Randy’s 24th Birthday – July 3, 2005

My baby brother is 24-years old today. Wow, makes me feel old. We didn’t do much today.  He kind of gets shafted because my Mom’s birthday is tomorrow and the family celebrates their birthday’s on the 4th. I feel kind of bad for him cause it’s almost like we forget his birthday. Sorry Ran Man…Happy Birthday Bro!

We spent most of the day hanging out at the house. Randy and Erik went to church then came by afterwards for lunch. Sogra cleaned up the garage, we got a lot of stuff for our garage sale so she went through it all and cleaned it up and organized it. Erik and Elen helped with that. Lis, Lukas, Randy and I hung out in the front yard. We met our neighbor and her 3-year old daughter from a couple doors down. She hung out for a couple hours in the front yard with us. Later we went to dinner at Ixtapa’s. In the evening Lis and I watched “The Aviator”. We digged it but fell asleep towards the end. So not an eventful day – sorry Randy.

4 thoughts on “Randy’s 24th Birthday – July 3, 2005

  1. Happy Independence Day!! I am late in getting to you but I am here.. Hope you and Lisy and the family have a great day!!Happy Bday to your bro too!!Denise


  2. I found your site through another site. mrhaney1a (http://spaces.msn.com/members/mrhaney) visited my site and left a message and I visited his site and found your address. God Bless you and your family. You\’re doing a wonderful thing at this time in your life. I\’m sorry that you are going through what you have to at this time. Hopefully, everything will be more wonderful in the future. You have an appreciation for your wife, child and family that many never have. I wish I could do something for you but like most all I can do is remember you in my prayers and believe me – I will!Have a Good Day and a Great WeekGod BlessJerry


  3. Glad to see things are \’well\’, good to hear you\’ve found a marrow match, that must feel great…..hang on, you said it was.I am liking what you\’ve done with the space, but to be a pain…..when I tried to sign your guestbook, I ended up with some pop-ups…..don\’t know if they affect you when you check it….here are some instructions (from mikes space) on how to make one that won\’t do it. They are pretty easy to follow and you may find you get more responses…then again, maybe not. I just find it a pain to go back and get my http, with this method it is there for you already. Just a friendly hint, not a critisism. They are a little long, but not too long.Have a great day, and enjoy that little darlin, he will be grown before you know it!1. Write a blog entry. By now you should already know how to do that. 2. Put "Guestbook" (or something similar) as the title.Write something along the lines of: "Thanks for visiting! Before you leave, please sign my guestbook and leave a link to your Space so I can visit it too!" or "Holla back!" lol…3. Preview your space, and you should be able to see what you just posted. Just below the post, you\’ll find a link that says "Permalink". Click on it. A box will appear showing you the direct link to that specific blog entry.Right click on that link and select "Copy Shortcut".4. Now go to edit your space.5. Click on Customize (top right corner)6. Add a new personalized list module to your layout.7. Add an item to that new list: As the name write "Guestbook", and just paste the Permalink you had copied earlier in the URL field. Description is entirely up to you.from (http://spaces.msn.com/members/noroom/#toppage)


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