He Walks and He Talks…sort of – September 18

It was a mostly uneventful weekend for the Johnson Household. We’ve got Lis on lockdown for the next couple of weeks so there isn’t a whole heckuva a lot to do.

Saturday we spent the afternoon doing nothing. We watched Coach Carter starring Samuel L. Jackson as a high school basketball coach. I digged it and would probably give it a B-plus. Later, Randy, Eliana and I took Lukas to the park. Randy and I shot hoops (if that’s what you wanted to call it) and Eliana took Lukas to play on the slide and other playtoys.

Today we…I watched football and laid around the house. I woke up early and Lukas and I went to get some donuts. When we got into the car he noticed the basketball and sort of said “baw”. Then I repeated it and he said it again. I repeated it a few times and the more and more he said it the more and more it sounded like “ball”. I’ll count it as ½ a word. He does say mama, dada, and other words/noises but this is the first time he has really recognized something and said it.

Later in the day, Randy, Eliana, Lukas and I went to the park and again Randy and I attempted to get back into basketball form. The prior day we sucked horribly. Should I admit what we shot? Sure! I was 2-for-10 on free throws, Randy was 1-for-10. I was 1-for-10 from the 3-point area and Randy was 2-for-10. We’re not that bad – honestly! We’re trying to get into some shape before the Goonies regroup for a new season in the middle of October.

Later in the day my parents came over and visited. We showed them how Lukas takes a few steps and then it started. The more and more he took steps the more and more comfortable he was becoming with doing it on his own. He started going back and forth and we would cheer him on. Then finally he took off and my mom held out her hands, nope he bypassed her, then Eliana held her hands out, I don’t think so, he went past hers and began clapping and cheering himself. It was funny to see and fun to watch. He did it more and more and has become comfortable with walking on his own. Now he just has to realize that if he lets go of the couch or table then he’s free to roam around.

Again, I’m amazed with the change. It’s exciting watching him change in front of your eyes. Two months ago it was crawling and now walking. Wow! What’s next, school? Driving? Okay, I’m going to far.

Before I go…just wanted to show off his Halloween costume. Though he can’t eat the candy he will be sporting the outfit. Thanks Heidi in Phoenix for showing me the costumes!

2 thoughts on “He Walks and He Talks…sort of – September 18

  1. The costume is SOOOOO ADORABLE! I love it! I am Heidi in Phoenix now? Is there a Heidi anywhere else??? Ha! Just kidding,with all your fans I guess we have to be in catagories! ; ) Glad to hear everyone is doing well and that Lukas is getting so big!


  2. That costume is the cutest thing I ever seen !!!! I love your blog… is so exciting to come back and learn how everything is going with Lisy and Lukas !! you are one lucky guy 🙂 ( bet you know that already ) best wishes Sonia


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