Goodbye Chemo! Thanks for your hard work! – October 28, 2005

The final round of chemo began on Monday, October 24 and ended a little before midnight on Wednesday, October 26. That’s it! The chemotherapy is officially over. Thank you God for getting us through these seven emotional months. And thank you chemo for the hard work you put into my wife to take away the leukemia cancer cells and put her into remission. You will never be forgotten.

The hospital stays should be over also. We’re betting on an infection since it’s never failed us, but after that she’ll be done for good. The doctor tells us that she will have bi-monthly check ups for the next couple of months, and eventually the bi-monthly will turn into monthly, and that will change into no more check ups. If things go well for a year then there is a possibility that Lis can have the passport removed from her arm. Hallelujah!

The three days in the hospital went well. Monday, I did what I have been doing the past three times Lis has started chemo, I took the day off to spend time with my wife. We hung out, I rented some movies and spent some quality time in the hospital room.

Tuesday I went back to work and the Boss Lady explains to me how busy Monday was. It was definitely a “Monday”. By the way, I don’t like when people constantly say “It’s a Monday” or “It feels like a Monday” when things are busy at work. Get over it! Anyway, I felt guilty enough for taking the day off on Monday and leaving her and Debbie there by themselves. Why should I feel this way? Am I being an awful employee because I want to spend a day with my wife in the hospital? Why do I make myself feel this way? I don’t know but it bothers me.

Oh, I know maybe it’s because I don’t like hearing remarks like the one I heard Tuesday when the Boss Lady, referring to the busy day both she and Debbie had, says “What goes around, comes around Kevin”. What does that mean? That I’m going to get more work because I took the day off? I’m some how going to be punished for spending the day with my wife? Should I be the one to blame for her not asking someone to cover my shift, or for her not remembering that I was going to be gone all day? Grrrr…

So I’m torn. I feel guilty for not being there for Lis the other days (Tuesday and Wednesday) that she is in the hospital. I mean I do get to see her from 7pm – 10pm every day (and Lukas for 40 minutes a day at lunch). But I also feel guilty about missing work and have to hear comments about what a Monday they had and “What goes around comes around,” comments that make me feel guilty for missing work. But really, what’s more important? Yah, I’m glad I took the day off on Monday.

Let me recollect something…I think I remember taking one complete day off when Lis was diagnosed with cancer. April 7th we found out but I was at work the day she called and told me we need to get to the hospital. I took Friday off and then came back to work on Monday and worked a half-day for a week. I felt guilty about that. I wasn’t there (though I wanted to be) when she found out she was in remission and wasn’t there on the days she was very ill. The Boss Lady has been good though with the flexibility, maybe I’m just venting cause I’m upset with myself for putting work ahead of the things I’ve wanted to do.

Okay, snap out of it Kevin!

Tuesday the nurses had a birthday party for Lis. Good cake, lots of gifts and a good time for them and for Lukas, Lis, Eliana and my Mom (I wasn’t there).

Wednesday I watched the White Sox sweep the Astros in the World Series, thus losing a dollar to Josh, and we waited for Lis to finish her last bag of chemo. We also gave the nurses a photo of Lukas and a card claiming him the Prince of 7A. I got kudos for that!

It’s been nice for the nurses, working on such a grim floor, to have a spark in their life. They’ve watched Lukas grow from being an immobile infant to a walk-aholic toddler. From 5 ½ months to 1-year the nurses have seen him change. It’s always nice seeing their faces light up when Lukas walks down the hall, pointing and smiling at all of them. We’ll miss them, though we won’t miss the hospital. They were like an extended family for us for the past 7 months (has it been that long!)

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Chemo! Thanks for your hard work! – October 28, 2005

  1. Thanx, Chemo for knocking that Cancer right out of the ballpark…..heheheheOk, ok, yes cheesy I know (HAD to do it since Kev is such a baseball fan), but I felt it was time to have a small laugh…. 🙂


  2. Temos que agradecer mesmo cunhado. Afinal de contas, esses ultimos meses que passamos acompanhando o sofrimento e determinação da Lis, foram dificeis, porém, serviu para nos mostrar o quanto Deus é presente em nossas vidas. Tudo isso, nos mostrou também, que somos muito unidos e nos amamos acima de tudo. Eu agradeço você e sua familia pela ajuda e pelo amor que possuem por minha irmã. Não há nada e nem palavras para demonstrar o quanto somos gratos pela dedicação de todos para com ela. Obrigada por fazer parte de nossas vidas, de nossa familia e da felicidade de minha irmã. Dando a ela toda força e esperança para continuar a viver! Abraços com muito amor!


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