Good News from the Doc – February 7, 2007

It was just four months ago when I wrote in my blog about the aftershocks of cancer. One of those aftershocks was the fact that we may never be able to have kids or would have to wait five years before having kids.

That all changed today when Lis went to her routine checkup and her oncologist asked the following question:

“Are you and Kevin thinking about having another kid?”

Lis told him that we wanted to but weren’t planning on it because we were still scared and he had told her that we should wait a few years.

“If you wanted to it would be okay to have another kid right now,” the doc told Lis.

“Right now?!?” Lis responded.

“Well maybe wait until you’re in 2-years remission,” he replied, which would be in November.

I wasn’t there but when I got home from lunch she shared the news, sort of. I asked her how her appointment went and she told me that everything was good. Then my Mom, who was at our house because she watched Lukas, told Lis, “And what else, did the doctor tell you?”

And Lis told me.

I was happy, and my Mom was especially glad. In fact she told us if we wanted to go upstairs for a quickie then she would watch Lukas a little longer. Oh yes, my Mom is different, but silly. It was all in good humor – we think – but she would like another grandchild.

It’s a great feeling knowing that if we want to we can. Especially after thinking that we may never be able to have another kid, then thinking that we may have to wait awhile and would we want to have another one that far down the road.

I want to. As I mentioned before, and as you all know, I grew up with two younger brothers. Two brothers that are two of my bestest friends. I loved having siblings (most of the time) and would love for Lukas to have a baby brother or sister (gulp!). Lis grew up with two older sisters and a younger sister. When we go toBrazil we hang out with them all the time. They are also close to each other. We always said we’d have two kids – if the first one was a boy – and now that opportunity presents itself for the first time since Lukas was born. I want to, and I think I want to in the next year and a half.

It’s funny because for awhile I felt that I didn’t know if I necessarily wanted another child. Lukas has been perfect. As a baby he was easy to handle. He wasn’t a loud crier, he adapted to changes very well, moving from breast milk to formula with no problems, and he’s so darn cute. What if a new one came along, what would he/she be like? I know all kids are different, will this one be a shrieker and harder to handle?

But when Lis told me what the doctor said I knew how I truly felt. I was excited. I’m ready for the challenge, I’m ready to add one more to our family, I’m ready to take another step in our lives. I’m ready to have fun!

God really has a plan and I think he’s working wonders in our life. As I mentioned in previous blogs, Lis and I continue to attend church on a weekly basis and I have started attending a men’s Bible study on Monday nights. Lately I’ve felt better about myself, my relationship with God and things that have been happening in our lives, and to hear this news only makes me feel even better than I was feeling before.

Lis and I will talk about it and we should pray about it (something we have to work on), but I’m really looking forward to what our future holds and what God has in store for us.

7 thoughts on “Good News from the Doc – February 7, 2007

  1. That is so awesome!  What wonderful news!  The Lord sure works in mysterious ways sometimes and it\’s very obvious he has great plans for you, Lis and your kids. 🙂 


  2. I am so happy for your family.  What absolutely wonderful news.  It\’s funny, how, when it\’s time for another child God just lays it on your heart and makes you happy about it.  He\’s pretty wonderful in his provisions.
    When I used to live in Seattle I attended Mars Hill Church in Ballard.  The pastor, Mark Driscoll, is really amazing.
    Loved your blog on my Colts.  I didn\’t think Peyton should have gotten the MVP either, but I was so happy for my guys that I just let that one slide.
    Take care,


  3. Well, you know that I am very excited to hear this news and your Mom is hilarious! Having a second child is a great thing. Scary. But great and I cant wait to watch you two go through this experiance. You are great parents and have proven time and time again that no matter what life throws at you you can handle it. I am also glad to hear you are going to a mens bible study. Good news all around! Good luck with the baby making!!!! : )


  4. I am so happy for you! Hopefully you will have a wonderful Christmas present to tell your family about!
    Your mom is a riot – though she would love another grandchild, I can\’t imagine her ever saying "quickie" to us!
    My husband has the same fears of having a daughter. He has a hard enough time coping with the fact our nieces are women (one recently had a baby!)
    I had to let you know – I am not permitted to move the screen to read on your blog until the song has played through once. Carl sings along and dances but yells NO at me when I try to sing or clap or anything like that. Great – how long will this last?


  5. Praise be to God. This is awesome news and I am so glad that the Lord has brought such incredible healing into your family\’s life.
    Heavenly Father, may You make their path straight and may You bring them such blessing that they will see the abundance and overflow in and through their lives and we will give You the praise and the glory and the honor, in Jesus\’ name. Amen.


  6. I just read your blog on your wife\’s Leukemia and I was in awe to see how similiar our lives are (and our reactions to our wife\’s having Leukemia).  I felt obligated to write because my wife and I grew up in Washington State too (Yakima and Spokane but now we live in NH) and that made the story even more personal.  My wife was diagnosed Jan 9th 2007 w/ P+ ALL and she is going through chemo at Dana Farber in Boston, MA.  All your emotions, reactions, closeness expecienced w/ God and all the exact emotions that I went through.  Leigh is looking for a bone marrow match right now…  Anyway, thanks for sharing your feelings through these blogs… it is nice to know that many of my feelings are not unique.
 – Leigh\’s story


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