Hotel Johnson Family Restaurant – August 19, 2005

Last night we surprised by Grandparents by turning the upstairs of my Parents house into the Hotel Johnson Family Restaurant. Erik greeted them and checked their reservations, Randy was their waiter, I was the Hotel Manager who made sure everything was just right, Mom, Dad and Lis were the gourmet chefs and Lukas was entertainment. I made menus that had pictures of them on it and made a CD of music from 1956. They had a good night and we had a lot of fun making it happen.

We also surprised them with a gift. It was a certificate for a paid trip to “destination anywhere”. The trip would take place on their 50th anniversary and would be voided if they were divorced or had won the lottery. I had thought up the idea awhile ago and mentioned it to my Mom and Lis, who both thought it was a good idea. How fun for them to get away and enjoy life, just the two of them. After 50-years they’ll need it…hehe! Of course, I hope things go smoothly and we’ll have money to help them.

It was a lot of fun putting on the dinner and I think they had a good time. Congratulations again Grandma and Grandpa.

In other news…tonight begins the 3-day 10-year high school reunion thing. I’m confused on whether or not I should go tonight. It’s classmates only and the couple of guy friends that I was friends with in high school are not going. My friend Amber is going so I may go and hang out with her. I don’t know. I may just watch Grosse Pointe Blank and eat ice cream. We’ll see what kind of mood Lis is in. Tomorrow Lis and I are going to the dinner and it should be fun. Just like prom I won’t know anybody there but my date, but we’ll have a good time. Then Sunday is the family picnic and I get to show off Lukas. Ten years already…it took me seven to actually get my life going.

3 thoughts on “Hotel Johnson Family Restaurant – August 19, 2005

  1. How exciting is that gonna be, get to show off the beautiful wife and then show off the awesome little man!!!! Enjoy it all, I am certain there will be some amazing moments.I am looking forward to my 20th next year(yikes!! how\’d that happen?), and to my delight/chagrin/confusion the hubby has just agreed to our next move (coming soonish) being back to my hometown….how convenient is that? I missed my 10th because I moved across the country 2 months before it. Can\’t wait to see how it all went!C u later!


  2. Kevin! I love reading about your family life. Your parents are so awesome. When Hillary and I finally get to that point of having kids, I want us to be like your parents. I want our kids to be able to go over to our house when they get older and hang out because they still think their parents are cool and fun. Anyway, you guys all come up with the greatest ideas! You never seem to stop having fun. That\’s the way you should be living life.


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