Her Final Weekend of Freedom – July 31, 2005

It’s time to get back to the reason why I write in this journal. Lisy! This weekend was her final weekend of “freedom”. We say “freedom” because a) that’s the term the doctor used on Friday and b) it was our first weekend alone together, just the three of us, since we can’t remember when – honestly and c) it was the last time she’ll probably ever be free of having catheters or ports on or inside of her.

I had a four-day weekend. Which means that I have my regular Saturday-Sunday weekend and the other two days are spent going to the doctor’s office with Lis.

So Friday, I skipped work and took Lis to her afternoon appointment. We visited Dr. Congdon who told us that Monday at 12:30pm Lis will go in to the hospital and get a passport put into her. The passport will be put into her arm. A little stainless steel piece is inserted into her arm and a tube runs up her arm and into an artery. Asked how long this thing will be in her body, Dr. Congdon responds, “indefinitely”. I wonder if Lis will now have problems going through the security check at the airports. Beep, beep, beep…oh it’s my passport…in my arm.

Saturday we drove up to Deceptions Pass (see photos) and had lunch. Lis made some chicken sandwiches, we ate, walked across the bridge, snapped some photos, turned around and walked across it again then got back into the car and left. From there we went to Birch Bay where my parents were staying. I know, I know, we were supposed to spend the weekend together, just the three of us, and we did. The drive was nice and since we were meeting them somewhere different then it’s okay.

At Birch Bay we relaxed at their campsite before walking down to the ocean. There we gave Lukas his first taste of salt water and dipped his feet in it. It was cold but he didn’t mind. He quickly got used to the coldness and stepped right in then walked around in it, not minding the rocks either. He loves water, which is good cause Lis is practically a fish and me, I love swimming also, though I loved it better when I was in better shape.

It was a nice drive and a nice day to get away.

Sunday, Lis and I thought we’d get to sleep in but didn’t. However, unlike other days when Lukas wakes up at 6:30am, we got to sleep in until 8:30am before Erik came a knocking on our door. He said, “I thought you guys are usually up early,” We usually are, however, this morning Lukas thought he’d let Mom & Dad sleep in. That’s okay, Erik hung out for awhile until he left for church with Randy.

Around 11:45am they returned and ate lunch with us. Then a couple hours later we walked to the park for the Summer Festival. We met my Grandparents there and didn’t do much. There wasn’t much to do. Lukas had an ice cream bar, we joked about movie ideas with Grandpa, and then we walked back. It was hot but the day was beautiful.

Lis made lunches for me for the four days she’ll be in the hospital (is my wife great or what?!?) knowing that I don’t have time to cook on my lunch break and knowing we don’t have money to spend on more McDonald’s. I also shaved her head. She likes to have her head shaved before she goes back for another round of chemo. She doesn’t like it to be long when it starts to fall out cause “it makes a mess”. So I shaved the peach fuzz into stubble. Also, this morning Lukas took a shower with Mama. That made her feel good.

It must be hard knowing that you’re going to be staying in the hospital for the next few days. I know she’s not looking forward to it. It’s just odd. She packed her stuff like she’s going on vacation, made lunch for me and set up a feeding/napping schedule for Lukas. I know she hates it, but she doesn’t complain. She’s good like that. What I’ve always liked about her, and what made my parents fall in love with her too, was that she just goes with the flow. Changes come but she just keeps on truckin’. And that’s exactly what you need in a marriage and in life. Cause life is never the same and people are never the same, you got to roll with the punches and change as life changes and Lis is the perfect example of that. Sorry, went rattling on there, can’t help that I love my wife.

It feels good to be writing about this kind of thing again. The Goodbye Series was all right but I felt I forced myself to write about something when I wasn’t really in the mood to write about it. I prefer just going off my mind.

Anyway, Round 3 begins tomorrow. She’s got a 12:30pm appointment to get the passport and then six bags of chemo, a bag every six hours. Wish her luck!

6 thoughts on “Her Final Weekend of Freedom – July 31, 2005

  1. Hey, My prayers are with you guys, I know its rough,but hang in there,god is watching out for you guys!!! Take care and GOD BLESS YOU!!!Your Friend,Denise


  2. Kevin,lisy and lukas,Our prayers are with you all. everything will work out and you are a strong family and i want you to know i do look up to you all.take care and talk with you soon.Best wishes,freinds,Patti


  3. I dont like the word "indefinatly". But, if it makes Lisy better then I guess that is what you have to do! Lukas is getting so big! The pictures look great. As always I am here for you. And I am glad to hear you had a good weekend. Love,Heidi


  4. Kevin,how is lisy doing?havne\’t heard anything.My moto is no news is good news, and I hope thats true :)Please let me know, I\’m a worry wart. :(Friends,Patty


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