My Two New Nephews – August 3, 2005

Yesterday, Lis’ sister, Elisete, gave birth to twin boys, Eduardo and Leonardo. I was happy to hear that she named them those two names. Eduardo translates to Edward, which is my middle name, and Leonardo is my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I was also happy to hear that they are both healthy and big. It’s too bad that we had to be so far away, but unfortunately, that’s the price we pay for living in different hemispheres.

Lis and I hope everything goes as planned and we can go visit them in January. It will be fun for Lukas, who will have two cousins close to his age, to play with. Hopefully they don’t pick on their gringo cousin.

In other news…Lis is doing fine. She went in on Monday to get her passport put in. The procedure went great. We had to wait three hours before the surgery and it wasn’t until 9pm that she started chemo. She should get out by Thursday afternoon. Then it’s two weeks of being very careful.

5 thoughts on “My Two New Nephews – August 3, 2005

  1. Oh my goodness what two cuties they are.Glad to hear lisy is doing good, and I hope you and lukas are doing good too. Hey,I been meaning to ask, hows all your friends and family doing like your single brother? LOLTake care Kevin and we\’re thinking of you all :)PattyPS. You been getting any donations? I hope so, if not let me know and I\’ll kick some butt for ya 🙂 hehe


  2. hi there, my name\’s alexi was looking through what\’s your story and came across your site. it\’s a great one and keep up the good work.when i was 10 (i\’m no 16) i had AML, Acute Myleoid Leukaemia. i know how it feels to have a catheter, it isnt great. i must say i didnt mind the morphine, but we neednt go there:Panyway, i thought id leave a comment just to say that i hope it goes well for all 3 of you, and i hope Lisy will be alright, and im sure she will:)cheers,alex


  3. Yeah new babies!! Some friends close to us just had a baby too… mine is getting so big it\’s nice to play with a baby baby again!! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend before Lis had to go to the hospital. I bet that helps her sooo much. All those happy little moments to hold onto while she gets her treatment. The pics are great as always. Lukas looks like such a happy little man!! Bye for now! April


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