The Catheter is Out – for now! – July 22, 2005

Yesterday Lis went into the doctor’s office to get her port flushed. She came back with her second fever in as many weeks. Again, the flushed bacteria into her port thus making her chill out then heat up. Her temp got to 102-degrees but we were able to slow it down by taking a couple of Tylenol. We are now pros at this 3-hour fever thing. They did ask Lis to go to the hospital to draw some blood. Lis obliged.

Later that evening, Lis got a call from the doctor’s office letting her know that she needs to go to Providence tomorrow (which is today) to get her catheter replaced. That’s probably a good thing considering one of the ports is clogged and the other sometimes has problems drawing from it.

So today I got off at 1pm and drove Lis to her doctor’s appointment in Everett. When we checked in the lady said that we needed to get some blood cultures taken. We thought they had done that yesterday at the hospital in Monroe. The lady called the hospital and spoke with someone in the lab. They said they had no record of blood being drawn. Excuse me! I’m pretty sure we didn’t both dream it up, or make it up. But what can you do? You just say “Idiots!” and let Lis get poked again.

We went into the waiting room and waited (but of course!). The nurse came and took Lis away and I gleefully went to the cafeteria to eat lunch. I came back and relaxed in a comfy chair and finished “The Summons” by John Grisham. Good book, not one of his best, but I liked it. By the way, last night we watched “Million Dollar Baby”. Good flick, rent it, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Two and half-hours later Lis showed up asking if I was ready to go. They had taken her catheter out because it was badly infected. So for a week or so she’ll be free of any devices coming out of her chests.

So Lis is fine, Lukas is crawling EVERYWHERE, I’m doing well.

2 thoughts on “The Catheter is Out – for now! – July 22, 2005

  1. I am glad that she is doing good and that she is device-free, at least for the time being. We are praying for her and for your family. Thank you for sharing your story!


  2. I will keep you and your family in my prayers!I know how hard the battle of Leukemia is and what a long process it is!I lived with my brother and sister in law and their three three kids and my two kids up untill two months ago. We had a very close loving family..for being eight of us in one house we really formed an amazingly happy home until February 5th when my little 3 year old nephew woke up with what looked like little teeny tiny red freckles all over his face and arms. We took him to the E.R. where they told us they were sure he had Leukemia. Sure enough after a trip to UC DAVIS they said he had adult (AML) Leukemia. I will never forget that moment. Immediately they admitted Logan and my brother and sister spent the next two and a half months in the hospital with him while I stayed at home with all of the kids. IT was the worst time of all of our lives. I watched my brother literally fall apart and my little nephew deteriorate. I thought he pain would never end. I got on the internet and emailed many members of our community though and our church and simply asked for a prayer circle for Logan. The people around us were so amazing..SURPRISINGLY. They raised money to help with the bills and even brought me and the kids food on a regular basis. My phone did not stop ringing. The Local newspaper had put up an article and all th elocal business put jars on hteir counters for my little nephew…And through all of this I realized that God gave us this Leukemia. He gave it to Logan because he was strong enough to fight it and because it would touch the hearts of so many people. And it DID!! I saw what love is in those months and I saw it in strangers and I saw it from God. My brother IS STILL getting checks and jars full of money from complete strangers. Our family has grown so strong together through all of this.With all the prayers sweet Logan has been in remission now for over a month. His blood counts are up and he is still recieving the Chemo. He too gets a fever and has to be admitted each time he does the treatment but its only for a couple of days. He is so strong with his little bald headed self..LOLEverytime I look at that kid I thank god one more time for the we have found the miracle in it.I hope you too will be able to look back at the hard times and on your wife\’s Leukemia and find the blessings.I will pray for her.I will pray everyday for all of you!Love and Blessings-Jen


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