Lukas 2-0 as a Mariner Fan – August 17, 2005

As the Mariners struggle through another losing season they can thank two of their wins to Lukas Johnson. Lukas attended his second baseball of the season (and his life) Wednesday night and helped lead the Mariners to a 4-3 victory over the Kansas City Royals.

It was the second time this season Lukas had help lead the M’s to victory. Seattle beat Baltimore 8-2 on July 17 on Lukas’ first game of the season.

Lukas had a fun time at the game. Not only did he get to stay up late, but he got to wear his Mariners outfit (thanks Cory & Hillary – it looks great) and flirted with a little girl a couple rows behind us.

Ian Barnes was nice enough to invite us to the game. The seats were perfect, two rows off the field on the left field side. It was the second time this season that we have had 100-level tickets. My Dad got free tickets for the game against the Orioles.

2 thoughts on “Lukas 2-0 as a Mariner Fan – August 17, 2005

  1. Ahhh, baby boys. Aren\’t they wonderful. My own 20 month old son is a Green Bay Packers fan. I\’m not sure he knows baseball exists, except for the ideas of "throw" and "crack" (anything hitting a ball). Very cute pictures you have of him.Tom


  2. Oi Cunhado!Estou com muita saudades de vocês todos. Eu fico sabendo do que esta acontecendo por ai atraves de seu Blog e também do Erik. Seu blog esta muito bonito e cheio de amor… que você tem de monte para com minha irmã e meu sobrinho. Eu amo todos vocês e estou morrendo de saudades… manda um abraço para sua mãe, seu pai e o Randy. Um beijão para você, Lis e Lukas.BjsElen


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