My Little Buddy – January 29, 2007

I think a Dad is entitled to brag about his son through his blog every once in awhile. I don’t do it that much so what the heck right? I know most of you will think I’m cheesy, and some of you might think it’s aww, schucks cute, but sometimes I have to tell about the love I have for my son and the special bond that is forming. Lukas, pull my finger!

It’s hard to explain some of the things he does so bear with me and believe me when I tell you it’s cute. Here are a couple of things going on with Lukas…I guess this is more of an update than me bragging about him.

Chatty Lukas

Lukas is now 2-years-old or 27 months if you’re one of those people that count your kid’s age by months. In case you were wondering Mom I’m now 351 months old – and really starting to get the hang of the talking thing. Sure half of the stuff he babbles we don’t understand and the other half nobody but Lis and I understand, but still he’s trying and when he’s got things down he’s going to be a talker. It’s pretty neat to see, especially since in the last couple of months his vocabulary has increased immensely. Not only does he understand almost everything Lis and I tell him – in both English and Portuguese – but he can now say a mess of words in both languages. It’s kind of funny when he mixes the two languages – Portuglish, as I call it – and tries to explain to his family or friends to do something. It’s good for us all, because I’m picking up the Portuguese language faster as are my parents and friends. Heck, now I don’t even say water, it’s strictly agua (which is water in Portuguese).

The Entertainer

He cracks me up. Not only with his nonsense babble but with the little things he does. At night when we put him to sleep he’ll sometimes talk to me through his stuffed giraffe. Giraffe moves his head back and forth and uses a different tone of voice than Lukas uses. Quite the imagination, and quite entertaining when I’m stuck in a conversation with a stuffed animal. It’s actually kind of funny because I’ve been known to play with a stuffed animal with someone and the person doesn’t realize that they are actually talking to a toy. Like father, like son eh? Oh and he loves to entertain guests, but then again what 2-year-old doesn’t want to do that. Just wanted to try adding a video to my blog, hope it works. Plus, its cute to see him that small again. I kinda miss those days.

One of the Boys

He loves to hang out with the boys. The other night Chris, Aaron, Josh and I sat down after our basketball game and watched the Colts-Patriots game. Lukas had to hang out with us. He sat between Chris and I and when he noticed that Josh was doing something different, sitting behind the couch with a chair, he had to do it. So he and Josh sat behind the couch, resting their arms on the back of it. Oh and he loves the game of basketball. He cried the entire hour we played b-ball because he wanted to be on the court with us. He was fine when we were warming up before the game because he got to be on the court while we all shot around, but once we went to the sidelines he wailed. It’s cool that he wants to be a baller, but not so cool that he drove Lis crazy.

Xixi and Coco

This potty training thing has been fairly easy, especially since I haven’t done much. Bad Dad, I know. I blame it on work! Hehe! When all else fails blame your work schedule. Anyway, Lis has done a great job potty training Lukas. He tells us when he has to go pee (or Xixi, pronounced ‘she-she’ in Portuguese) and lately has been going poop (or coco, pronounced coco) in his litle potty seat. Which is awesome! Especially since now he tells us about going pee and holds it until we’re able to take him. And when he’s gotta go he races toward the bathroom with me sprinting behind him. Right now he’s just wearing diapers when we are going to be away from the house a long time, like grocery shopping, a ballgame or whatever. It has been a lot easier than I thought, but like I said, I’m not the one around him all the time. Sure he hasn’t gotten the pointing his pee-pee in the right direction down, but he’ll get there. In the meantime we’ll keep wiping off the walls and chasing him down the hall towards the toilet.

The Force and Sports

So I may have influenced him early by buying him basketballs, baseballs and every other type of ball there is. And I may have influenced him early by buying Star Wars toys but still he’s his own person and I don’t force the Force or sports on him. Still he loves Star Wars and likes sports. He knows most of the characters and can pick out Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2D2 and Anakin from a line-up. The other day we were at a store and he grabbed the “Empire Strikes Back” DVD and tried to point out Han Solo to a little girl nearby.

He plays with his little figurines (I’ll post a video soon) and has them act out little things. It’s fun to watch. He likes to watch the movies though we’ve limited it a lot now that he’s in a copying mode and we don’t want him trying to fight people with lightsabers. The Force is definitely strong with him.

About sports…as I mentioned before he likes to play ball and today I got him started on trying to recognize No. 18 from the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning. He said it pretty good, so hopefully he’ll have it down by Super Bowl Sunday. Hehe. Some parents teach their kids the American Presidents or other scholarly things. Me, I teach my kid names of athletes and Star Wars characters. My philosophy, he’ll learn the other stuff in school, right?

I guess that’s it for now. There are many other things I can bore you about but I’ll stop here. I’m just happy to be a dad and happy to have a son that makes me laugh and smile every day. Sure there are days when I get frustrated or upset with him but most of the time we’re making each other laugh. We wrestle, we play games, we laugh, we’re buddies! I guess I’ll find out in the long run if being his friend is a bad thing, but right now it’s too much fun to change anything.

3 thoughts on “My Little Buddy – January 29, 2007

  1. Sorry I haven\’t been reading your blog as often as I used to.  There\’s not enough time!  But I was glad to read about Lukas today.  He sure is growing up fast and I\’m sorry that Hillary & I have missed so much.  We need to hang out more!  Well, at least we\’ll see you on Superbowl Sunday!


  2. I am wayyyyy jealous of the potty training stuff! Shawn just flat isnt interested in it most days. He has his good but dang those bad days! I love this blog, I was actually writing one about Shawn like this but never finished it on account that I have been too dang busy. But you have inspired me to finish it. Arent kids fun?!?!?! Gotta love it.


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