Garage Sale – July 10, 2005

Note: This entry was written a few days ago but since my internet is not hooked up I was unable to post it. Here is the entry in its entirety.

What an exhausting weekend! Wow! I didn’t know having a garage sale took that much energy. I feel beat, as does Lis, Sogra, Elen, Lukas and probably my brothers, parents and grandparents. We sold most of the crap we gathered, we made quite a bit of money and we had a good time doing it.

The weekend total came to $ 757 plus change and over half of that came on Friday when it was pouring down rain. I guess Friday brings in the professional garage salers. Our garage sale was so big that we had our own fender bender and scalper. One lady bought a duck from us for $1 then turned around and sold it to a guy for $2. She made a 100% profit off of us! Come on!

Friday night my Grandpa’s sister, Aunt Jo, and her husband Frank came up from Sacramento. They surprised all of us by stopping by. They stayed overnight and we all hung out on Saturday. It was actually quite fun cause having the garage sale gave us a place to hangout and a reason to hangout and spend time with the family. Aunt Jo and Uncle Frank also gave us a huge donation, which we appreciate greatly. Thanks guys!

We did so well the first day ($400+) that I began to wonder if the hand of God was upon us. I don’t know…just curious if we were to have a garage sale for our own good would we make that much money so quickly? The same thing with the car wash, we made $500+ in only three hours, I just wonder if someone up above is helping us since this is all for a good cause. For those who may not know, the money is going to the Lis S. Johnson Fund, setup at Washington Mutual to help with any insurance and medical bills that come our way. It’s not for our own pleasure, though I would’ve liked to take the $700 and taken the family to Disneyland since we’re all in need of some relaxation.

Anyway, I believe that God helps out in these times. He sees that so many people get together to help someone in need. They take time away from their personal lives to help someone they love or sometimes someone they may not know (many people donated items to us to sell). It’s awesome…this whole experience has been awesome.

It was a good weekend. A tiring weekend, but very good and fun. I think everyone had a good time helping out. Lis is worried cause we still have junk in our garage that we need to do something with (Ebay anyone?) but it was good fun for a good reason. Yeah, we can pay next months insurance!

Thanks to everyone that helped out with the garage sale. The donations, clean-up, setting up, letting us use your tarp when it rained, making signs, putting signs up, taking down the signs, etc etc. You’re all great and we (Lukas, Lis and I) appreciate you all a lot. You know who you are!

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