Return of the Goonies – March 12, 2007

How did your weekend go? Good! We had a fun and busy weekend too!

Saturday, we took a drive up to Whidbey Island to visit with a coach up there for an article I’m writing. We rode the ferry, had lunch in the nice little town ofLangley, and then watched some high school baseball. The weather was cold and windy but it was still a nice little getaway for the three of us.

After the game I interviewed the coach while Lukas played ball boy in the dugout. It was a nice trip and we had a good time – for the most part. The only negative part of the trip is Lisy’s battle with allergies (no I will not be changing the name of my blog). Her left eye got hot red and really puffy and swollen. Yeah, she wasn’t that happy Saturday.

Lukas had fallen asleep on the drive home and when we got home Lis and I decided to take a nap ourselves. It felt nice getting a little late-afternoon sleep.

We capped our day together by watching “Brother Bear.” It was a nice ending to a day spent with just the three of us.

Sunday we skipped church because Lis was still having problems with her eye. At 1pm we had our first playoff game and since the team we were playing also had white jerseys we decided to break out the ol’ jerseys and sport the navy blue of the Goonies.

It didn’t help us at all in the first game as we fell behind big and fast. After the first 10 minutes the score was 21-1. We couldn’t make a shot. I had three good looks at the basket but couldn’t hit anything. We did mount a comeback and early in the second half we had cut the lead to 13. That’s as close as we’d get. I finished with five points and Mike scored about 29 of our 41 points, we figured.

After the game we went to Graham and Sarah’s house for some hamburgers. The entire team, minus Chris, who had to go aid his sick wife, came over. We ate burgers, talked, some drank suds, watched the NCAA tournament selection show, and just basically hung out. It was the highlight of my weekend hanging out with the boys. Lis and Lukas came also to hang out with Sarah and Hudson. Thanks a ton Graham and Sarah for letting us take over your house. I think everyone had a good time.

Since we lost our first game we had to play again later that day. Our second game was at 6pm and luckily for us we were playing a team that had played at 5pm and with just five guys. Of course, being the Goonies that we are we struggled for most of the game playing lazy and disorganized.

Midway through the second half we were trailing by seven or so and our 2-3 zone was getting beaten badly. I got frustrated and told everyone to switch to man. The switch paid off as we were able to stop them on defense and mount a comeback. Mike, Aaron, Graham, Josh and Jake played most of the second half, mostly because they were clicking and Greg, Lance and I didn’t want to disturb their chemistry. Aaron hit a 3-pointer to put us ahead by one, Mike continued to hit shots, Jake was a rebounding-maniac along with making a couple of lay-ins, Josh played strong defense on their big man and finally Graham had a breakout performance with eight points (his first points of the season) including a game-clinching steal and lay-in with about 20 seconds remaining.

After the other team had cut our lead to three, Graham poked the ball loose at half-court and drove in for the lay-in despite all of us telling him to hold onto the ball. The lay-in gave us a five point lead and the final margin of victory.

Afterwards I gave Graham a bear hug not just for his breakout performance but because I was relieved that we finally won a game and survived to play another weekend.

That evening Josh and I filled out our brackets and Lis and I watched Apprentice. I got 105 points on our online Apprentice Intern Contest on Yahoo! That’s good!

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