Super Bowl Hangover – February 5, 2008

The talk has already begun about whether or not Sunday’s Super Bowl XLII was the greatest Super Bowl of all-time. In my opinion, it’s well deserving of that recognition. I can’t remember a Super Bowl that the minute the game ended I wanted to go back and watch it again, or at least the fourth quarter of it. That even includes last year’s Super Bowl that the Colts – my favorite team – won.

That’s how good Sunday’s game was.

It was slow for the first three quarters, like two boxers trying to feel each other out. Then the Giants jumped ahead 10-7 and you just knew that the real Patriots were going to show up on the next drive. They did as Brady marched his troops down the field and into the end zone giving New England the 14-10 advantage.

Before the game I had chosen the Giants as the team I’d root for. After all my Man-Crush’s younger sibling was playing for them so I figured I owed it to Peyton to root for little Eli. But on the last drive I just wanted something magical to happen, I wouldn’t have cared if the Patriots were down 14-10, I just wanted to see something special. And we did.

Eli made play after play. He hit Amani Toomer for a 9-yard pass on third-and-10 setting up a 2-yard Brandon Jacobs first down. Then on third-and-5 he made one of the most incredible plays I have seen in football, both by a quarterback and receiver. The play left me wishing I was an Eli Manning fan.

With two Giant defenders over him, Manning ducked one, pulled away from another, stopped and shot a bullet of a pass towards the middle of the field where backup receiver David Tyree leaped out of nowhere pinning the ball against his helmet and falling to the ground with a Patriots defender all over him. The pass and the catch left everyone at our Super Bowl party going, “How’d he do that?” You can view that play here.

Most in attendance leapt out of their seats knowing we were watching something special unfold. Two plays later, and no timeouts remaining, Giants receiver Steve Smith made a catch along the right sideline then took two steps to a first down before going out-of-bounds. A smart play that set up Manning’s 13-yard TD pass to Plaxico Burress. Oh yeah, the Hotel Johnson crowd erupted!

The Patriots weren’t done and we all figured they had one more break to catch before their perfect season ended. Tom Brady launched two passes, one a perfect spiral 77-yards to Randy Moss that the Giants defender was able to get his hands on at the last minute.

The perfect season ended and the Giants prevailed with the biggest upset in perhaps the greatest Super Bowl of my generation and possibly all-time.

I guess that’s all of the play-by-play for now.

Let’s get to the Super Bowl party highlights:

Best Party Snack: This was a hard one to choose. In the past we had mostly had junk food, chips, dip, and meatballs, oh, those were all there but there was also Tirimasu, cheesecake and fried chicken. It was all so good.

Commercial: I don’t recall them all but I thought the giant mouse attacking the dude with the Doritos bag was interesting.

Biggest Oops!: At halftime my parents showed off Koby on Animal Planet. We had to switch over from the regular TV to the TiVo. When we returned we had the TiVo on for the halftime show but the audio was still on the regular TV, causing a 2-3 second delay. This delay made Mr. Tom Petty look as though he was in a Japanese Godzilla movie and made most of us claim that this was one of the worst halftime shows ever. Chris went as far as saying, “This is awful! They’ll be talking about this for years!” When the show was over the commercials returned and those too were off. Oops, we had our audio screwed up. Sorry Mr. Petty!

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Hangover – February 5, 2008

  1. I think for the most part it was a great game the commercials… well they could of used a bit more dazzle or something, and the 1/2 time show was pretty good and even the national Anthem was done well.  And of course that little cutie ELI did an amazing job taking his team to the win.  Glad you had a great time and Your parents should be very proud of their boy being on Animal Planet.
    take care and hope that all is well there.  WAY TO GO LADIES on the football pool.  you crack me up… man crush… tee hee haa


  2. not big on football…in fact i have never watched a game to be honest with you…but i am glad that you enjoyed it…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*


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