Some days it’s best to just stay in bed – September 21, 2005

There are those days where nothing seems to go right. It’s 9:15am, you’ve been at work for 15 minutes and you’re wondering why the heck you came into work today. Anybody ever have those days? I’m sure we all have. Here is how my day is shaping up, and it’s only 15 minutes after noon.

3:30 AM – Lukas wakes up in the middle of the night crying – again. I say – again – cause it’s about the fourth or fifth day in a row he has done this. He’s soaking wet – again and needs to be changed. We had thought he was getting so wet because of the cheap diapers we had bought at Wal-Mart. So yesterday I bought Huggies and thought it would solve the problem. Nope, he’s up, he’s wet and he’s not happy. Who would be?

I woke up midway through his crying. Lis has the monitor turned down way low and I didn’t hear him crying. You see I can sleep through a train wreck inside my house. It has never happened, but if it did I wouldn’t wake up. Anyway, I wake up and mosey on into his room. He’s upset and he’s being changed. We spend sometime with him and she rocks him until he falls back asleep. Except when you set him down in the crib he starts to cry again. He wants to come to bed with us, he’s no dummy, if I continue to cry I’ll get my way. The last couple of nights he hasn’t gotten his way but this morning he did.

Lis was tired and has been feeling weak. So she brought him in to bed with us and laid him down in between us. I rolled over to look at him and he gave me a BIG smile. I couldn’t help but laugh, the little turd tricked us. He clapped his hands and wiggled his feet and laughed. I laughed again. “Don’t! You’ll only encourage him to play,” Lis said. Eventually he fell asleep but in a position where it made it hard for Lis to fall back asleep. Thinking she needed the rest more than I did, I pulled him more towards my side and he made it uncomfortable for me to sleep. Moral of the story…not a good start…no good sleep = no happy Kevy.

9:00 AM – I mosey into work only to have the Boss Lady say “Kevin can you come in here for a minute?” Sure – I replied. Note about Kevin: I am NOT a morning person. I like to settle into my work day. I like to sit down, organize my files, check the email, and just ease into the day. Today I didn’t ease into it.

I walk over, grab a Kleenex to clean off my sunglasses and turn into the Boss Lady’s fish tank.

“This is Lisa,” she says. I look over at a lady with tears in her eyes. “Hi Lisa. Nice to meet you,” I said. “You’re canceling me?!” Lisa replies. If I was in an episode of Scrubs there’d be a quick flash and me standing on a stage with a huge spotlight on me and I’d probably be in my underwear. I had no idea who Lisa was. She looked familiar. I also wasn’t canceling her or wasn’t responsible for canceling her (she’s had two water claims in a year – insurance tip – if you’re a homeowner then you’re going to be non-renewed for this. See if you can fix the problems yourself first before turning in a claim).

So here I am standing there, trying to think of a response and wondering why the heck the Boss Lady put me on the spot. I was flustered. Um…um…I had nothing to say. The Boss Lady continued on and I was just stuck there in her office wondering why I wasn’t five minutes late.

9:15 AM – Another person stops in…an old man who had a question on something on his home insurance. She waves him in and a second later I hear “Kevin, can you come in here for a minute?” SURE – I replied. I walk in there and she turns something to me and says “What’s this?” Again, I don’t totally remember unless I look through the file and see what’s going on. I didn’t even get to see what the client was asking about. Again, totally confused. I ended up going to my desk looking for notes on this person’s file. “Nevermind, you didn’t make a mistake.” Good, I didn’t think I did but still I’m put on the spot, looking confused while the client looks up at me thinking I have all the answers.

You see I’m like the toilet paper of the office. I wipe up everyone’s stuff. If there is a problem ask Kevin cause he usually remembers every client and their situation. I get punished for having a great memory. Anyway, that’s another rant for a different day cause my day got worse at 10:45 AM.

10:45 AM – Debbie leaves a message on my desk saying that Lis called. I helped my customer, sent them out the door and looked at the message. This can’t be good, I thought. Lis had said her back hurt yesterday like it usually hurts before she gets an infection. She also had to get her blood work done today, but I thought, that’s a bit early to do that.

I called Lis. She was chilling and said that she has a fever of 101. Great! She called the doctor and called me back. They gave her an option of going to the hospital in town or the usual hospital in Everett. We chose Everett and now she is waiting for a phone call from the hospital saying that there is a room open for her. All this while her temperature keeps rising.

So now you’re updated on my first half of the morning. I sit here, not wanting to do work, my muscles tense, and wondering why did I even get up this morning?

5 thoughts on “Some days it’s best to just stay in bed – September 21, 2005

  1. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Here is a big hug. Hope it helps. : ( As far as Lukas goes…that will pass. I mean…he wont be 15 and wanting to sleep with you two so enjoy it while you can. Or at least try to remind yourself of that. And No, Lis is right…your not helping by laughing…it does only encourage him!!! And as far a Lisy goes…I am so sorry. That sucks. I will keep her in my prayers and I hope she gets better quickly. It will be nice when she doesnt have to do the chemo anymore. Only one more round right? Uhhh Good luck and yes, we have all had something like these days.


  2. I read your site everyday! I pray for your family everyday and I couldn\’t EVER imagine being in your shoes! But I hope and pray that your day gets better!Angelina


  3. kevin,Sorry for not visiting as much as i used to. i have been hectic housewife for the last couple far as your day went, I\’m sorry Mr. Toilet paper roll. You did your job and nows it\’s done.I\’m glad you all were able to get Lisy in and as quick as you did. Some morning we don\’t want to get out of bed as for others later on in the day we wished we had gotten out of bed.As lukas goes, i understand putting him in bed with ya, yet you can\’t let him control you and lisy. just like you said, he knows what he\’s doing and I started laughing too when I read that he gave this big grinn to you and started getting happy. Kids will be kids. Morgan still does things like that at 6 years old and I still can\’t help but laugh.So the moral is " laugh it up" cause he won\’t be a baby for long. I know when morg hits about 13 -18 i won\’t be laughing at her much i\’ll be wanting to ring her neck instead.rambling on again like i usually do, with my mind going faster than my fingers can type.take care sweets,Patty


  4. Hang in there, buddy! This is another uphill section of the roller coaster you\’re on right now. It seems scary and slow-moving but you know you\’ll reach the top. Then, it\’s all downhill from there. Hillary and I continue to pray for you, Lis and your families. We love you guys.


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