Chapter 1: Sayonara Friends – July 21, 2005

I met Cory and Hillary a few years back when we worked together doing .Com Customer Care for a retailer. I actually knew Hillary before I knew Cory, as we were both in the same training class. I didn’t get to talking to them until awhile later when I think we began to talk about our love for Star Wars (I think that was it).

Cory and I began emailing back and forth at work. We would talk about Star Wars, work, our co-workers (“Mike from Team 9”) and other things. However, it wasn’t until I went to Brazil in 2004 that Cory and I started talking more. He would email me and let me know how work was going and we’d talk about other things. He was the only guy (other than my Dad and Grandpa) that was married so he gave me tips and told me about married life before I got hitched.

While I was in Brazil for four months we emailed almost every day. Our friendship began to grow…okay, so maybe this is sounding a little too gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that…anyway, when Lis and I returned from Brazil – married – we began to hang out with Cory and Hillary. It was nice to hang out with a married couple and we had a good time every time we hung out. After Lis was diagnosed with cancer our friendship with them seemed to grow more; crises sometimes do that to a relationship.

Lis and I will miss them while they are in Japan. It was fun getting to know them and nice to have a couple to hang out with. They’re living their dreams. They wanted to go to Japan and teach English and they’ll be doing that (Hillary will be doing that). I admire that about them, they’re doing what they wanted to do.

They’re two of the most caring people I know. They stopped by the hospital a few times when Lis was staying there and they prayed for us constantly.

It was also nice that Cory and I have some similarities, Star Wars being one and another being we’re not guy guys and we’re not ashamed of it. I once asked Cory if he ever gets the urge to be a guy, you know, like doing donuts in a parking lot, going 4×4-ing, beat your wife…hehe!

Now they will embark on a journey they’ve wanted to go on for quite sometime. Hillary will be teaching English and Cory will be trying to find something to do. Maybe bicycling to the grocery store to bag some groceries, I don’t know. Good luck with that.

Good luck to the both of you. Thanks for being there for us and thanks for being good friends. Lis, Lukas and I will miss you.

One thought on “Chapter 1: Sayonara Friends – July 21, 2005

  1. Hey Kevin!This is actually the first time I\’ve posted but I read it all the time. Thanks for writing about us. You guys are cherished friends of ours and we will miss you a lot while we are in Japan. We\’re so glad to have friends like you and the Intenet will make the distance seem like nothing!


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