A Busy Weekend then Round 4 Begins – September 12, 2005

This weekend we kept pretty busy, which was nice because Lis had to go back into the hospital today. No problems, just Round 4 of her five round bout with Chemo.

Friday we picked up my sister-in-law, Eliana, from the airport. I went back to work and then after work we had some pizza before I went to work at the newspaper gig. Pretty exciting stuff eh?

Saturday we went to Leavenworth for Erik’s friend’s wedding. We met my folks and brothers up there and hung out at the motorhome. Then we walked around Leavenworth. Randy and I tasted some hot sauce that gave us instant heartburn and burnt our mouths. We had to quickly buy a water bottle and then take turns gulping down the water. You see there is a warning next to the sauce. “Not for children or people with heart conditions.” Another sign reads “Water $ 1.35, Water with Sample $ 20”. We would’ve paid the $20.

In the evening we went to the wedding. It was at a winery and outside and it was somewhat cold. The wedding was nice,  they didn’t have many places to sit and eat and there wasn’t any dancing so it was a quick night for the Johnson’s. EDITOR’s NOTE: The prior half-sentence has been scratched out. Don’t write about someone else’s wedding because they may read it. This was the first time I realized that people are actually reading my crap. My apologies!

Randy drove home with us and we were back from out 2-hour drive by 10:30pm.

Sunday we went to the Mariner’s game and my co-worker Sue hooked us up with some sweet tickets. They have connections with some of the ushers so we were able to sit behind home plate. I digged it. I also got to watch the Mariner’s latest phenom Felix Hernandez have his worst outing of his short pro career. He gave up six runs, walked three and struck out five. I was disappointed. More importantly the Mariner’s are no longer undefeated when Lukas attends their game. He is now 2-1.

Today Lis went back into the hospital for Round 4. She hates going there and who can blame her. She is away from her son. Lukas can’t hang out at the hospital too long. He gets bored and wants to play. Eliana and I took him home and he played a lot and a lot. He had a lot of aggression to get out.

4 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend then Round 4 Begins – September 12, 2005

  1. I will be thinking of Lisy and her boys during her next round of treatments. With all the positive vibes being sent your way – all should go well!!Take care – Janet


  2. Hey Kevin.Just checking in to see how you all are doing. I will be praying for Lis during this round of chemo. Keep us posted so I don\’t worry. Worrying is my second job ya know. God bless,Susan


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