Day Six: My Son at the Beach – February 14, 2006

Tuesday was our final day of rest and relaxation before we entered back into the hustle and bustle of the real world. I wasn’t looking forward to returning to work but knew that this vacation couldn’t and wouldn’t last forever. Rats!

Tuesday was also Valentine’s Day. Sure I enjoy Valentine’s Day as much as the next person but I also find it amusing that this day is designated to loving our loved one even more. Most guys will go 364 days without buying their wife flowers or a gift but on Valentine’s Day they’ll actually spend the time and money to do this. Shouldn’t we be doing this anyway? Not just on this day but spontaneously throughout the year? And I’m speaking to both sexes here cause men like to get gifts too (oh yes we do!) Why go all out on this one day and then do nothing for months and months in between? Valentine’s Day adds extra pressure to a relationship. Guys and girls wonder, “Is he/she going to get me something?” and “What the heck am I going to buy her? Roses last all of three days!”

It’s like we need these designated dates to remind us to show some love and affection to your wife of 30 years or whatever. It’s kind of like New Year’s. It’s the one day where people say “it’s time to start over”. But really is January 1st going to be much different than December 31st? Moral of the story…love your loved ones 365 days of the year and 24 hours of the day. Don’t just buy them candy or sexy lingerie on February 14 cause the calendar makers say so.

Okay, sorry for my rant…Tuesday we gathered our belongings and left the hotel. Our plane was set to leave at 6:30pm, which gave us plenty of time to go to the beach. That was the one thing Lis had wanted to do with our Christmas Wish trip. She wanted to take Lukas to the ocean. So we completed our vacation fulfilling everything we had wanted to do. We hung out with Randy and went to Hollywood, we visited Dennis and Allie, went toDisneylandand California Adventure and now we were going to the beach.

First we drove towards Huntington Beach but didn’t find a place to stop so we headed up HWY 1 and ended up at Seal Beach. The morning weather was nice, sunny but not too warm. We watched the surfers wax their boards down and we grabbed Lukas’ mini-bucket and shovel and headed onto the sand.

At first he was a little hesitant. The sand felt funny in between his toes. But after he saw Mommy and Daddy walking around on it, he gained the confidence and quickly got comfortable cruising around on it.

We found a nice little place to set up camp. We played in the sand, let the waves rush up against our feet and had a nice relaxing morning. Around noon we looked for a place to get a bite to eat and ended up finding a seaside deli. The sandwiches were great. Oh so good!

The weather had cooled after lunch and we headed to the airport and prepared for our flight home.

Since I was a pro at organizing our tickets so that we sat together, I was able to put us all in the same row and towards the back of the plane away from everyone else. Again, the first flight Lukas was restless. Luckily for us it was an hour flight. Before the second flight I told Lukas that if he slept the final flight home then I’d put $50 into his piggy bank. I swear the kid knows what I’m talking about cause he slept the entire flight home, as did I. Best $50 I ever spent. Except for the $50 that I paid to have Lis shipped here from Brazil. Oh wait…am I not supposed to share that? I kid, I kid. It was $75.

My parents greeted us at the airport, happier to see Lukas than Lis or I. Our vacation was a success. We had fun, accomplished everything we had wanted to do, spend some quality time together, just the three of us, for the first time since Lukas was born, and gave us time to relax together. Thank you Warm 106.9 for granting our Christmas Wish!

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