Neutropenic – September 23, 2005

Neutropenia is an abnormal decrease in the number of neutrophils in the blood. Which means that after Lis gets chemo, she usually gets neutropenic due to her low blood count. Once she gets a low blood count the risk for infection increases dramatically (duh!). She could just get a neutropenic fever, which luckily she had the two days she spent in the hospital in Monroe. The neutropenic fever usually lasts a couple days and comes and goes at longer periods of time.

Luckily – I’m being sarcastic – it looks as though Lis has some infection somewhere. She has been feeling nauseous, has been getting fevers off and on throughout the day. She’ll probably be in the hospital for a week. Lame!

So that’s the update on Lis. She’s not too happy about being away from Lukas. Today he won’t be seeing his mommy cause I’m working until 6pm and my mom has dog shows in Canada and Gig Harbor. If I take them with me at 6pm then we’ll have to turn around an hour later to take them home to put Lukas to bed.

Lis said it was okay for them not to come. She can’t move around too much and well, Lukas is at that age where he moves around too much. He gets bored, throws a fit, gets crazy and doesn’t get the naps he needs.

Once she’s done with this latest adventure then we’ll have one more round of chemo in late October and another possible visit for infections a week later. Thank goodness! She should be okay by the holidays.

In other news, I’m usually good at remembering my own birthday but since all this is going on and Lukas’ birthday is exactly two weeks after mine, I’ve kind of forgotten. Cool! I think it’s neat if you forget your birthday, I don’t feel selfish that way. Sounds silly? Yah, well I am, whatcha going to do about it.

3 thoughts on “Neutropenic – September 23, 2005

  1. Happy Birthday Kevy!!!! Sending you big birthday bubbles! Just stopped by to say hello and hoping things are going okay for you. It was nice bumping into you guys at the Wal-Mart. We finally found a fridge… Sears!


  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!Here\’s looking forward to the holidays though, I know it\’ll be exciting with Lukas for sure, mind you he\’ll probably still be more interested in ripping paper and playing with boxes, but the glee in his eyes!!! Imagine how well he\’ll be walking by then….I just read your \’shoulda stayed in bed\’ blog…I hated those days…..I still don\’t think I could have managed them with a child though, being sleep deprived on top of the work baloney….for me=bad scene.Enjoy watching Lukas grow, it is so incredible how quickly they change and develop.thinking of you on the islands…c u round!


  3. Dude!! When was/is your birthday?!! You\’d better tell usor…well, being in Japan, I\’m sure any threat is going to be an empty one, but…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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