How Lis is doing – August 11, 2005

Many of you have asked how things have been going with Lis since she’s been out of the hospital. Well, I’m here to inform you that Lis is doing alright. She’s been good about not going places and staying away from people with germs and cooties and what not. Unlike last time, she hasn’t gotten an infection. She keeps repeating “I’m not going back to the hospital. I hate it there.” However, she’s got chemo running through her veins so returning to the hospital is a strong possibility.

Today she went to the hospital for a check-up. Her blood count and platelet count was extremely low. She has to go back to the hospital today to get a refill on her platelets. Luckily though she’s going to the hospital here in town. I met Lis at the doctor’s appointment on my lunch break. Her appointment was at 11:20am so I was late. I went upstairs and Lis wasn’t there but I got to talk to the doctor. He told me her count was extremely low and that she’ll be getting more platelets. He said also that she has some redness in her throat. She doesn’t have an infection, which is good cause if an infection were to arrive then she wouldn’t have enough platelets to fight it off and he said the mortality rate jumps to 40%. I love hearing that crap!

Anyway, she’s in the hospital now doing fine. Hopefully she’s out by the time I get off of work at 6pm. We’re really getting tired of this.

Other Notes:

Lukas is doing fine. His little weekend virus thing has disappeared but he’s got little rash-like spots on his upper body. Argh! He’s still moving around like crazy and he’s still cute as ever!

Elen sent a couple of photos of Elisete, Rogerio and the twins. Cute little guys, darn it! Hehe.

Rudy is also doing fine. He plays with the other boys (dogs), is able to walk on his hind legs, not really walk ON his hind legs…yah, he does a tap dance for everyone…no he is walking on all fours just fine.

My class reunion is next weekend and none of the people I was friends with in high school are going. Dennis – lives in California. Ian – going to a concert. Amber – don’t know why. Shawnn – “fat and bald”. But that’s okay. Lis and I are still going to go. What the heck. It should be fun even if nobody knows who I am.

I worked last night at the Herald. It was fun. All the guys I know were there and we had a good time despite the Mariners getting over after deadline. It was fun to be back in the “guy” environment and listening to Brad’s nonsense stats and fun facts. It was nice to have that change from my gig with the ladies

Speaking of the Mariners I have to give huge props to the 19-year old phenom Felix Hernandez who pitched a gem of a game on Tuesday night. Eight innings pitched, no runs, no walks and four strikeouts, lowering his ERA to under 1. It’s nice to have something to root for – finally!

Oh yah and my brothers are still single, though Erik and Elen like each other – they say. Sorry Erik I know you think I’m picking on you when I say stuff like that but the jury is still out on you guys.

3 thoughts on “How Lis is doing – August 11, 2005

  1. Glad to hear things are going well and that there isnt an infection. Yes, I also love to hear about mortality rates…good times! I also like how you say that she is is getting a refill on her platelets…like it is just like pumping gas!!! Thanks for updating us!


  2. I will be praying for Lis!!!!!!!!!! I know the feeling, but she\’s gonna make it :DBeautiful pics of the twins and Luke :DHUGS


  3. I\’ll probably update on the weekend, you\’ll be there!School reunion huh? I should be having my 20th next year, I say should because so far nothing is happening for it….I would take the bulls by the horns if I lived in my hometown, but kinda difficult to arrange from here…..sigh. We will go, the Hubby didn\’t graduate highschool (something about living all over the world got in the way, LOL) so he is getting excited to get to meet some of the people I knew…..\’in the day\’….You\’ll have fun, surely you knew plenty of people in your class, they may not have been your crew but, you know…..Just wait to see how much some have changed and how little others have!!!!!Have a great weekend, hope alls well and Lisy is home….weird about Lukas\’ rash though, guess teething wasn\’t the problem!!!!C U later!


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