No News is Good News – August 29, 2005

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve last written. I know you’re all anxious to know what’s happening in the latest saga of Kevy, Lisy and lil’ Lukas. Well, not much is going on. Which for us is a good thing.

Today we went to the Monroe Fair Day Parade. We woke up at 7am (not unusual for us, but we usually get to hang out in bed for an extra ½ hour while Lukas crawls all over us) and got up and ready to go to the parade. I thought the parade started at 9am, so we planned on meeting my parents at my grandparent’s house at 8:15am. We walked down to Main Street and noticed that no one else was there. There were a few empty chairs but nobody and the parade was supposed to start in a ½ hour. So we sat and sat and realized that the parade started at 10am. Well, we (I’m bringing every one down with me!) were wrong. It actually started at 11am. Which meant we were there about 2½ hours early and which meant that I could’ve finished watching Bob the Builder with Lukas.

So the parade lasted all of two hours and Lukas skipped a nap, which means that he’s crabby for awhile. The parade though was nice. Nothing special, just your typical small town parade. We would’ve liked to see more bands but what we got was okay.

After the parade we went home and let Lukas sleep for a bit. On Friday Josh had invited us to his company picnic at his parent’s house so we went out there. It was fun. Lukas had a good time. Once we got there we changed him into shorts and set him down to play. He felt right at home. He wandered over to Spike (the dog) then wandered over to where everyone else was. He felt comfortable which is nice for us and makes him look good…hehe! Later we played volleyball and the team of me, Josh, Josh’s bro Geoff and Geoff’s friend Jake, lost about five straight games. We sucked!

That night I worked at the newspaper. Listened to another extra-inning AquaSox game. Fourteen innings of baseball…argh! I guess it was the Curse of the Writing Your Story Before the Game’s Finished. The Sox went up 2-0 in the 11th and since we were close to deadline I wrote out a story and had it ready. But I had to erase that when the Canadians tied it in the 11th. Lame!

Sunday we had our fantasy football draft at the office. I got Peyton Manning again so I’m happy.

Last night we just hung out at the house and watched Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which is becoming one of our new favorite shows. It always makes me cry…I’m a wuss. Anyway, we watched that show then I flipped through the channels and noticed Empire Strikes Back was on the Canadian channel. So I watched that until I fell asleep. It’s my new comfort movie…just teasing…When Harry, Met Sally still is.

Pretty neat stuff eh?

Lis is doing well. She is losing her hair faster than my Dad is losing his mind. It’s funny how the delay in when her hair falls out. It’s been three weeks since she finished treatment but it’s not until this past week that her hair starts to fall out. I guess this morning in the shower she wiped her hands over her head and most of the hair fell out. Now she’s as bald as Mr. Clean. Of course, it starts to grow back when she begins treatment again. Only two more to go.

Lis’ sister Eliana should be coming here in the next couple of weeks. It’ll be nice to see her and have some extra help around the house while Lis is stuck in the room.


10 thoughts on “No News is Good News – August 29, 2005

  1. Your little boy is so adorable!! Take a look in my photo album to see my angels. I hope you don\’t mind I put a link to your blog on my site for easier access.


  2. Glad to hear Lisy is still doing well (sorry about the hair!) and that you are still writing and giving us updates. I enjoy your site and send good thoughts your way.


  3. Wow…you sound so sensitive in this entry!!! Extreme Makeover Home Edition is one of our favorite shows too….dont tell anyone…but Scott cries everytime too! Glad to hear all is well!


  4. I hope things r going well for you and your family…….I am visiting all my links to ask them to please pray for those who are trapped in New Orleans…and those who are living thru the devastation of Hurrican Katerina. There are 80,000 people trapped in New Orleans. My heart goes out to them…I have started a prayer chain…visit my site and please keep this chain going…these people need our prayer! THankx, April [:)s]


  5. Kevin,So glad all is going well. When kids skip their naps then our mind tends to skip out on us. Glad lisy is doing well, as far as the hair, hair does grow back as she already knows.Soon, she will be back with a full head of hair and you\’ll be running your fingers through it like husbands like to do. :)Sp glad you updated and keep updating us, as I worry about you all.Take care sweets.Kisses to Lukas,Patty 🙂


  6. I cry too every time I watch Extreme Home Makeovers….so you are not a wuss….or we both are…along with millions of other people. I just wanted to stop in and tell you how brave you are to share your experiences with us all – it is not an easy task. My dad had esophageal cancer and I still have a hard time talking about it sometimes. Anyway, hope all goes well for you and your family. *hugs*


  7. Hi, I know that you won\’t know me, but I found your site through a friends site. Anyways, I am writing to see if you can help me.? My mom was just diagnosed with Large Granuur Lythocuitc Lukiemia on Aug. 31, 2005. I know that there are different types of Lukiemia and that the strain my mom has is extreamly rare. I was wonering if you could help me to find information on her cancer. I understand if you don\’t have the time, I just need some help trying to figure out what mom has so I can understand a little better at what she is going through. My mom is 53 and has 3 children (Kent 25, Me 22, & Matt 17) we all love our mom so much, but none of us know what to do or say to make her fill better about going through all of these test and then knowing that she will have to go through Chemo. As I said I know that you probably don\’t have time to look up information for me, but any "words of wisdom" will help.Thank you.All my love and prayers for your family, Audrey Siebert


  8. Cunhado…. estou com saudadades de todos vocês… principalmente do meu nene…. o Lukas esta mais lindo a cada dia… e esta grande já… ahhh to com muita saudade!!! E manda um abraço para a Lis tbem, faz tempo que nao converso com ela. Eu sempre copio algumas fotos do seu blog para colocar no meu… entra la e comenta!Bjs para todos ai


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