Why am I here? – August 15, 2005

I’m not one to complain about the medical treatment that Lis or I receive. I don’t like doing that. I think too many people come into a medical situation and already think negatively about their doctor. Too many people in this country complain about the medical treatment they receive. They don’t think about the fact that it’s probably the best in the world and that the doctor may know what he/she’s doing.

I also don’t like to use the word “sue” either, unless I’m referring to my co-worker Sue. I think too many people in this country are sue-happy and that they like to throw the word around too much, especially when it comes to the medical profession. I believe it makes it harder for doctors to do their job, or at least do a good job.

Me, I like to put my trust in the doctor and have confidence in them and that they will do what they do best. Needless to say, when things go wrong I have questions. And if something does go wrong and there is not a medical reason or explanation for why it went wrong or why they are doing what they are doing, then I’ll make my complaints.

That’s why I’m about to complain now. Here is a rundown of Lis’ recent trip to the hospital.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Noon – chills begin

12:45p – fever hits 101.4. Lis calls doctor’s office to notify them of her temperature.

1:20p – Lis is told by a different blood doctor to either go to Everett or Monroe. Lis chooses Monroe for the convenience. Lis also asks if it’s okay to go to Monroe. Will they have everything they will need to take care of her?

1:30p – Lis arrives at the ER and signs in. After signing in she speaks with the ER nurse who quizzes Lis on allergies and the “source of her site”. Totally confused we both ask “What?” The nurse, rudely repeats, “What is the source of your site?” Again, “the what?” The nurse responds “Where is your cancer located?” Oh…everywhere its leukemia it’s in her blood.

2:00p – A doctor shows up and quizzes Lis. He asks if she thinks they should contact Dr. Congdon, Lis’ oncologist. Puzzled (shouldn’t they know what to do?) Lis replies “sure”.

2:15p – The ER nurse numbs Lis’ arm. She then tries to draw from Lis’ passport. She gets nothing. She takes it out and attempts again. Nothing. By now the numbness is gone. A doctor arrives. She tries again and says that she got it. When the doctor leaves she says that she lost it. By now Lis is in serious pain and blood trickles down her bicep. They of course, blame the passport. This would be the same passport that she had chemo in last week and got platelets yesterday.

4:30p – Lis is in a room and the IV guy tries to poke her passport again. It works!

6:00p – A nurse puts the saline in and her arm slowly begins to swell up. It’s possible the saline wasn’t put into her port but maybe directly into her arm. Lis tells them that her arm is swollen. The IV guy comes in and asks “Are you sure it’s swollen?” Lis shows them both arms and its a noticeable difference. The left arm is normal, the right arm looks like most of the baseball players after using steroids. They look on confused.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Midnight – Lis actually gets a fever of 100. That is why we are here right? Cause she could have an infection. It appears Lis is getting a fever every 12 hours. Maybe we overreacted this time. One time we’re not that cautious the next we may have been overly cautious. Where is the happy medium?

Throughout the night – Lis is bothered about going to the bathroom. Later she is told that they need to mark that she has peed while on their shift. Meet that quota I guess. Lis also usually pees when she is receiving fluid, however, she hasn’t peed this time making us even more curious as to whether or not the fluid is being received through her port.

10:00a – Kevin and Lukas arrive to a tear-dripping Lis. Note about Lis – she never cries unless something is terribly wrong. She was balling. Her arm is now swollen down to her LiveStrong bracelet (that’s her wrist). She’s also getting a blister around the dressing they put on her.

10:30a – The nurses help Lis get rid of the dressing. Turns out Lis is allergic to Teperderm (?), thus the reason for her previous blister when she was in the hospital the first time. Nobody told us that she was allergic to this so we didn’t bother telling them to not wrap her arm in it. Three blisters cover her arm, don’t worry she’ll pop one of them when she attempts to take the dressing off. Once the dressing is off the needle comes out of her port. They weren’t using it anyway, Lis has an IV in her forearm.

During the day…Lis is told that the arm might be swollen due to the amount of drilling they tried to do the previous day by the ER nurse who has been doing this for 17-years. Yikes! Also, Lis was told that she would be receiving platelets, later in the day that was reversed no platelets just antibiotics. The nurses were also wondering if they would be removing, that’s right REMOVING, Lis port here or in Everett. We said, there won’t be any removing anywhere. No way!

Lukas gets restless and my grandparents and Mom take turns watching him as Lis and I hang out at the hospital. Yes, that part was convenient.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

9:30a – Lis is released from the hospital only after the nurse tried to put an IV in her other arm cause the IV she already had was not drawing anything (I think she’s out of blood). Lis said, “No, I’m not being poked anymore. I’m going home, I was told I’d get to go home and that I’d have to take antibiotic pills”.

10:00a – We’re home and I believe the nurses there are happy to have her go. I think she confused them. They’re not used to dealing with her kind there. Next time we will go to Everett. They have a whole floor for cancer and the nurses are very familiar with Lis and her situation. The nurses were nice at the hospital in Monroe, but still the care was not so good. We’re worried that there could be some damage in Lisy’s arm and with the port.

So as you can see we were quite confused on what we were doing there. She did have the fever, which we were told to contact the doctor’s office if it goes over 101. And it did a few times at night and at noon. But when you come back from the hospital with more problems then you went in with then that’s a problem. The fever is gone but now her arm has three blisters and it’s bruised more. Her swelling has gone down however.

We plan on talking to Dr. Congdon to let them know what they did. It’s not a good thing for Lis to be poked so much. She is running on empty with blood cells (red and white) and platelets already she doesn’t need more damage done to her.

Other notes…the 14th was also my parent’s 29th anniversary. Congrats to you two! Here’s to 29 more years.

15 thoughts on “Why am I here? – August 15, 2005

  1. wow. Such a struggle for you two, having a young child on top of a serious illness. Good luck with everything, and you have a REALLY great space here.


  2. Sorry to hear you all had to go through that. Some hospitals really are not good and at least you now know for the future. Good luck…and Lukas is getting SO BIG!


  3. Something does not sound right about all of that (yeah… cause you weren\’t getting that feeling sitting there…). It sounds like maybe they should have sent you to Everett when you got there. Not just charge ahead with something they are unfamilier about. Glad to hear Lis be a little pushy! You have to trust yourself too. Hope things have been getting better these last couple days.April


  4. kevin,Im sorry you all had to go through all that. Especially lis being the one poked and proded like hurding cows. Some hospitals should have a staff meeting before starting their shift to inform these nurses , whomever will be working with paitents that they need to be professional let alone caring for the people that they see. People are there for a resona and it\’s not because they want to be. We have medical and Ive had Doctors fire me because i have complained they have given me to high of a milligram of something and then complained to a higher source.Thats bull, and what Lis went through someone needs to know this, whether it be her Docotor or the people higher up that the Doctors.We shouldnt allow people to treat us this way, since we are pating for this. I woudn\’t put up with it from a person at Wal-mart let alone a person who can and may save mylife. they need to be as professional and people orentated as possiable if not, go get a job behind a desk where you don\’t have to talk to anyone except your computer.Im sorry this was supposed to be about your family not what i go through everytime i go to the doctors.Take care and i hope lisy is feeling better.Give Lukas a kiss and tell your brother\’s I said hiFriends,Pattips. anything with paypal, ot should i really go full bore on them??


  5. Wow. That\’s about all I can say about that hospital. All I can say without getting rude anyway.Another wow. The way Lis\’ smile just lights up the picture when she\’s holding Lucas just made my day. Just Beautiful!


  6. Just stopping by on a tour of site\’s listed on Glori\’s site (the running shoe).Thank you for sharing the experiences, and your patience with incompetence is good to see. People sometimes think it odd that I have the same philosophy (if not the same level of experiences).I was lucky. When faced with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and lungs in the same breath, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, after biopsies were taken. Even my experience with the surgery was wonderful, because the surgeon was the top in his field for the procedure. And all that at a VA hospital. Who knew.Keep up the good work on the blog. There are many out here who can learn a lot from what you have to say.Tom


  7. aahhh.. good old Monroe hospital.. would not take my dog there to have puppies! Sorry you had such a bad experiance! It upset me just reading it!


  8. I\’m sorry to hear of your circumstance.
    Please go to bmgjr.com to see who I am by entering the link of Mother Teresa at the bottom right of the page. (You will see a picture of me visiting her in Kolkata, India)  Then please send me an email account where I can forward you my phone number. I would like to help you.
    PS New email accounts can be created for free at hotmail if you wish to maintain your privacy.


  9. Thank you for writing your experiences for all to see.  The three of you are a wonderful team and I have so much admiration for Lisy and her strength. 
    You have brought me back down to earth and made me realize again, that I need to stop sweating the small stuff.  It was just the other day that I told my almost 18 year old son (I had him when I was 16) that he needs to take care of one day at a time and what he is enduring now is nothing compared to what others are enduring.  I explained that he needs to learn to appreciate what he has and he also needs to realize that he can take charge of his destiny.
    Keep up the great team work and all of our prayers are with you.
    Wife and mother of 4


  10. Oh my god, what a horrible experience… I just came across your blog while casually browsing. Please please check out the Seattle cancer care clinic if you can.. I found the doctors, the staff and the facilities out of this world. The best part of the whole thing was they treat patients as human beings, not just revenue generators..
    this link will give you all kinds of information…


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