Nothing New to Report – July 1, 2005

A new month is upon us. July is here, which means its been nearly three months since my life got flipped around. Things are going well for us and I’m looking forward to the three-day weekend that lies ahead. I’d love to go somewhere like everyone else seems to be but instead we’re staying at home, it’s probably for the best, we don’t have any money and Lis shouldn’t be running around all over.

Tomorrow we’ll probably just hang out at the house. We need to wash the car, organize our file cabinet, and get things ready for the garage sale I’m planning to have next weekend. There are some things we need to get rid of and now that we decided to make it into a kind of “benefit/donation/garage/bake sale” thing more people are giving us stuff to sale to put into Lis’ beneficiary account.

A quick and HUGE THANKS to those who donated money, whether it be through the car wash, luau or just making a separate donation. That money has come in handy this past week and a half as we have had to pay for the insurance that MoneyTree no longer will pay. THANK YOU so much! We love every one of you! Hehe!

Also, another quick note…does everyone that reads this page like the photos above my entries or do you prefer the pictures where they were? Just curious. I also rearranged the photos so that my favorites are the first ones you see. Just in case you all cared to know that. And THANKS to everyone that stops by and reads our story. I love sharing and wish I had more time to write, but as mentioned before, the computer is in the in-laws room and my brain gets moving again post-work around 11pm. Sorry for the boring entries.

Before I leave I have to say that I’m terribly disappointed in the way the Seattle Mariners are playing baseball this season. They spent too much money trying to upgrade their offense that they forgot about their pitching.

Last night we watched “Love Actually”. It was the second time Lis and I had watched it. I enjoy it, it’s funny and romantic – kind of. We also watched “Big Trouble” the night before that. Watch it! It’s based on Dave Barry’s book of the same name and it’s hilarious. One of the few movies that makes me laugh when I watch everytime. The cast and characters are great, the story is fun and I dig all of it.

Alright, I’m bored and you’re all probably asleep. Have a great Fourth of July or Independence Day as we call it here in the States. The 4th is my Mom’s birthday and the 3rd is Randy’s so should be a fun weekend.

4 thoughts on “Nothing New to Report – July 1, 2005

  1. I\’ve just come across your space today, and have been reading over the last few minutes. I will be keeping you and Lis and the baby in my prayers. I cannot say I know what you\’re going through, but stay strong. Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives. Do you mind if I add a link to your site from mine? I\’d like to keep updated. Thanks!!~Beth


  2. Wonderful site, enjoy your holiday! Thanks for your comment on my site–I\’m not Brazilian, but just finished my master\’s in music where I studied brazilian music. I love the language, too. A friend and I are hoping to travel there soon! God bless 🙂


  3. I am glad that you like writing on here…I like reading it! I like where you moved the pictures. It is easier to see them when they are bigger already. Hope you have a safe and happy weekend. Your friend in AZ


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