He Moves …On His Own! – July 15, 2005

I feel kind of bad cause in my last entry I didn’t mention Lukas. Thanks to Patti aka Mom2Morgy to mention that (see comments under previous entry if you’re wondering who the heck Patti is). So after feeling like I’m a horrible husband for missing Lis’ appointment, I now feel like a horrible father cause I didn’t mention my wonderful son in my entry. Okay so I don’t really feel like a horrible husband or father, but I do feel like I should write about Lukas.

I’m currently reading The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year by Armin Brott. It’s a great book for new fathers as every chapter touches on a month of your child’s life. As I read month-by-month I try to compare what he’s saying to how Lukas is doing. Well around month 6 he mentioned that your baby should be looking like he’s going to crawl. I looked at Lukas, laying on his tummy, and thought…uh…my son doesn’t do that.

Month 7 he said that your baby should be getting ready to crawl or would’ve begun crawling. Again, I look at Lukas doing a steamroll from one side of the living room to the other. I read on…Month 8 he should be up and around and driving you crazy cause he’s in constant motion. Again, I look at Lukas, asking me to hold his hand so he can walk around. There was no crawling in sight.

What was wrong with him? As a father you begin to wonder, am I doing something wrong? Is he a slow developer? What’s going on? He’s not going according to book.

Finally, this past week, Lukas got up on all fours. It was the start of something special. He began to move a little then flopped down. C’mon buddy! He then got up and slowly began to scoot across the floor. He sort of crawled at first actually more like a limped crawl as only one leg was in motion, the other was used to allow him to sit down and rest. He was in motion though and I was very happy.

Then a couple days ago he was up on all fours and crawling. He still is smoothing things out a bit with his legs but it’s awesome. I’m so proud of him and it’s fun to watch. Man, he’s growing so fast! People say, “You don’t want him to crawl cause then you’ll be busy all the time, and having to watch him all the time.” I saw phooey! I love watching him. I love seeing him change. From learning to roll over, to sleeping on his tummy, to figuring out what his hands are, eating solid foods, growing teeth (and boy does he have some big upper teeth, just adding to his character), crawling and now picking himself up on his own. It’s been the most awesome experience of my life. I look forward to going home just so I can watch him crawl. I don’t mind watching him all the time, it’s entertaining, and part of having a son.

Just a quick note, cause when I think of these times in my life I begin to think of the guys out there who didn’t want to be a part of their child’s life. Watching a child grow, loving a child, having them be so dependent on you, is the best thing in your life. Too bad you missed it.

Okay, sorry…so Lukas is moving and entertaining us and Lis and I are enjoying life in the best way that we can. Thank God for Lukas, if he wasn’t here Lis and I would probably be depressed and our World would be even more screwed up. Instead we have this little guy that brings us so much joy in our life that we sometimes forget about what Lis is dealing with. And that’s a good thing.

7 thoughts on “He Moves …On His Own! – July 15, 2005

  1. hey there!!! Noo you are not a bad father or husband! It is so exciting to watch little ones as they change and learn new things. I hope Lis is doing better. Keeping you all in my prayers!!!~Beth


  2. Hello there! Just ran across your site and wanted you to know that I will say a little prayer for your family. Keep the faith.


  3. Hey there~ Ahhh, your a great Dad and Husband. I wouldnt have wrote to Oprah about you if you werent. Oh yeah….hope you dont mind that I did that. Anyhow, Shawn crawled at 8 months old but he will be a year old in a week and a half and he still has NO teeth. So, those books…while helpful…are silly when it comes to…at this age he will do this. (((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


  4. A friend\’s son didn\’t crawl at all. He went straight from rolling around to walking along the furniture and then on his own.Each to their own *smile*


  5. What an amazing entry from a father\’s perspective. It is so evident how much you love your son. 🙂 And the pictures are super-cute!


  6. The pictures are beautiful! It is wonderful that you love your son so much. You\’re right there are a lot of guys who call themselves men that do nothing for their children. It sounds like you and your family are very strong and united.


  7. Isn\’t it incredible watching them develop!!!! It is an awesome thing, imagine if they gave up as easily on crawling and walking as some adults do on learning anything new!!! I truly miss that time with my daughter…..she will be 5 on the 21st and I can\’t for the life of me figure out where time has gone…..next thing she\’ll be off to college! sigh!You don\’t need to mention him every blog, or lisy….yes this is about them, but it is also about you! As a stay at home mom who has lived in the middle of nowhere with no transport and little outside contact let me say, you need to think about yourself too…..it is so easy to get lost in the child and the rest of it, and forget who and what you are! Just enjoy the writing time and say what you want to say, it is a piece of your lives, and relative to it all in the big picture! C\’mon you\’ve read enough of my blog….half the time it is fluff….sometimes I come up with something meaningful…but not near as much as you do!I do it for me, plain and simple….it gives me the opportunity to connect with some incredible people, and makes me think…..about something other than the mundane daily stuff I have been \’stuck\’ on for tooo long! Yes I am a blog-a-holic, and dang proud too!!!!! LOL Have a great day…now I have to comment on the next entry you made!


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