My 30th Birthday – October 3, 2007

Here is a time-by-time rundown of how my 30th birthday went:

12:05am – Mike, Jesse and I show up at Turner’s Bar & Grill in Everettafter a night of taking high school sports results. Aaron would join us shortly thereafter. The bar is completely empty except for the two bartenders and us. We hang out for a half-hour having a drink each before the gal boots us out. It was mildly enjoyable, though I felt like we were being rushed to finish our drinks and get out the door. Maybe another night. Mike did buy me a birthday drink (vodka and cranberry) and the three of them wished me a happy birthday as we parted ways at 12:35am.

1:00am – I get home from work and Lis wishes me a happy birthday. She and Lukas got home at 11:30pm after a long, long day of helping my parent’s move. There will be no birthday donuts for the Kevster and I’m okay with that.

7:30am – I’m awakened by the alarm on my cell phone going off. It’s the sweet audio of my son saying, “Wake up Dad! Wake up Dad!” I pick it up, hit snooze and fall back asleep.

7:35am – Once I again I awake to Lukas’ voice on my cell phone. This time I listen to him and get up knowing I need to get to work.

7:50am – I chomp down on my routine breakfast…peanut butter and jelly toast and a glass of milk. I also read through the baseball page of the Everett Herald.

8:15am – As I finish shaving the Star Wars theme plays over my cell phone. It’s my good friend Ian Barnes. Ian’s always been good at trying to be the first one to wish me a happy birthday. The first year Lis and I were married he called at 12:30am hoping he had woke me up and was the first one to say, “Happy Birthday!” Lis had beaten him to the punch and he was disappointed. Still it’s nice that he tries to be first and we set up a day that the two of us can have some QT (quality time).

8:50am – I’m running extremely late. I sneak into Lukas’ room (he slept in!) and give him a kiss and a hug and head off to work.

9:05am – I’m late and walking fast towards the door to work when my Mom calls. She wishes me a happy birthday and tells me that 30-years ago this minute, she was in pain. I was to be born 3½ hours later.

9:07am – I’m seven minutes late. Uh oh! I get off the phone with my Mom and Mariana, Sue and Mike wish me a happy birthday.

9:20am – I check my email and see that I’ve received emails from my cunhadas (sister-in-laws), Elen and Eliana, along with Elen’s boyfriend Alan all wishing me a happy birthday. They are mostly in Portuguese so it takes me sometime to decipher the code.

10:45am – Earlier I mentioned to my co-workers about requesting a song on the local country station for my birthday. Mariana said I should do it. I said they should do it because it’d be weird if I requested it for myself. Nobody did so I did it for myself. How low have I stooped? I wrote the email as if my co-workers wrote it. Here is that pathetic email:

We’d like to request a song for our co-worker, Kevin, who turns the big three-oh (30) today. We’d like to request Tim McGraw’s “My Next Thirty Years”.

Oh, he goes to lunch from noon to 1pm so if you could play it before or after that’d be cool!

The staff at Monroe Insurance Associates inMonroe

10:59am – Dad called and wished me a quick happy birthday before asking me something non-birthday related. Gives me a weird feeling inside of me, one of disappointment and frustration.

11:30am – Stubbs from the local country radio station called saying that someone from the office sent an email about my birthday. I played dumb and told her why I liked my co-workers then told her about what I thought about being 30-years-old. How lame am I?!? Oh yah, she wished me a happy birthday! A minute later Mike came back with cookies for all of us.

11:40am – The radio station, KMPS, plays my sound bite. She mentioned that 30 is the new 15 and I said that I’m happy with where I’m at at age 30. A minute later my friend, Amber, calls. She heard “Kevin at Monroe Insurance Associates” on the radio and wondered if that was me. I invite Amber to go dancing with us this Saturday and she wishes me a happy birthday saying that I’m now old like her.

11:52am – I called Lis to ask if she heard me on the radio. She said she did then she gave Lukas the phone. He said, “Happy Birthday Dad! I hear you on the TV.”

12:05pm – I head to lunch with my grandparents. We go to Jeno’s, the restaurant a few doors down from my office. The three of us all order a slice of pizza – the usual – which is actually a four-sliced personal pan. While at lunch Erik calls back and tells me happy birthday. He apologized for forgetting to tell me when we had spoken about 10 minutes ago. Things between he and his ex-fiancée are not going as well. Thus the ex-fiancée part. They are now just boyfriend and girlfriend with no wedding plans in sight. Doesn’t look good. We’ll get the bigger scoop tonight at dinner.

While Erik apologizes for not telling me happy birthday, I tell him, while looking at my grandparents, that they have yet to wish me a happy birthday. When I get off the phone they both wish me a happy birthday.

Later in the lunch Rose, the waitress and a client here, brings me an apple pie with a candle in it. She serenades “Happy Birthday” to me and I thank her and enjoy my pie.

1:25pm – I talk to my old friend Ian Dowrey. We’ve fallen apart from each other the last few years. He has insurance here, actually it was transferred to a new agency when all this ownership rearranging was done. I invite him to come out on Saturday with Josh, Mom, Lis and I. He’s not sure and ask what the occasion is. He doesn’t remember it’s my birthday and then tries five or six guesses before figuring out today is my birthday. He then wishes me a happy birthday.

 1:35pm – It’s official. I’m 30 now. I was born October 3, 1977 at Palomar Hospital in Escondido, California at 1:35pm. Congrats to my parents to on the birth of their first child – me!

Quick birthday trivia for you: My Grandma’s son, grandson and great-grandson are all born on this day, exactly 19 years apart. That’s right. Her son – my uncle – was born in 1958. Her grandson – ME! – was born in 1977. And her great-grandson – my cousin’s son – was born in 1996. How’s that for a rarity eh? Not just the same day but 19 years apart. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

1:40pm – Another birthday email greeting from one of my blogger friends, Susan.

2:05pm – We receive an email from KMPS with the audio clip of me on the radio. I’ll save it to my computer tonight and try to put it on here.

2:52pm – I’m feeling good today. I think its because its my birthday. I like birthdays, I like my birthday, I like celebrating others birthdays, I like to make a day out of it. It’s fun! I’m excited for Lukas’ birthday coming up!

3:00pm – Lis called to let me know that she doesn’t think the R2-D2 cake she was trying to make me turned out okay. Knowing that both my Dad and Grandpa are a bit picky when it comes to the cake they eat, she’s thinking she may have to buy something as a backup. Either way I’ll be happy that she attempted to make me a Star Wars cake on my birthday.

3:55pm – This day is flying! I’ve got just over two hours remaining until I get to go home. What am I going to do when I get home? Nothing. That’s the sad part I really don’t have plans for the evening I’m just happy it’s my birthday. How lame do I feel now? I’m looking forward to doing nothing. I actually am looking forward to showing off my slideshow I made for my birthday. Hope everyone wants to watch it. At least its just six minutes long, that’s enough to catch the short attention span of my family. As I mentioned Saturday night I planned to go out dancing with my friends. Sadly, just one person replied back to me with a “Yes!” reply – my Mom. Lis said she’s going, Josh said that he’s in and Erik is leaning towards going, but that could change if his “friend” wants to do something else.

4:33pm – I open a card from my Grandpa’s sister Aunt Jo and husband Uncle Frank. It’s a birthday card! Neat card with a game and dog that looks like Micky. Speaking of Micky, he has a tumor on his spleen that bleeds out and then stops. When it bleeds out he’s in horrible shape. When it stops he does all right. Unfortunately it sounds like he’s not going to make it much longer. Micky’s been my pal for years now so the news came as a shock.

4:43pm – My good friend Dennis calls me from California to wish me a happy birthday. He just finished his fifth round of chemo. There’s one more left before he’s done with chemo. He hasn’t felt that awful, just a few bouts of nausea and that’s about it. Sounds like he’s doing well. He’s hoping to come up here in December, I’m hoping so too!

5:01pm – Monica leaves the office, wishing me a birthday. Sue also tells me to have a nice birthday.

5:21pm – I’m alone in the office. This has been fun blogging about my day. Mariana said she and her husband Juan may come tonight. I was also thinking about whom I’ve heard from and how I haven’t heard from my baby bro, Randy. I was thinking that maybe he’s going to surprise me by showing up today. That’d be cool. But what would be the point? Hang out for a day and that’s it? He’d probably have to leave by this weekend.

What’s weighing heavy on my mind these days? Not much, just mostly work. Business has not been good at the agency since the new owner bought it. He bought it knowing he was going to lose money, he didn’t think he was going to be losing this much money. Now he might have to let someone go. Though he and others have said that I’ve done a good job making sure we still are getting business, I haven’t been totally satisfied with my work. I never am. I don’t think I’m a hard worker (look at me, I’m blogging right now) and I don’t think I’m doing the things that I should be doing to improve the business. I feel bad that someone might lose their job because I can’t produce or can’t be a salesman when I need to be. Just something that’s bothered me the last couple of days. What type of font should I use?

5:36pm – It’s so handy that the time is at the bottom of the computer. Each time I pull up this MS Word document I can glance down to the clock and type it in. Anyway, I had two people that said they were going to come in today. With 24 minutes remaining in my work night, will they actually come by? I’m now hoping they won’t, though one client I can write in 10 minutes easy. The second is going to ask too many questions and get in the way of me enjoying my evening at home. Why must people say they are going to come in and then don’t show up?

5:57pm – My customer, the client that I said I could write in 10 minutes (wrote her in seven) has just left and now its time for me to go home. I’m looking forward to seeing Lukas. I haven’t “seen” him in a couple of days. Last night I went straight to work after work and Monday we spent the day helping my folks move. He’ll be excited to see me – I hope.

6:15pm – I get home and Lukas greets me at the door with “Happy Birthday Dad!” There are balloons taped around the house. Lukas is all excited to show me the R2-D2 cake Mom made. It looks good.

6:25pm – Josh arrives, he’s followed by my grandparents, Erik and my parents. I wait patiently for my Mom to bring in the chicken enchiladas she was going to make me.

6:40pm – Dad is acting funny, not letting me go outside to my car. A few minutes later Mom asks me to come outside that there is a cop that wants to talk to the owner of the house. I thought that was strange, and thought that maybe it’s because of the cars parked on the side of the road. I walk outside and see the cop. I notice the back of the cop’s head and realize that it’s Randy. He’s pretending to quiz Mike (the other Mike that I work with) about some damage to his car. I’m laughing as I walk up to Randy and he turns around and gives me a hug. Then Gepner and Erik appear and my Mom grabs about 10 pizzas from the car.

7:00 – 11:00pm – I feel loved! All the lonely feelings I felt earlier in the day were all for naught. Lis organized a surprise party with my friends and family. My co-workers from the insurance office, Mike and Mariana came, our good friends Graham, Sarah and Hudson showed up, our longtime friends of the family the Fitzgerald’s were there. And Mike (Goonie Mike) showed up with his fiancée Krissy. It wasn’t until I saw Goonie Mike that I figured out that Lis had planned this surprise party. I had asked Mariana earlier in the day to come. I thought Insurance Mike would come just because he wanted to stop by and say “Hi”. Josh said he was going to come over. Gepner would’ve come because of Randy (he was actually invited by Lis). But Lis doesn’t have a way to invite Goonie Mike. Make sense? Forget about it then.

I had a great time hanging out with everybody. Insurance Mike sang a blue’s version of “Happy Birthday” to me. I had some drinks, we ate pizza, had the R2-D2 cake – which was yummy and looked great – I showed off my birthday slideshow. I also got to show off more of my home videos because Mike and Krissy had never experienced a Captain Slideshow production, I opened some gifts and had a wonderful time. Lis did a great job planning everything and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I was surprised at how well everything went. Oh and it was nice to see my baby bro too!

Kudos to Lis for organizing everything and making a cool looking cake and being a good wife that never seems to surprise me.

Kudos to my Mom for keeping a straight face despite the fact that she can’t tell a lie. I thought I was on to Randy’s arrival last week when he was talking about getting his teeth done and said, “I get a root canal done on Monday then I’ll have to wait until I come back.” I asked him where he was going and he told me he was going to San Diego with his roommate. That same evening I thought I would just throw the “I heard Randy’s coming for my birthday” out at my Mom and Lis. Lis said that he wasn’t and I looked at Mom hoping I’d get a clue. She said, “No he’s not. I’m sorry, I tried to get him to come up but there’s no way I can afford to fly him up here for your birthday and Christmas. I’m sorry, I really wanted him to come up.” She played it off perfectly and I was convinced. Then I didn’t hear from him on my birthday and I thought maybe, just maybe he was flying up here and that’s why Mom couldn’t come to lunch because she was “busy running errands for Dad”. Still I didn’t think he was coming. I just had high hopes and told myself not to get disappointed if he wasn’t there. And he was! Congrats on my Mom for pulling it off.

Thursday, Oct 4, 10:35am – Thanks to everyone that participated in my birthday. It was fun writing about my day and seeing how I was throughout the day. It was the best birthday I can remember. Thank you very much for making me feel loved!

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