Rudy, AquaSox and another Fever – July 14, 2005

Yesterday was a most hectic day. Weeks ago I notified the Sports Editor at the Herald and let him know that I was interested in going back to work there. I hadn’t worked at the Herald since the day before Lis was diagnosed with leukemia. So yesterday I was scheduled to work my normal job at the usual 9-6pm then head straight to Everett to work from 7-who knows when. A busy day for sure. Well, things got crazy all over.

Lis had a doctor’s appointment at 4:00pm. I asked if I could leave early and go to the appointment. That was okay, however, at 4pm things got busy and by the time I left I would’ve been late. So I turned around and went back to work. I felt horrible. I had never missed an appointment for Lis or for Lukas. Am I a horrible husband now?

I called Lis at 5pm and the phone was busy. I called a couple more times and finally got a hold of her. As I was talking with her and asking her about the appointment she started to get the chills. I immediately go into “freaked out” mode. The chills are the making of a fever, after the chills comes the temperature, and the temperature brings the fever, which is usually caused by an infection. All of this at 5pm and I’m supposed to be at work at 7pm.

I left early from work and headed home. She was in bed, which is a good start, and her temperature had risen to 101. The doctor told us to notify him anytime her temp goes over 101. We called the doctor and after a few minutes he called back saying that her blood and platelet counts were normal. Take two Tylenol’s and wait a couple hours, if the temperature is still up call the on-call doctor. We did that and things started to get better. I left for work and after kept constant checkups on my Lisy. Eventually her temp dropped to 97 and stayed there the rest of the night.

At the Herald, I got ready to listen to the AquaSox game. I had my box scores ready, the headphones plugged in and my pencil ready to take score. I was hoping for a quick game and thought I had that when the Vancouver Canadians jumped out to a 3-0 first inning lead. The Sox tied it in the third, Vancouver regained the lead in the 7th, Everett tied it again in the 8th, the Canadians took the lead back in the bottom of the 8th and looked as though they may have this one. Instead Everett tied it at 5-5 in the 9th and we were headed to extra innings.

As a sports writer (not that I consider myself one, but I dabble in it sometimes) you don’t care who wins. You want a quick game, preferably 1-0 with not that many hits. Instead I got a 7-6, 13-inning, 4 hour, 33 minute game. My story didn’t make deadline and had to go out in the late editions and I was finished with work at midnight. Yippee! I hope tonight’s not the same.

It was fun being at work again. I don’t know how long I will stay there because with Lis you never know what’s going to happen. Yesterday being a prime example. What if she needed to go to the hospital? I’d have to skip work and leave them struggling for a replacement. So goes the life of someone dealing directly with cancer.

Lis is doing fine now, as is my parent’s dog Rudy. I haven’t updated my journal in awhile so I haven’t been able to talk about Rudy. First off, a small introduction, Rudy is my parent’s oldest dog. He is a flat-coated retriever, 9-years old, happy go-lucky and a Champion in both the United States and Canada.

Lately, Rudy has had a hard time of moving around. He’s got an enlarged prostrate and needs to be neutered, plus nerve damage in his spine is causing him to lose feeling in his left leg. Last week my Mom took him up to Canada to see the breeder’s vet and they gave him some steroids. My Mom had begun talking to us about what we thought we should do. I voted for waiting until the six-week period of when the drugs are supposed to kick in and then make a decision. Well, on Monday things seemed to have taken a turn for the worse and my Mom was talking like it was the end of the road for the Rud-Man. I began to write his obituary when yesterday my Mom said that Kathy AKA The Breeder (do I need to add her to my list on the right?) and the nurses at the clinic thought Rudy had made a vast improvement. After hearing that my Mom decided to wait and see how he progresses. Yah!

More good news following disappointing news, is this the kind of year we’re going to have? Oh well, as long as everything ends on a good note.

2 thoughts on “Rudy, AquaSox and another Fever – July 14, 2005

  1. I am SO glad to hear that the garage sale went over well. I wish we could get a little rain here…it is so dang hot! I am also glad to hear that even though things are hectic that they seem to be going well. Sending my love,Heidi


  2. Kevin,First your not a bad husband, things happen and it did happen and it will probably happen again. Don\’t beat yourself up over a one time thing.So glad you made good money at the garage sale, but who was this woman who turned a profit off something of yours you sold. What a meany. i would have given you the $2.00Glad lis is feeling better. Didn\’t here about Lucas in this entry, as I\’m sure he is doing just great.Take care and keep writing. :)Friends,PattiPS. Glad the rud-man is doing better too. I know how it is when you got an old dog, ours is in bad shape too but she\’s happy and thats all that matters. 🙂


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