Time to Jump on the Bandwagon – January 17, 2006

Is it too late? Can I still jump on? Okay, count me in! I’m jumping on the Seahawk bandwagon.

It’s time to dust off the ol’ Steve Largent jersey and break out my poster of Brian Blades. Heck, I may even do my hair like I used to…Brian “the Boz” Bosworth style. The Seahawks are a win away from the Super Bowl and I’m the luckiest fan alive.

Ahh, who am I kidding? I’m just like every other Seattle sports fan. Root for them when they’re up and raze them when they’re down. Actually, I’m not that bad. I don’t usually raze them when they are down. I just don’t pay much attention to them. Oh, and if you don’t know who or what I’m talking about then see if you fall into one of the examples below:

There’s the “I became a Mariner fan way back in 1995″ fan. Of course you did. That’s when the city fell in love with the 1995 “Refuse to Lose” Mariner team. You know the team that rejuvenated the city and kept baseball in Seattle. Ken Griffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Edgar Martinez and Joey Cora. Eventually these fans disappeared then surprisingly reappeared midway through the Mariners 2001 historical season. Where are you now?

Or the Sonics fans of the mid-90’s back when Sonics basketball ruled the city. Everyone sported their ugly green and yellow and all we heard was Sir Mix-a-Lot rapping “No, Not in Our House“. Again those fans disappeared and re-emerged last season when the Sonics surprised us all by winning the Northwest Division.

Now it’s the Seahawks turn. Years of making the playoffs and then losing in wild-card games. Years of calling for Mike Holmgren’s head and asking why Trent Dilfer isn’t playing ahead of Matt Hasselbeck. Finally justice! The Seahawks are in the NFC Championship and they’re the talk of all the radio and news stations. Today everyone is a Seahawks fan.

For the record: I always thought Hasselbeck had the tools to be a good quarterback. I like how he plays and like how he’s matured. I don’t even care that he’s bald – Ian!

Where am I going with this? Not sure. Lately, it’s been hard for me to write as I spend most of my time working. So I write a bit here, a bit there and by the time I’m finished I have no idea what the heck I wrote and it’s taken me four days to finish writing this entry. So, I apologize if I’m so jumbled.

Oh that’s right…I’m just complaining about the burst of Seattle fans that have suddenly appeared from nowhere to root for the Seahawks. I’m sure every city has their scores of fair-weathered fans, but hey, I live in Washington State so I don’t really know what goes on in North Carolina, Denver or Pittsburgh.

I guess it’s my turn to jump on the bandwagon. Sure, I may be a little late but I’m ready to do my job and be a part of the 12th Man. The Colts and the Chargers, my two favorite NFL teams, have both ended their seasons. The Steelers upset the Colts last weekend and Miami upset the Chargers in week 14. So the Seahawks, being my 3rd favorite NFL team, are my only team left to root for.

I’ve actually followed the Seahawks quite a bit this season, probably more than most “fans”. That’s partly due to the fact that I’m a sports fanatic, follow the local teams and work for a local newspaper.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a bunch of true Seahawks fans, my buddy Ian being one of them. He’s a true homie. He grew up in the Seattle area, walking to Mariners games in the Kingdome when 15 people showed up to watch Pete O’Brien and Alvin Davis. He cheered for Ricky Pierce and Kendall Gill and the Sonics teams of the 90’s. He gets nervous after Mark Brunell found Santana Moss in the end zone in the middle of the third (or was it fourth) quarter of last weeks playoff game. And he loves Edgar Martinez and doesn’t understand why I don’t think he will make the Baseball Hall of Fame. This is why I like watching Seattle games with him. He’s a real Seattle-fan and you can see it in his reactions.

Of course Ian, being the homie that he is, doesn’t understand why I root for the Snohomish County WHL hockey team the Everett Silvertips when they play against the Seattle Thunderbirds. Ian…Everett is closer to me than Seattle is. C’mon buddy!

I’m somewhat of a homie also. I grew up in San Diego so my allegiance is with the Chargers and especially the Padres. I plan on taking the cross-country trip to Cooperstown next year when Tony Gwynn is inducted into the Hall of Fame. And living here for the past 13 years has made me fall for the Mariners – I miss Mike Cameron but am glad he’s now playing for the Padres. And I plan on raising Lukas to be a big Mariner fan and a homie (Seattle sports fan).

During the 90’s my brother Randy and I loved the Phoenix Suns and the team of Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson and Dan Majerle (still my favorite sports team of all-time). They made me happy and they made me sad (I once threw a teddy bear back at my girlfriend after she bought it for me when the Spurs defeated the Suns in the playoffs. I had taped the game and didn’t know the outcome. Erika if you’re out there…I’m sorry.) But this is what being a sports fan is all about; you live and die with your favorite team. That’s just the way it is.

So I guess later is better than never to start loving the Seahawks. Maybe one day I can say, “I fell in love with the Seahawks way back in the winter of 2006”. So now I’m jumping on the Seahawks bandwagon. I’m strapping on my Seahawk beanie and rooting for my beloved Seahawks.

By the way, for all you gamblers out there this Sunday’s final score will be Seahawks 27, Panthers 21. Go ‘Hawks.

7 thoughts on “Time to Jump on the Bandwagon – January 17, 2006

  1. I came across your blog while looking through the Best of MSN Spaces-great site! I live in Renton, and my hubby pays far more attention to football than I do, but what the hey, I\’m jumping on the Hawk bandwagon too. Go Hawks!


  2. I\’m still sticking w/ the Broncos………..IF they go down, i\’ll jump on the bandwagon then. Seahaws are my 2nd pick….. LETS GET READY TOOO RUUUMMMMBBBBLLLLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:)~


  3. Well, here I go, jumping on the bandwagon. Too bad for the Bronco\’s, it was sad to see them loose so bad. I hope Seahawks keep it up and pull thru at the SB. I hear they played a good game. Go Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. For the Love of God…………Dont do your hair like Brian Bosworth!!! :}Im right there with you on the bandwagon cuz any team playing Pittsburgh is my new favorite. Just checking in to see how things are going!Julie


  5. Kev, I don’t know you and I am sure I never will but by some fluke of luck I came across you blog tonight. Your blogs are so inspirational. I couldn’t sleep tonight …I was laying in bed with tears rolling down my checks thinking how unfair that my brother took his life. I am 21 and I need my older brother. I just laid there and cried cause I miss him, cause I am mad at him, cause I love him so muc and he is gone. How selfish of me. I had to get out of bed so I wouldn’t wake my boyfriend with my sobs. I read a lot of blog on the nights that I can’t get him off my mind…so that ‘s how I ended up here. I could not walk away and not tell you straight from the heart how I feel about you and your family. For one you are truly a beautiful person for standing by your wife and son. She looks amazing Kevin. You struck it lucky and I am not very religious but you know god only choose you because you were strong enough to bear your world and her’s on your shoulders. You may call it your job as a husband…The rest of us call it heroism. For someone with Leukemia she sure is an exceptionally beautiful women. My heart breaks for you but I am thrilled that you were able to deal with what life threw your way and moved on. You make me feel like I to need to. Someone always has it worse off. Thank you for opening my eyes. My life is not that bad and someday I will hear my brothers laugh again I am sure of it. Keep up the awesome work Kev and I will definitely keep reading your blogs. She is beautiful and I hope you know in your heart she is worth it. Like I said I don’t know you and never will but you deserve a pat on the back. Thanks again for the smiles, tears and laughter. Stay strong… and don’t give in to this disease!


  6. I\’ll admit the only two games I went to this season were the playoff games. I must say – well not much since I lost my voice on Sunday……but I love the Hawks. I had been hoping for a Bears vs Seahawks game….but can\’t win em all. It was neat to see Steve Smith in action. My thoughts on the fairweather fans, come on kev…..WHO REALLY wants to be a fanatic when they are losing? I mean, seriously losing……for years. I remember back in 1999, they made it pretty far. Anyway, point being…I think I\’ve only really been a \’REAL\’ football fan since I started getting into the fantasy football. I started grasping the concept of the game itself. Don\’t get me wrong, I\’ve gone to games for years as a kid. My dad put the stuff on the big screen at the kingdome so we\’d get tickets…not always the best seats in the house, but they were free! I am always going to be a T-birds fan over Everett. I started getting into hockey watching T-birds. I was in 7th grade and my girl friend Sasha took me. (Patrick Marleau….ahhhhh!!) I\’ve probably gone to more games at the Everett Event Center than Seattle in the past few years but what can you do when everyone else chooses them over Seattle??(because they are clooooooosssseeerrr…BAH) I suppose I can always go by myself….As for Sonics. I think I went to my first game last year. I did see Portland play a few years ago which was pretty neat. I will admit, I haven\’t really been following the Sonics since Detlef left! So, that has been a while. M\’s…M\’s…..love edgar and he SHOULD go into the hall of fame. He deserves it. so whatever about that whole DH thing. First real memory of meeting you was when I was saying how super cute David Bell is. Too bad he\’s gone….Baseball butts drive me nuts! GOOOOO HAWKS!! SUPERBOWL BABY!


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