57 Days Remaining!

As mentioned in my prior entry, it’s going to be a cold, lonely summer.

Thanks to Mother Nature, the cold is referencing not only my life but also the wonderful Washington weather we’re having! Meanwhile Lis’s sisters are complaining about their chilly winter. Weather in Barra Bonita, Brazil tomorrow – 80-degrees. They can take their “chilly winter” and …

I wasn’t going to blog about every day I’m alone, and I probably won’t, but I have a lot of a little on my mind so I thought I would take this quiet time to write at my dinner table. This NEVER happens!

OK … one of the small amount of perks of having my family away from me is being able to write more. The other is being able to blast my music. And do you know what happens when I blast my music? I turn into my mother and mix dancing with cleaning the house! That’s right! Beds are made, dishes are clean and I’ll tackle the playroom tomorrow!

Lis and the kids took off for Brazil this morning bright and early. We were up earlier than brighter at 4am. The kids were excited and once they were awakened from their sleep they never turned back. It was like Christmas for them. It was nice to see how excited they were to travel. Suckers!

Luckily we arrived at the airport in plenty of time to get in the baggage line, only to find out that we need to check in first, then to find out that we need to get in a different line with our bags. Then there was the standing in line for an hour as we purchased Levi’s lap seat ticket (only $175!) followed by them denying me a Gate Pass so I can walk (and help) my family to their gate.

Unfortunately that meant I had to say my goodbyes in the TSA line. The boys weren’t too sad to see me go. Levi has no idea what he’ll be missing and Lukas knows that once he’s in the air we’ve OK’d playtime on the Nintendo DS, which means getting to play the Lego Batman 2 game that Papi and Grandma bought for him.

Lia meanwhile gave me a hug and a kiss, frowned, her eyes teared up and she softly wiped them away with her arm, which may or may not have caused me to tear up as well. She said she’ll miss me and gave me another hug, once again proving that yes … I have a Daddy’s Girl and I’m loving every bit of it!

I fought back tears of my own as I walked to the parking garage and where I thought my car had been parked. Silly me forgot my parking pass in the car so I had to go get the pass to pay for parking and then get back to my car. Except that I couldn’t find my car. I took the elevator to Floor 5, this didn’t look familiar. Back down to Floor 4. Nope that’s not it. Back to Floor 5. Can’t be! Up to Floor 6. Not there! Floor 7? Wasn’t there either! So I walked each floor, starting with Floor 7 from the Purple to the Yellow to the Orange, checking for parking space No. 37, the only thing I could remember about where we parked.

I got in the elevator with another gentleman. Asked him, “What floor?” like I was an Elevator Person (is that what they are called?) and then mentioned to him that I couldn’t find my car. He replied with, “You know there’s a whole Seinfeld episode about that.” I tell him, “I know I’m living it,” and go about my merryway. Well, other than the peeing in the garage part I was living it, though that was nearing. I do have to admit that thinking about the Seinfeld episode (even before Mr. Businessman referenced it) made losing my car a little easier.

Eventually I found my car (FLOOR FRIGGIN’ FIVE!), snagged the ticket, went back downstairs to pay this time sounding like Dory in “Finding Nemo”. “P37 Yellow…P37 Yellow.”

I slid my card into the machine and it denied me. I tried again. It denied me. Again … DENIED! Surely I had $6! Lis would never leave me without money!

Luckily I paid cash – I NEVER have cash!

After breakfast with my Dad (thanks Pops for IHOP! Rhymed!) I stopped by the bank to deposit money where I found out that I in fact had no money in checking or savings!

Yes, a fleeting thought went in my head. “Did Lis really intend to comeback? Did she drain our accounts on purpose? I’m so foolish! Why didn’t I check her bags?!” Turns out she didn’t transfer my paycheck into our account and now you all know a little bit more about my finances!

So the scares were gone and I was ready to cruise into my 58 Days of Lonliness with no other issues!

Then I walked inside the house and a deathly quiet filled the air. Oh … I am not going to like this. I immediately put on my “Cleaning House Mix” (yes, I actually made a CD called that … for my Mom!) and turned it up to No. 30 on the  receiver. We never get to go to 30!

The rest of the night was peaceful. I spent most of my night writing and checking on the status of their flight (just passed the Bermuda Triangle – phew! That was close!).

I did find out that one of my favorite screenwriters passed away. Nora Ephron, writer of my No. 4 movie of all-time, “When Harry Met Sally” passed away. Ephron also wrote “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “My Blue Heaven” and “Mixed Nuts” to name a few and also not in that order. Thanks for all the memorable lines. I may have used a few of them!

OK, so other than Christopher Nolan, George Lucas (“American Graphitti” and “Star Wars” George Lucas) and the Coen Brothers, she’s probably No. 1 or 2. Didn’t realize she also wrote “My Blue Heaven”.

So now it’s time to lay down in bed, grab one of Lukas’s “dream” blankets that he left behind, set the Clone Trooper alarm clock and watch my “comfort” movie, “When Harry Met Sally” before catching some shut eye! Oh, what’s a “Dream” blanket? It’s basically his comfort blanket/rag that he says blocks bad dreams from coming in. I’ll need that!)

Here are few of my favorite clips from “When Harry Met Sally” … one of my favorite scenes about the relationship between men and women, plus one of the best closing scenes of any movie (though she never tells him she loves him!) and a few others!

That’s night No. 58 in a nutshell. Only 57 more days to go! Wish me luck!


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