Music to My Ears – September 30, 2006

I was trying to think of something a little more interesting. Something a little more personal. Hey, what’s more personal than finding out what someone’s favorite songs are? Um…sure. So here is a list of my top 10 favorite songs of all-time.

I tried to limit the amount of Boyz II Men songs that were on the list. I could easily put together a list of my favorite Boyz II Men songs, and most of them would be (and are) on this list. But I limited it to just three with about 10 of them mentioned in my Honorable Mention section.

Anyway, here goes my top 10 favorite songs.

10. “Skin (Sarabeth)”

Performed by Rascal Flatts

Album: Feels Like Today (2004)

Written by Doug Johnson & Joe Henry

A song about a high school girl that finds out she has leukemia, this song was released while Lis was in and out of the hospital with her own battle with leukemia. It immediately hit home with the entire family and became Lisy’s theme song. This song will forever be embedded in our minds and take us back to last year and everything we as a family went through.

9. “With or Without You”
Performed by U2
Album: Joshua Tree (1987)

Written by U2

As I mentioned before this song reminds me of Ross and Rachel (Ross actually dedicated it to Rachel on the radio). But even before this song reminded me of the two ficitional characters from “Friends” I enjoyed it. U2’s first No. 1 in theUnited Stateswas one of the first “rock” songs I liked and continue to enjoy. Sorry, I’m not so good with writing about songs.

8. “I’m Still in Love With You”
Performed by New Edition

Album: Home Again (1996)

Written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

One of my favorite lyrics is in this beautiful song about a man trying to prove to his girl that he’s still in love with her, no matter what anyone says. The lyric is “cause I know in my heart
that my life ends and starts with you…” One of mine and Randy’s favorite songs to lip sync to, preformed by Ricky and Ralph from New Edition. One of my favorite parts to listen to in any song is towards the end when Ricky and Ralph go back and forth, singing over the chorus.

7. “Your Everything”

Performed by Keith Urban

Album: Keith Urban (1999)

Written by
Kevy and Lisy’s wedding song. Sample lyric: “When you wake up, I’ll be the first thing you see, And when it gets dark you can reach out to me, I’ll cherish your words and I’ll finish your thoughts, And I’ll be your compass baby, when you get lost”. And when Keith Urban sings this song in concert its just him and the guitar and it’s awesome. It didn’t take us long to find a song that matched how we felt about each other.

6. “Your Letter”
Performed by 112
Album: Room 112 (1998)

Written by Diane Warren

Hit-maker Diane Warren wrote this wonderful ballad that actually has a twist to it. I remember the first time I heard this song. We were sitting in my friend’s car and he asked me to listen to this song. He said to listen to the lyrics. It sounded great from the beginning but then you get to the end and you’re shocked and hurt by what the person in the song must have been feeling. It’s one of those songs that I wish became a hit because it was so good and beautifully written and performed.

5. “Name”
Performed by Goo Goo Dolls
Album: A Boy Named Good (1995)

Written by John Rzeznik
My second favorite part in any song is in “Name”. It’s the part after the chorus where its nothing but instruments, like a guitar solo. I start tapping my feet and it makes me want to dance around or learn how to play the guitar. That along with the rhythm of the song makes this one of my favorites.

4. “I’ll Make Love to You”
Performed by Boyz II Men
Album: II (1994)

Written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds

Before you get all wierded out and think “don’t they say to take off their clothes in this song?” Relax. Yah, it’s a song about wanting to make love but it also can be a romantic song. A song about relaxing and making love to the person you love. That’s what I get out of it. And the fact that when the Boyz are singing together in a chorus and Wanya is singing over them it’s awesome. If I were stranded on an island with only one CD it would be Boyz II Men’s “II”. “I’ll Make Love to You” remained No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for a then-tying record 14 straight weeks (Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”). Unfortunately the song that follows on this list unseeded it as the No. 1 single, the only musical act other than the Beatles and Elvis to bump their own single from No. 1.

3. “On Bended Knee”
Performed by Boyz II Men

Album: II (1994)
Written by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

The song that made me understand what heart break was all about. Seriously. This song played has played a big part in my life because it was released around the time I got dumped for the very first time. It hurt bad. I wanted her back. The lyrics, “so many nights I dream of you, holding my pillow tight, I know I don’t want to be lonely” rang so true to me. A year later this a co-worker of mine, who used to poke fun of me because I loved the Boyz, went through a heart-breaking situation and told me she listened to their music and I was right. She could relate to the lyrics, to what they were singing about. That’s why I love this song, that and the harmony of Boyz II Men.

2. “Somebody Like You”

Performed by Keith Urban

Album: Golden Road (2002)

Written by Keith Urban and John Shanks

The unofficial song of Kevy and Lisy. When I first met Lis I was going through a time in my life where I was dealing with a past love and trying to move on with my life. Then I met Lis and she made me feel good and the opening lyric “There’s a new wind blowing like I’ve never known,” was exactly what I felt. Then there were the lyrics “And I’m letting go of all my lonely yesterdays.
I’ve forgivin’ myself for the mistakes I’ve made.” And finally the chorus line of “I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you.” It was too fast to be our wedding song but it quickly became our song. Not only can I relate to the lyrics of the song but I love the music. It makes you happy, makes you feel good, you want to turn it up and listen to Urban on the banjo. It’s fun and it’s my No. 2 favorite song of all-time.

1. “End of the Road”

Performed by Boyz II Men

Album: Boomerang Soundtrack (1992)

Written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds

It was hard to come up with my No. 1. Songs 2-4 have all been No. 1 on Kevin’s chart but none of those have remained No. 1 for as long as “End of the Road” has. My first favorite song on one of the first CD’s that I ever bought (“Boomerang” soundtrack). The song is mostly about a girl that cheated on a guy and he still wants her back (whatever dude!) but the lyrics show how much he is in love with her and how badly he wants her back even though he’s been deeply hurt. My favorite part of any song is at the end of this song. The music cuts off and for the last 30 seconds or so the Boyz do the chorus acapella. It’s beautiful!

“End of the Road” became a record-breaking song, remaining at No. 1 on the Billboard chart for 13 weeks breaking a 36-year record held by Elvis Presley’s “Don’t Be Cruel”. Boyz II Men broke their own record in 1994 with “I’ll Make Love to You” and would later break that record with their duet with Mariah Carey on “One Sweet Day” which still holds the record for 16-straight weeks at No. 1. That’s my Boyz!

Honorable Mention: “Hole in the World” by the Eagles – reminds me of Uncle Jeff and the slideshow we made for him; “Remember When” by Alan Jackson – reminds me of my Grandparents and the slideshow I made for them; “Anything” by 3T; “Someone to Love” by Jon B featuring Babyface; “Twisted” by Keith Sweat; “One Sweet Day” by Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey; “Water Runs Dry” by Boyz II Men.

You can order your Kevin’s favorite CD online by letting me know if you want a copy. Word!

9 thoughts on “Music to My Ears – September 30, 2006

  1. wow  I read ALL of your lists and loved it!! what a great idea. I have never listened to Keith urban before but guess what? I cant wait to go get this CD. omg and Land shark….I loved that along with emily latella and rosannadanna . beautiful pictures and beautiful sentiments.
    ps I may use your idea  🙂


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