Lukas McQueen – April 28, 2010

I had one of my proudest days as a parent Wednesday night when Lukas took home not one but two trophies at the Awana Grand Prix.

Lukas won all four of his heats outlasting 16 other kids and winning his first trophy, the Grand Prix Division 1 speed trophy. He posted times of 2.78 (second best of the night), 2.82, 2.79 and 2.80. In the finale he raced 2.83 defeating three other kids (two from Division II and one from Division I) earning the Grand Champion trophy.

My Dad yelped like a girl. I gave a quick shout of joy and everyone else stood around wondering who had won. The three other kids looked around before someone said “Lukas!”, who was standing there raising his hand.

He was proud, I was proud, Lis was proud and his Grandparents were proud. Lia – well she was busy fussing about going “Nigh Night!”

Two kids came up to him, one saying that Lukas had an awesome car and that he never imagined a Cubbie (youngest group) winning the Grand Prix. Another kid asked if I was Lukas’s dad and wanted to congratulate him on his two trophies.

Afterwards I took Lukas to McDonald’s for some congratulatory ice cream.

The whole night left me in amazement. I was quite surprised considering we started working on the car Sunday afternoon and because Lukas just wanted to play with the car. We didn’t come in expecting anything and he ended up winning all five of his races.

On Sunday Lis, Lukas and I designed the car before giving it to Papi for him to saw and sand. Papi continued to ask Lukas about what he wanted the car to look like and when Lukas was fine with the final project we took it home for him to paint.

On Tuesday afternoon he painted Bumblebee (yellow with black stripes) and Lis added the final touches (taillights, gloss).

I left work early on Wednesday so I can be there to watch the time trials. When we arrived we weighed the car and it chimed in at 3.8 ounces. The car can weigh as much as 5.0. We let it race down the track and it flew. When I went to turn it in the Awana dude suggested I add some weight. I wasn’t sure about it but we added two smaller weights and the car flew faster.

We weighed it again and it came in at 4.2. We added three more and it topped out at 4.9 oz.

As I mentioned I’m a very proud Dad so I had to immediately go home and make a video about it. The rest of the night I beamed thinking about Lukas’s face and how proud he was after the race. In 1986 I took second place in my Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby. He topped that at age 5. And in one night he had cut my trophy case in half. I have won four legitimate trophies. The aforementioned second place trophy, an MVP award for my 1990 Little League season, a Gold Glove award in that same 1990 season and the plaque that Team Force has won the last three years. It was really special seeing him get these trophies…and not just any trophy, he actually earned these which made it more special.

Correction: I took third place in my 1986 Pinewood Derby race.


This weekend my basketball team could play for the championship and it wouldn’t even come close to how awesome I felt on Wednesday night.

You can check out the video below or view photos here.


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