Fourth of July – July 4, 2005

My the 3-day weekend went by fast. I can’t even remember what we did on Saturday, I think we skipped it and went straight to Sunday.

Our holiday was good. It doesn’t really feel like a holiday because it’s Mom’s birthday. We celebrated by going to the park, playing volleyball, having a barbecue and watching some fireworks. It was Lukas’ first Independence Day. He stayed up late watching the fireworks, looking around wondering what the heck was going on in the sky (like he knows what sky is).

Now it’s back to work and thankfully a short work week, as I am tired. We have a lot of work to do for our garage sale. People keep bringing us stuff, which is great. Cory and Hillary are going to drop off some things so they can sell before they go to Japan, Carol & Ed donated some items, and the Grandparents keep getting stuff from I don’t know where. I think they’re raiding the old folk’s homes in their neighborhood. Heck they won’t remember what’s missing in the morning. Mom designated Thursday night as a P.P.P. (Pizza Pricing Party)…she’s so crazy! It should be fun, another family fun event to help out with things. This cancer thing sure has made us close.

That’s about all that is going on. Erik keeps hanging around (or is it hanging on?) Elen, Dad may be losing his mind, and Randy is just Randy. Lis is doing fine, Lukas is great and seems to be favoring his left hand (YES!), he also came close to crawling but decided to crawl backwards instead then when he couldn’t get forward, whined until someone came to his aid. I hope he’s not lazy like his pa. He loves to walk around everywhere and he moves quick, but he needs someone to support him, not just cause he’d fall down but cause he wants to.

So that’s that…enjoy the photos below.

3 thoughts on “Fourth of July – July 4, 2005

  1. Yeah for short weeks!! It is so great to hear how well everyone is doing. Lukas is precious, and those eyes??!!! He is too cute!! Keep up the awesome job, you all are doing great! In my thoughts and prayers, shannon


  2. It just amazes me how happy you all are even though with the cancer. I\’m also a cancer patient ( lung cancer ) It makes me feel much better and make me to keep going when I see people battling like Lisy is doing. I\’m sending good thoughts to you all, HUGS for you and special hugs for Lisy… BTW your little son Lukas is a cutie 😀 –glori


  3. Looks like you guys had a great 4th!! What a cutie!! I just can\’t get over it. Don\’t worry about him crawling backwards… that\’s where it starts. With you guys walking him around like that he\’ll be walking on his own in no time!! Glad to see you all doing so well. You seem to have an incredible family and you are all enjoying eachother so much.April


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