about doing at home – setting aside a time and day to sit down and chat with each other. Actual “date” nights! Even though she was thousands of miles away, and four hours ahead of me (which works in our favor because by 7pm my time I’m home and ready to chill. At 11pm her time she’s relaxed, the kids are put to bed and her Mom is zonked out on the couch) we were making an effort to chat with each other.

Do we do that at home? Heck no! I get home from work. I change. We sit down and eat dinner. She cleans up while I keep the kids busy. Lukas and I finish homework while Lis bathes the other two. We prepare for bedtime. We read. We put them to bed. We say shout, “Get back to bed!” about a dozen times. By the time we have time for each other Lis is deep into some murder show that causes me nightmares and I’m headed back to bed to read or fall asleep.

Now we were alone, chatting about stuff we haven’t talked about before – adult stuff! Like how we’re doing as parents, husband/wife, dad/mom and ways we can improve on all of them. Not that our marriage sucks, in fact I recently told my sister-in-law that our marriage is the best its been in the nine-plus years we’ve been hitched. But why not continue to improve on that? Why settle for where it’s at when there is always room for improvement?

We’d email updates of our day and questions like “What’s your favorite … ?” and at night we’d discuss emails. And just like that we were in “teenager” love again. We hit on something we didn’t think we’d hit on and it felt great. How many marriages end just because this doesn’t happen? Hmm…I think we’re ready to run a marriage counseling session now!

#34 – Forks, knifes, spoons – utensils are my least favorite thing to wash!

Yawn. I’m just filling space here! But seriously, dishes fill up fast!

#33 – Dancing all night long is a great workout – and a lot of fun!

I love to dance! Stealing a line from Jerry Maguire, but changing it, “I love black music!” So when I have an opportunity to go out and dance well then I’m going to shake what my momma gave me!

Ian, Josh and I watched “Beautiful Girls” at Ian’s place. Ever seen “Beautiful Girls“? It’s one of my top 5 favorite movies. A dude’s chick flick.

One of my two favorite scenes in a movie loaded with favorite scenes:

“Sweet Caroline!”

“Only until baseball season starts.”

Afterwards we met up with Wes and went to a nightclub where they played live music on one side and a DJ spinning top 40 hip-hop in another. Guess which side I chose? Correct! Wes and I danced the night away, while Ian and Josh hung out.

The best part? I even ran into an old friend of ours who bartends out there. It was nice seeing him. He was an ex-coworker with Lis, supported us 110-percent when Lis was in the hospital and also played on some of our best Goonies teams! Plus, he gave me an excuse to go dancing when Lis comes back … so Lis can see him again!

#32 – (via webcam) My kids DO miss me – well at least two of them!

I say two of them because lil’ Levi was busy chasing a volleyball around the room in the background. He didn’t seem to care that his dad was on the webcam yelling at him.

Meanwhile Lia said, “I want to sleep with you.” Meaning she wants to snuggle with me. She also said she’s ready to sleep in her own bed.

Lukas did what he’s always done when I leave him in Brazil alone. Ignore me for a bit. He did it the second time he went to Brazil when he was about two. He ignored me for a day and then everything was fine. This wasn’t as bad, he finally broke down and started talking to me. It was nice to see them both sad, made me feel like they missed me.

I will attempt to get video of the kids speaking Portuguese so that you can all believe me. Lukas speaks Portuguese and can flip it on and off, like his mother, as he pleases. Lia is now speaking Portuguese but needs to get warmed up in English before she finally switches over. She was asking Auntie Stephanie in Portuguese why she slept in her bed and starts off every conversation in Portuguese. It cute and it’s amazing how their little brains soak this stuff up. Yes, Lis speaks only Portuguese in the house so the kids have total understanding of the language and it’s not liking they are learning from scratch. Lukas’s first word was “bola” for ball. Levi’s first words are “bola” for ball, “agua” and “PAPA!” for “FOOD!”

#31 – After 26 days, I’m actually looking forward to a night of chillaxing at home – alone.

 SEE: #38. I finally decided that I needed to take a break from myself so I made dinner, chatted with Lis and then busted out the dishes and laundry before settling down to watch some TV. It felt relaxing!

#30 – How to make brownies!  

OK, so I got some slack on this from the moms out there. Yes, it came from a box. Yes, it involved two eggs, some water and some oil. But you know what?! Baby steps I say! I did have to check to see if it was done. So there!

I checked with my wife and she agreed … mostly with the moms, but she was proud of me for trying it out and is excited for what I may do in the future! So there again!


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