My New Favorite Word, “Dad” – December 18, 2005

Every morning Lukas wakes up bright and earlier than we want him to. Nowadays he’s usually up around 7:15am. Come to think of it he’s probably up before then, but it’s not until 7:15 when Lis hears him making noise and calling for us to come get him. The routine in the morning is that when he gets up and if it’s before my alarm goes off, she goes and gets him and brings him in bed with us. I don’t wake up until 7:40 so we turn on Clifford and he peacefully watches that while Daddy and Mommy get an extra ½ hour of sleep.

Anyway, for the past week now I’ve been waking up to his sweet voice saying “Dad”. It’s more of a “dad-t” sound but nonetheless it is still dad. He’s been saying “dad” for quite some time now but it’s not until recently that he knows I’m Dad. And let me tell you, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. He’s not old enough to say “Love you Dad” so I’m sure those words will replace this one, but to have this little person call you “dad” makes me feel oh so special. It’s when he says this word that I begin to realize that I’m kind of grown-up now. I’m responsible for this little guy and he relies on me to take care of him. This very word that so many of us take for granted, is actually a very important word with very important responsibilities.

It’s truly an awesome feeling to have someone call you dad. I love hearing him say it, I love when I’m upstairs changing and I can hear him at the bottom of the stairs yelling “Dad!” Or when I call out “Lukas!” and he chimes back with “Dad!” Or I’m in the bathroom and I can hear his voice under the door saying “Dad”…sorry, too much information? If he sees me with a group of people he’ll point me out and say “dad”. Or after dinner is done he knows that it’s Daddy and Lukas’ time to play so he’ll come around the table and tap me saying “dad-t, dad-t” until I get up and chase after him. We spend an hour after dinner playing (I think he gets bored with Mom after hanging out with her all day), he knows that I like to play with the ball so he’ll say “dad-ch ball” then go and get the ball and throw it to me. I’m really starting to feel a bond between us.

Oh yah and he’s gotten the lightsaber sound down, which is kind of funny, if you think about it. One night after a basketball game I heard him making this sound. I thought it was his sound for cars but Lis said, “don’t you notice what he’s doing?” Typical male…I know. Anyway, I look over at him and he’s swinging his mini-baseball bat around making the lightsaber sounds. For those of you that don’t know what the lightsaber sounds are…too bad, it’s in Star Wars and it’s very cool. I mean, my kid’s first word was “ball” and he makes lightsaber sounds, I can’t ask for anything more!

One day, he’s leaning into his toy box and making the sounds again. I look in there, wondering what the heck he was doing and realize he’s trying to reach (or use the Force) for his toy lightsaber. I don’t know where he picked it up. I think part of it was he remembers me playing with my lightsaber (GEEK!) and making those sounds and/or earlier that night, when the sounds were first heard, Randy, Lukas and I had watched the Obi-Wan/Anakin dual from Episode III. Either way, he makes the sounds and I’m a huge geek! And my son will be one too!

Quick Johnson weekend roundup…Friday night I worked. Saturday, we went to Seattle to pickup a basketball hoop for Lukas that a lady gave to us. She heard our story on Warm 106.9 and called the station who then contacted me with her information to contact her. I contacted her earlier in the week and Saturday I contacted her to let her know that we would be coming over. She was very sweet, inviting us in and telling us about one of her son’s who has cancer and had to have his leg amputated, and a daughter that had breast cancer. She had a grandson that had outgrown the hoop and she was nice enough to give it to us. Ahh…the Christmas spirit is alive and well!

Sunday my brothers joined Lis, Lukas and I for the Nutcracker at Renton High School. Again, the tickets were donated by a listener at Warm 106.9. She had called and said she had four tickets for us. Ahh…the Christmas spirit is alive and well. It was enjoyable, Lukas was very good considering he was beginning to go crazy before the curtains opened, using the program Uncle Erik had rolled up for him as a lightsaber, then looking through the rolled up program at Uncle Randy and using it as a megaphone. It was entertaining and luckily for us he was calm and cool during the performance clapping when the audience clapped. That’s my boy!

3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Word, “Dad” – December 18, 2005

  1. Happy to hear all is progressing there so well…..isn\’t it nice to be woken by a sweet little voice instead of an alarm clock?Here\’s hoping your Christmas is all you are wishing for (Lucas will probably play more with the boxes of course, maybe one can become an X-wing fighter? Is that the right name, I saw the originals when they came out, but that was a long time ago….in another universe! LOL)Enjoy the holidays and look forward to the New Year and all the potential it holds.MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


  2. Ah…every Star Wars geek\’s dream come true. Don\’t worry, Kevin I will hopefully be experiencing the same thing in a few years!That is awesome that Lukas is now saying "Dad." It must be so fun for you guys to be going through such an experience together.I wonder what his third word will be…"Mom" or "lightsaber?" 🙂


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