Baby Steps – September 14, 2005

I am proud to say that Lukas took two steps. It’s the beginning of what could be either a lot of fun or a lot of trouble for Lis and I. It will probably be a little of both.

It happened yesterday at the hospital (it’s so nice how he’s been able to grow up at the hospital – NOT!). He had a water bottle in his hand and Uncle Erik was holding onto him. Then Erik let go and Lukas continued holding the bottle but started to go forward. Wow – I thought! He’s taking steps all by himself! Two small steps for Lukas, one small step for…nevermind, there isn’t a way for me to word it like Lance…er…Neil Armstrong.

Anyway, it’s nice to be able to watch your kid grow up and change. Every day he seems to do something different than the day before. It’s amazing and so much fun.

It’s also funny cause we’ve spent so much time back and forth at the hospital that all the nurses say they’ve watched him grow up. And they have. More so than most of my friends. When Lis is on her last round of chemo Lukas will have just turned 1-year old. They say they’re going to have a little party for him. Awww…

Speaking of Lis (since this is what my blog is about). She’s doing fine. Hating the hospital, wanting to get out and go back home. She should be out by 8am tomorrow morning and has given me orders to be there at 0800 so that she doesn’t have to wait around for me to pick her @$$ up.

Then it’s two weeks of doing nothing (yes!). Hanging out, making sure she doesn’t get a fever, watching football, playing Nintendo…oops!

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps – September 14, 2005

  1. Wow, first steps already. Well, it was bound to happen.It\’s so sweet to watch them grow then as they do you wish they would stay young again.I was so Happy when Morgan started walking then I had to re-think that after everything had finger and hand prints on it, and she was getting into EVERYTHING.One day we got up and she had walked outside in the garage, so make sure you put one of them locks at the top of your doors and also another time we woke up and she had an Onion a hunk of cheese and a butter knife on our living room furniture . Were still a little unsure what she was doing with it, she didn\’t smell like she ate any, i guess it was because she could do it and if they can do it with walking they can do anything.Just becareful with the walking outside. We still after5 years we still have the chains on the door, even though we know she wouldnt go, but for many years we had that so it became a habit. So anywho, we have 3 locks on all doors. 🙂 The chain one up top will and could save him and you all.Take care Kevin and lisy, Your awesome people!!!Friends,Patti


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