Five Years Later Bustin’ Still Makes Me Feel Good – October 31, 2007

Each year I put the CD into my CD player and the music begins. As the opening bars play I begin to get chills on my neck. It takes me back five years to a time when – for one night – we ruled Halloween.

Every Halloween from now until I die I will remember Halloween 2002. It was one of those nights that you’ll never forget. One of those nights that you can explain to everyone how awesome it really was but nobody will ever fully understand except for the three other people you shared it with.

Yes, every time I hear the song “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr. I get chills. I look forward to pulling up my Ghostbuster outfit, strapping on my utility belt and putting my cardboard Proton Pack on my back.

I call or email my brothers and buddy and tell them “Happy Halloween” as we can all look back five years ago today and remember the day that we ruled downtown Seattle as the Ghostbusters.

I wrote about this day in one of my earlier blog posts. Here is that link. Instead of retelling the story I’ve decided to post the part about this memorable night here, in its entirety:

TOW Busting Makes Me Feel Good – October 31, 2002

As you get older Halloween usually becomes less of a big deal. You get invited to parties but struggle to find a decent costume and ultimately end up going as a boxer, mime or ghost. In 2002, I thought I’d try to find something for me and my brothers to dress up as.

We had the Three Amigos sombreros so I thought we could go dressed as the Amigos. I searched all over for the costumes, but unfortunately, came up empty. With just a couple of days until Halloween we had nothing. Then an idea popped into my head…Ghostbusters!

I jumped online and did a search for Ghostbuster outfits. It looked easy to make, except for the Proton Packs. I called up my brothers and our friend Wes. They were all in and would pay whatever it took to get the costumes made. I bought the jumpsuits, the patch, the belts and the elbow pads. My Mom sewed the patches on and my brother got to work on the Proton Packs.

On Halloween we strapped on our uniforms and immediately knew we had something special. The suits were great, the Proton Packs – made from cardboard and pipe covering – made the costume spectacular.

We put our packs in our friend’s Expedition and headed to the bar. We had just planned to stay in town but once we walked in the door and everyone started shouting “Who you gonna call?!?” we knew we had something special. We hung out for a few minutes and then headed to Seattle. We were aiming for the big time.

Once we stepped out of the car we again heard “Who you gonna call?!?”

Everywhere we walked people stopped and said “Ghostbusters! Alright!”. They took pictures of us, a taxi stopped and shouted “Who you gonna call?!?”, and everytime we entered a bar people would stop to pose for a photo with us. Even a band, playing at one of the bars, stopped mid-song to point us out and again shouted “Who you gonna call?!?” We were like celebrities.

We went from bar-to-bar, never really stopping for a drink. We were getting more attention than I ever thought we’d get, any of us thought we’d get. We went to one bar and made it into the costume contest. We easily made it to the finals and then won the prize for Best Costume, winning $200 and a snowboard. We had made our money back from making the costumes, plus some.

Our night didn’t end there. We walked up and down the streets of Seattle, posing for photos, replying to everyone’s question with “Ghostbusters!”. We did everything but sign autographs.

Our night ended in the morning. At 4 a.m., after we hit up all the after-parties, the ‘Busters were done bustin’. We just had the night of our lives.

We went out the following year and got the same reception. In 2005, we zipped up the suit and headed back out to the bar. And in a glimpse of the past we were again treated like celebrities. The DJ played the Ghostbusters theme song and we did our thing on the dance floor. Yah, bustin’ makes me feel good.

3 thoughts on “Five Years Later Bustin’ Still Makes Me Feel Good – October 31, 2007

  1. I love it when things come together and you feel on top of the world!!    Oh and Erik looks so different with hair?!? I didn\’t even know that was him until you mentioned his name and I looked at the eyes!  Crazy! 
    So no fun costumes this year?   What did Lukas go as?   Do you trick or treat?   If yes do you dress up while you walk with him?  
    hope all is great in your corner!
    PS  WHO YA GONNA CALL?    tee hee ha ha


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