Car Wash II – July 24, 2005

On Saturday Tony and Morey organized a second car wash for Lis. Unfortunately, this time we didn’t have as much manpower. Randy joined Lis, Sogra and me at 11:30am at Arby’s. Tony and Morey had already gotten there and were setting up. Ian Barnes showed up a little later with Kelly and they helped out for 45 minutes before Ian had to leave. Ian Dowrey showed up a little after noon and helped wash cars.

Sogra and Lis manned the signs and Tony, Morey, Randy, Ian and I washed the cars. It was pretty slow for awhile then around 12:30pm things started to pick up. We had about two hours of non-stopping washing. I can’t remember the last time I worked that hard. Some guy even brought his semi-truck down. It took all five of us to wash the truck. He also helped out, and actually ended up doing most of the cleaning.

Overall the wash was a success. We made a little over $300. I did get sunburned pretty nice. My neck is red and it hurts to move it right and left, showers don’t feel well either. Oh well, its all part of the experience.

I’ve also gotten many requests to set-up a PayPal account and have a link to it so people could donate if they wanted. I’m in the works of setting up Lis’ fund we setup for her, and will let you know when everything works.

2 thoughts on “Car Wash II – July 24, 2005

  1. Hey there…you sure are interrupting the series a lot!!! Ha! Ha! Just kidding! I am so glad you made some good money with the car washes and that you are doing the PayPal thing. I hope you get a possitive response. It is too bad it wasnt set up when you were first featured. But, I will put a link on my site too if it is okay with you. Talk to you later!


  2. I love your site and what you are doing here. Information and education are the best tools for beating these diseases. I pray for you and yours and truly feel blessed to have come to your site.


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