Take me out to the ballgame – July 18, 2005

Yesterday was Lukas’ 9-month birthday. You don’t really celebrate those (do you?) but we sort of did by taking Lukas to his first baseball game. A moment I have wanted to do since I thought about having kids three months ago (hehe!).

A little insight into the World According to Kevin…I love baseball…LOVE baseball. For years I have dreamed of one day having a son and teaching him about baseball. I’ve collected newspapers, magazines, videotaped games of special moments in baseball all to hopefully one day show my son. Lis has been awesome by acknowledging my love for the game and letting me – I should say us – put up baseball and sports stuff around his room (the mobile, wall decals, lamp, blanket, etc.) She’s also let me – again us – buy plenty of baseball outfits for him to wear, she’s pretty special – I think.

To get to the point, this has long been a day I’ve looked forward to. And now, back to the story…

We actually had tickets for Saturday’s game but decided to give those up because it was a 7:00 start and Lukas would be asleep or grumpy by the third inning. We gave those tickets to Erik, Elen, Randy and Josh who had a smashing time.

The day after we gave the Saturday tickets up, my Dad called to ask if my brothers and I wanted to join him for a game on Sunday. I told him about me giving up the tickets and suggested Lis, me, Lukas, him and Mom go. He agreed and so we went to the game on Sunday.

It was a beautiful day for a game. A 1:05pm start, sunshine, baseball, there’s nothing better…except for taking your son and wife to a ballgame!

Lukas had a great time despite not understanding the concepts of pitching from the stretch, bunting a man over, and why the National League is a better brand of baseball. He got excited when the crowd got excited, he got to watch tons of people walk by him, and he got to dress up in his Mariner outfit that Cory and Hillary got him. My Dad even bought him a baby Mariners hat. It was a beautiful day in many ways.

And for me, it was everything I imagined – except for the fact that Lis went to change Lukas in the top of the 7th meaning she wasn’t back in time for Lukas to here his favorite song and no Dad it’s not “God Bless America”. And if you’re curious as to what song it is read the name of this entry. We took lots of photos (of course!), the Mariners beat the Orioles 8-2, Lukas clapped a lot and ate some of Mommy’s ice cream, and we all had a lot of fun. Thanks Dad for the tickets! I’m already looking forward to Game #2!

8 thoughts on “Take me out to the ballgame – July 18, 2005

  1. I LOVE IT! We still havent taken Shawn to a Diamondbacks game because we always end up with night tickets too! We are HUGE baseball fans also. I am so glad you (or um, Lukas) got his big day. That is great and a wonderful day out with for the family! Lisy looks great too!


  2. Wow!! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!! Toby is always saying how Emmit\’s gonna grow up and play in the "big leagues" too! I bet everyone around you enjoyed having that little man at the game too!! Glad you guys had a great weekend.April


  3. your son is the most adorable thing I\’ve seen in ages! Almost as cute as my own! I\’m glad to see your wife is doing so well…I wanted to follow your blog more closely, but it all just hit to close to home. So, I check in just occassionally, but every time I do, I end up spending an hour catching up! As always, your whole family, but especially Lisy, are in my prayers. ~Barb


  4. Glad to hear that you guys had a great time! Lukas looked adorable as always. My husband is passionate about football – one day I will have to see if I could surprise with a trip to the SuperBowl – he would forever be in my debt after that! – not that that would be the primary motivation :-)Janet


  5. That sounds like so much fun….I bet he loved all the people and action….they do so love to look and see all that kind of thing at that age don\’t they?C U round! Thanks for listing me as a friendly blogger… I am touched….truly.Hugs to all of you!


  6. Oh my goodness, Im sorry I made you feel bad. You know I wouldn\’t do that on purpose. There are times when we all forget about things. I knew he was doing great cause if he wasn\’t we would have found that out…Glad to see all of you are doing fine and I\’m sure things will get even better. You know you all look like such a winderful fanily and i see where Lukas gets his looks from Lis :)Take care ,Friends,Patty


  7. Sorry about my typing for the next two weeks different computer different keyboard which mean mistakes everywhere !!!!!No paintence to look over typing………Me again 🙂


  8. Looks like your son had a great time! But who wouldn\’t have a great time at Safeco! I used to live on the eastside of Seattle, and I loved going to Mariners games! I really enjoyed your blog, i will be back to visit again sometime! Your family is in my prayers!peace,jenna


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