From the Bullpen – April 28, 2006

Last night, while working on the slideshow with my Uncle Steve and brothers, my mom rushed in to tell me that I needed to call the pastor because Grandma had asked me to help out with something. I guess the Order of Service needed some help and “I was good at these type of things.”

Now Grandma is pretty scatter brained right now and what she meant was that I’m pretty organized and am usually good at throwing things together and wording it well. Though that last sentence probably doesn’t reflect on what she meant…hehe!

Confused, I call the pastor to find out what needed to be done. He told me that we should add more information for the Order of Service and organize it a little better so that the attendees will have a better understanding of how the service will run. So I walked over step-by-step with the pastor over the phone and got everything organized. He was very kind and was glad that I was taking this over because my Grandma has a lot going on that she doesn’t need to be organizing a service.

So here I was, my first funeral, and now I’m organizing the Order of Service, putting together a slideshow (which kicks butt!), and going to speak. The pastor asked how old I was, I told him 28. He said that it’s a lot to put on me but he’s glad that I was doing it. He looked forward to meeting me on Saturday and I thanked him for his kind words.

It makes me feel special to be using my talent towards helping to honor my Uncle Jeff.

Unfortunately, I’m at work and trying to get this stuff taken care of. I call my Grandma to get her approval then call my Mom to call Sara to get her approval. Then take a payment for a customer and then answer the phone. All the while these ladies are driving me crazy. Especially *ahem*. She’s selfish and upset because she has more work to do and that I have to leave early today. So I get crap from her and feel guilty for doing things other than work. “I’m not answering the phone anymore today,” she yelps!

Yep, I should’ve taken this week off.

So now everything is a rush. We were up till 2am getting the slideshow done. Then I go to work until 1:30pm, then Erik, Randy and I head to the funeral home (before 3pm) to give the lady the information on the program and the slideshow. Then from there we head to the airport to pick up our cousin, who comes in at 4:15pm. Phew!

I’m starting to feel like my Mom, all rushed and stressed. Oh well, trying to take things over her mind, she’s got way too much to think about.

On a high note, the slideshow is awesome. It will be about 7 ½ minutes long with two songs, one that … another customer one sec … then a “What time are you leaving Kevin so we can organize some sort of a lunch schedule?”


Okay, the slideshow is awesome. Grandpa wanted a song and we got that on there, then Uncle Steve threw on a wonderful Eagles song and all the photos fit nicely and it looks great. I think people are going to want to hire me and my brothers to do slideshows…as long as it all goes as planned.

Oh…and the meaning of the title “From the Bullpen” is that last night I felt like I came in to save the game. Like Trevor Hoffman (San Diego Padres reliever) walking in from left field (don’t know if this changed now that they play at Petco Park) with ACDC’s “Hells Bells” playing on the PA system. Grandma needed me…so she walked from the dugout, motioned for the right-hander, handed me the ball and asked me to clean things up. Love that baseball analogy!

2 thoughts on “From the Bullpen – April 28, 2006

  1. You really are amazing. The way you were able to juggle things and not loose your cool with workdorks is so great.
    I wish you a good air family at your next job.


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