Sleeping on the couch…for a good cause – November 4, 2005

Wow, it’s been a few days since I’ve last written. Let’s see…what has happened these past couple of days in the Johnson household?

Monday was Halloween and we took Lukas around the local stores to go trick-or-treating. He wasn’t quite sure how everything worked but he enjoyed walking to the stores, reaching in the candy bucket and grabbing a candy. He did grasp the concept of eating candy though he only got a taste of a Rice Krispy treat.

Tuesday I was feeling sick so I took some Benadryl at night time and almost fell asleep at work. Wow, I was drousy! Lis went to the hospital to get a refill on platelets and she ended up getting a full body rash. Luckily for her it wasn’t anything horrible and it quickly went away after she received some antibiotics. That evening we watched Episode III and I kept drifting in and out of sleep. I also got to sleep on the couch since I was feeling sick. Since Lis’ is extremely susceptible to everything then it was safer for us to be apart and better for me to sleep on the couch rather than snoring all my sickness on her.

Wednesday Lis felt sore and told me to “expect a call from her” as she felt a fever coming on. So I waited, and waited and waited and unfortunately (just teasing…sort of) had to work the entire day. At 5:30pm her temp rose to 102-degrees. She called the doctor and he told her to take some Tylenol and see how it is in a couple of hours. Meanwhile I was headed to my first girl’s high school volleyball game. Why you ask? Cause the Everett Herald assigned me to the district championship tournament. I was nervous at first. I don’t know much about volleyball other than bump-set-spike but it was fun and I did a fine job of getting the stats after the game and talking with the coach. My story seemed to flow well also and on Thursday morning I woke up with my name in the paper. Whoohoo! Second time ever! That is why we write right? To get our own byline! I mean I haven’t worked at this job for two years for nothing. Okay maybe I have since I have yet to get a raise.

Thursday morning I woke up on the couch again. Lis came down stairs with Lukas and told me that today was the day. Her temp was at 102 again and another trip to the hospital wasn’t that far ahead. She called the doctor who told her that they would get back to her when a room was ready. I hung around for a bit then decided to go to work and wait for Lis’ call. She called about an hour into my work day and told me they had a semi-private room ready for her. So off to the hospital for what we hope is the final time in a long long time.

We got to the hospital, hung out in admitting for about an hour and finally got to go to her semi-private room, which means that she is sharing a room with someone else. This someone else was a very elderly woman who was getting bathed right around the time I was eating my lunch. Yummy!

Later that day Lis was taken downstairs to get a x-ray on her chest. It came back negative so there is no infection. She received antibiotics and we got to move to our own suite. Around 5:30pm I left to go cover some more girl’s volleyball and then back to the office to type up the story.

So now you’re up to date. We’ve got another weekend in the hospital and hopefully Lis can be discharged before Eliana leaves us on Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Sleeping on the couch…for a good cause – November 4, 2005

  1. Ha! I drift in and out of sleep when I watch StarWars too!!!! But it has nothing to do with cold medicine!!!!! : ) Hope Lisy is feeling better. And I am so excited for you getting in the paper again!


  2. I hope Lis starts feeling better soon. I\’m glad she doesn\’t have an infection! Congratulations on getting your story in the paper- that would be really exciting!Katie


  3. What a beautiful family you have! I\’m a writer too and bylines ARE the best; congrats! My prayers are with your family.


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