Day Five: Disneyland! – February 13, 2006

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve last given you an update on our California vacation. Been busy with work one and two. Figured I should get back on here and write my last two vacation entries before I forget what we did on our vacation.

Monday, Feb 13 was started off on a good note. I bought the tickets for the Disneyland shuttle and the minute that I walked out the door the shuttle was pulling into the drive. The shuttle made good time and when we got into the gates of Disneyland and stepped onto Main Street, USA, we noticed people lining up on the sidewalk.

So we stood on the curb and just then the Opening Day Ceremony in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland, came marching our way. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy with the Main Street Orchestra and the Mayor of Disneyland all ended up in front of us! It was a cool ceremony, though the sun made it hot. We listened to Walt Disney’s opening day speech from 50 years ago and it actually made me feel emotional. I didn’t break down in tears but it was neat and nostalgic.

When the parade ended the characters gathered in the shade to pose for pictures with the kids. We were able to get photos taken with Goofy and Mickey Mouse. Donald was busy and every time we saw Pluto (throughout the day) he had to go inside to get a bone. I think the guy in the costume wanted a break, I don’t think Pluto was actually going to get a bone. Silly dog!

Pluto is quickly becoming Lukas’ favorite character. He sleeps with his Pluto dog, and Lis was telling me that one night he woke up crying so she put Pluto in the crib with him and Lukas fell right asleep. Like Pluto was protecting him from any bad dreams he may be having.

Also, when we saw Pluto at ToonTown, he pointed and loudly said “Woof, woof, woof!” telling everyone that Pluto was there.

When picture taking was over with we headed to Fantasyland where we were able to ride numerous rides with Lukas. We hit up the teapots, Pinocchio, the carousel (twice), and then did the Autopia ride.

By then Lukas was ready for a nap and I was ready for a sandwich. Lukas napped and Lis and I wandered around the park looking for a shady place to eat our lunch. We finally found one in Frontierland and sat down and ate our free sandwiches. Take that Mickey D’s!

Lukas awoke about a ½ hour later and we fed him and watched a fiddler do the hoe down with some park-goers. I let Lukas out of the stroller and he also began to dance. Swinging his arms back and forth, clapping when they clapped, and even stomping his feet. He’s got rhythm, yes he do, he’s got rhythm, how bout you? Sorry I’ve been attending too many high school basketball games lately.

After working off our lunch doing the hoe down we headed out towards Pirates of the Caribbean. On our way there we ran into Woody from Toy Story. He had just walked out from the saloon and was ready to greet the kiddos. Luckily for us we were one of the first people – along with a lady and her two daughters – to see him so we were able to snap a not-so great photo of Lukas with Woody.

Back to the fun of Disneyland…after seeing that the Pirates of the Caribbean line was too long we headed to ToonTown where we cruised around Mickey’s house, got some ice cream and went on the Roger Rabbit ride. Lukas chatted on the cartoon-like phone outside the gift store and tried to grab kid’s ankles while playing in the cartoon-like jail.

We said goodbye to ToonTown and went onto the Small World ride. Ahh, so relaxing. It had been years since I went on that ride as the last 3-4 times that I went toDisneylandI didn’t bother with going on that ride.

We checked out the Star Wars store for T-shirts for Lukas and me, but we found nothing. Then we headed to the new Buzz Lightyear ride, which was very cool. Probably my favorite as I didn’t go on the new Space Mountain.

After eating our other sandwiches we went and rode the carousel again and then onto Peter Pan. Then we headed back to Pirates where there was no line. That’s a fun ride too! Me like that ride.

By then we were pooped out, we watched the parade, hit up the stores for that “My 1st Trip toDisneyland” shirt for Lukas and headed towards our final day of vacation.

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